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    Team Revolt Merch - Support us

    I've recently just finished a new design which is available for $20 USD as a tshirt. You will also see there are poster's available on the American Apparel Tee Page as well.

    American Apparel Tee
    Fruit of loom tee(larger sizes)

    Our original design is still available

    T shirts Delivered  - $38.66 AUD / $28.99 USD - Hoodies  Delivered- $49.33 AUD / $36.99 USD

    All profit goes directly back into infrastructure cost's, help support us keep the servers alive and grow!

    Star Wars Battlefront 2 releases today!

    Star Wars Battlefront 2 released today amid a wave of controversy over it's micro transactions and progression system. What are your thoughts?
    Personally, after playing the beta, I'm going to give it a miss for the moment or at least until it goes on a really good sale. The game certainly has good graphics but after the absolute money waster of Battlefront 1 I have serious reservations. I believe it pales in comparison to the original games, especially the original Battlefront 2 (Galactic Conquest was the best!).
    What are your thought? Is it a sure buy, wait for sale or no way?
    There is some great discussion going on in this thread:  https://www.teamrevolt.org/forums/topic/4348-swbf2-poll/
    If anyone is interested, Ozgameshop have it on sale at $69 at the moment: https://www.ozgameshop.com/origin-games/star-wars-battlefront-ii-pc-game-cd-key-download-for-origin

    Team Revolt Exile server now live!

    Team Revolt is pleased to announce a new Exile server running on the Chernarus map. The server features custom missions, custom traders, vehicle towing, crate loading, a bounty system and much more! Please see post for further information on how to connect.
    How to connect:
    The server can be found in-game or via a3launcher with the following details:
    Direct Connect:
    You will need the following mods to join:
    Exile 1.0.3
    Extended base mod
    CBA A3 (Community Base Addons)
    CUP Weapons
    CUP Vehicles
    CUP Units
    CUP Terrains: Core
    CUP Terrains: Maps

    ARMA Moderators

    Team Revolt is looking for Active Community Members, who would like to help out with in-game policing of the server.
    If you would like to apply to be an Admin, please contact @myzteriouz1 via PM to open a Dialogue.
    You will be vetted based on your past experience in-game, and those successful will be granted with Moderator-Level powers, and the ability to work with our existing admin team. This has been worked on and tested for the past few months with some Junior Revolt members, and is available for Active & Engaging Community Members.


    In order to mix the best of both worlds, and with over ~60 players voting for a no jets server, and the general lower interest in the Infantry HC Server, I'll be changing it after this round to Incorporate the new Malden DLC.
    This will mean it'll be Remaining as Hardcore, but Ground Vehicles will be back, and Jets will be Gone.

    Empyrion - 50% Off - Big Update!

    Empyrion is currently 50% off on the STEAM Store. The game has also recently undergone a fairly large update, including adding Oxygenated Environment's, More Hardcore Food Production, Temperatures, and Radiation, Customisable Armours, and rebalancing of a few other major things.
    While we're not directly running our own server, as members we have a Faction for Team Revolt over on "Venatus Australia's" Empyrion Server, to support another AU/NZ Group who has been running their own servers from the start.
    Any Members, or Applicants are welcome to join me over on their server

    Donations System - Now With STEAM Login

    In order to make it easier for users to know what their GUID is, I've added the ability to login with STEAM, to obtain their GUID/UID automatically. This should hopefully resolve confusion, and make it easier on players.
    This also paves the way to allow us to tag users on games like Counter Strike, Rising Storm, and other STEAM-based games as Donators as we expand our hosted servers!
    As normal, you can donate over at https://www.teamrevolt.org/donate-reserved-slots/

    Rising Storm 2: Vietnam BETA Server

    Hi All,
    We've put online a Rising Storm 2: Vietnam BETA server for our players.
    You can join it at
    or find it in the server browser as "teamrevolt.org - Rising Storm 2: Vietnam Server AU #1"
    If we keep the interest up, this will be remaining after the BETA is over, and we may add another one on.
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    • Nah fuck you EA, turning it off to get game sales in the xmas rush. It will be back on 26th dec for sure and with all the P2W elements. Fooled me with the first one, not this time.
    • fyi, if you don't want to pay the price-gouge price, you can get a Key-Activation version at JB Hifi for $62 instore.
    •   Merged this topic with mine to keep all discussion together. 
    •   Have you unlocked everything in the battlefield games? I reckon that will take me an eternity. Personally I think people are taking this out of proportion but I understand that people play games differently. I am actually not that fussed in general about unlock progression for every single character or even every single starcard. It actually makes no sense that people would want to max out all cards because you can only ever equip 3 cards at a time. Some card combinations have stacking effects. One card might increase damage dealt and another the rate of fire and another reducing your weapon overheating. Powerful if combined, so you might tend to focus your attention on a smaller number of cards rather than worrying about it all. I think my logic there applies equally between the trooper and starfighter classes. With heroes, again I think you will tend to focus on a few areas in each heros hand, and unless you are really a fan of the heros vs villains mode you might be satisfied with just focusing on a couple of hero characters.   I personally never buy these games with the view to max out my character. I have better things to do with my time on this planet than chase awards for the sake of them, unless I am getting some enjoyment out of that sole pursuit. I won't deny that I have chased things in the past but never the pursuit of "completing" the persistent character side of things. So if you follow my style, it will take considerably less time to get a set of characters maxed out in the cards you prefer to equip for 90% of your gaming time and preferred play style.  
    • there's no denying it is a great game. the graphics are good the mechanics are decent, I know it's not as popular but I think the sound design is also amazing. 

      personally though after following the whole shitstorm on Reddit and other media outlets, i believe the damage has been done.  what is a great game is plagued with microtransactions, mobile game mechanics (cooldowns to earn in-game currency) and progression issues. although EA has currently turned off the ability to purchase crystals (the P2W currency you buy) they did say it will return and I'm very sceptical how it will return. while P2W is a big issue the other issue is also what the starcards can do. there is literally a starcard that increases aim-assist on PC and Console im not sure about everyone's opinion but to me, that is broken and OP.  out of principle, I won't be buying EA games until they change their business practices because this is not the first game they have screwed up by being money hungry.
      there are multiple games out there that have cosmetic MTX and still survive for years and have free DLC/expansion so the argument of how do they pay the developers is very much moot.