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  2. Paid for reserve slot, nothing changed?

    Reserved slots generally take 1 hour to take effect. In game VIP with the outfits etc can take up to 72 hours to fully go through the system. If none of the benefits have come through by then give us a yell and we can check to make sure that the donation is attributed to the correct player. Cheers for donating
  3. I purchased a reserve slot last night, but checked today and nothing has changed? A friend who purchased it had a gold name and access to all outfits but I have neither. Has something gone wrong? Because it seems like my money's just been taken with no benefits applied.
  4. Yesterday

    +1 x 1,000,000 Shit I perm bought the Type 115, and an ACO scope is $20000?!?! For a basic AF reddot lol

    $60000 for arco on any weapon, actually all the scope prices are stupid...... what? do the devs play the game?
  7. A3Sync Repo?

    A3sync Repo is more for modded life community's that have made or payed people to make buildings cars custom skins etc for their server and have put all mods to one location on a servers. I could be wrong here but as Team Revolt doesn't change stuff in the mods and its a free mod for anyone to use on Steam Workshop they have no need to rent another server for A3sync for people to download it. Hope this helps
  8. Last week
  9. Stinger and F22 changes request

    Negative, this is how Samatra has designed the mode going forward with V10. Like every update/dlc release or KoTH design change it wont please everybody but if we enjoy playing we adapt to them.
  10. Stinger and F22 changes request

    Surely there is a single boolean that can be change to turn that on or off?
  11. lost rank and money

    @Wombies like Kley has said, since Version10 of KOTH has been released every player has been brought back to lvl1.
  12. Stinger and F22 changes request

    The Titan isn't the only buy once weapon, the Navid - SPMG - AP Lynx are also one time purchases only. This is something Sa-Matra has added not Team Revolt, if you have a problem voice it on the W/S discord or on the dev website.
  13. lost rank and money

    V10 has been released, everyone's levels have been reset including money.
  14. lost rank and money

    Hello admins i was ranked lvl 72 and had purchased most of the common weapons and launchers but i had a virus problem and i had not backed up i have re installed windows and most of my games but my rank is gone plus my money any chance you guys could help would be appreciated Gamertag :Wombies Thanks Admins
  15. Lost level and money.

    Got it thanks. I should check the forums more often
  16. Lost level and money.

    V10 my dude
  17. A3Sync Repo?

    No idea what you mean with regards to this. You shouldn't need anything external to achieve this.
  18. Lost level and money.

  19. Lost level and money.

    Hi. Logged onto the Arma server yesterday and found myself at level 0 with no money. Can I be set back to whatever I had prior? Thanks
  20. Done... also forgot to add this was on server - King Of The Hill - AU #2 LV - (17/04/2018 17:20 ACST)
  21. Stinger and F22 changes request

    HAD, as in past tense. When the server was empty 4-5 months ago because everyone went HC INF since they where sick of the constant air rape. I can only assume the same thing will happen in time again. Clearly the $700 is a means to restrict access for infantry to protect themselves, no other weapon has a cost on it. Why make the titan the only weapon to be "buy once" why not make all weapons "buy once"?
  22. A3Sync Repo?

    I dont think so, I just joined through A3L back in the day... For memory anyway... I cant say I have ever used A3sync for KOTH
  23. Stinger and F22 changes request

    You know jets are OP when you can remember the last person to shoot you down. Why just make stingers the only thing to buy once? Why not make all the guns, luanchers and pistols buy once? I noticed the latest reminded "rule" on the server to not AFK in the AO. It is a pitty that stat resets and buy once are in place, who here really wants to save up for the same shit they had 4-5 months ago when this server astually had people on it?
  24. @El_Guapo thank you for the player report, if you could keep this video up and make it unlisted as a viewer setting that would be great.
  25. Halo 3 Multiplayer on PC

  26. A3Sync Repo?

    Hey guys, I'm trying to clean up my SSD (Where A3 is installed) and want to move to using A3Sync so I can have all my mods on one of my other drives. My question is, is there an A3Sync Repo for RHS Koth floating about? Cheers! Jazz EDIT - If there isn't one, I'll just use a symbolic link for my workshop items
  27. Was up here for 10 mins or so... picked him off the first time from the hill. Second time I started recording and was going to go down and capture username, when another player came along. Called out to passing player to check, and kill the guy to confirm he was AFK and scripted movement.
  28. Halo 3 Multiplayer on PC

    not a false alarm a halo multiplayer mod is being released on the 20th download page: more about the devs:
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