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  2. Playerunknowns Battlegrounds - just pwning

    New map preview.
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  4. NSW Shooting days

    Unlike IRL, In game im shit with guns
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  6. Can't Join the servers?
  7. Can't Join the servers?

    Any time i try to join the koth servers i get kicked straight away, even with the servers being under the limit i cant join?
  8. Pablo Escobar team kill

    Following on from the remarks provided in this thread, a 14 day ban has been applied. That attitude is pathetic, and not warranted.
  9. Pablo Escobar team kill

    @Pablo remarks like this on someone's post can get you more then just a 48 hr ban if you want to discus your ban please add a ban appeal in the appropriate section thank you.
  10. Pablo Escobar team kill

    Pablo. This is not the way to resolve this issue. We have reviewed the evidence and have determined that the team killing looked far too intentional.
  11. Pablo Escobar team kill

    Hello, my sincere apology to you. Does Autism hurt? maybe if you posted the 10 seconds after that I got the guy behind you, I remember that day, because the whole fucking server hated you cause all you would do if whine like a little bitch.
  12. Pablo Escobar team kill

    all dealt with, Thank you for your report.
  13. NSW Shooting days

    More to come when i get back home!
  14. The player I wish to report would be Pablo Escobar, The reason i would like to report this player would be for intentional team kill. I was playing ARMAKOTH.COM - King Of The Hill - AU#3 INF HC We where blufor side.
  15. NSW Shooting days

    Some people may know that @DeCoY not only plays with guns in ARMA, but in real life is a firearms instructor. This weekend we had a range weekend in the Mudgee area for a group of gamers and new/competitive shooters. Personally, I'm fairly new to shooting outside of a game, but it was good to get away from my computer again and handle some real firearms. While there I also handed out some of our stickers. Some may have already seen photos/video on our facebook, but I've also included them below.
  16. So I was on Au2 LV server, as you can see I was been aa'dfrom a few different directions and they all travelled normally on the radar. Then theres on missile that freezes on my radar, disappears then kills me. I know the game is buggy but I'm only reporting due to seeing the other missiles travelling perfectly then this one freezing up. He's name is chris, he was on the opfor team on the LV server at approx. 7am
  17. Server Desync

    Lately the LV server has been getting really bad desync later on in the matches, I'm sure its not just me vecause I've seen people bring it up in global. I'm just wondering will restarting the server more often help or is there anything else that can be done to fix this problem? Thanks in advance for any assisstance
  18. [BIA] Micha

    Going to need those recordings if i am able to act on it bro beans
  19. Server 2 around 10-20 minutes ago. [BIA] Micha running into friendly helos in the spawn and in our repair bay over a long period. Also ran into another vehicle I think. Gloating about it on comms, repetitive and non apologetic. A couple of players said they were recording.
  20. THANK YOU life, we rely on players reports to bring to us players in breach of the rules. Myzteriouz1 ruled quite rightly. But why is ruderali taking issues into to his own hands by trolling spawn by dropping nades and shooting at the player not in breach of the rules??? Lesson to those reading, if you find a player in breach or you think they are in breach bring into here with proof. Do not take matters into your own hands like RUDERALI or might just find a 24 hour ban against you.
  21. It's in spawn ,and the server's not full, so it's pointless applying anything. The macro rule is against those who use it to level themselves in the AO.
  22. MetaGaming

    @Tysonanderson I understand and have talked to both parties. I also feel that such comments in the future should be posted to moderators or admins directly or jump into the TS channel and speak to an admin. As I feel guilty by association is unfair on the other players in the group regardless of the situation. This will be dropped as of now and is dealt with. Please leave it that way.
  23. MetaGaming

    no, was 2 day.
  24. MetaGaming

    Just a question @myzteriouz1 but is a two day ban the minimum for metagaming? I believe he was given a 24hr
  25. MetaGaming

    Thanks @myzteriouz1! Everyone deserves a fair chance at playing the game without sly tricks and cheats like this!
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  27. MetaGaming

    100% metagaming, and this rule was put in place due to players complaining about a few other players doing this. I've authorised the team's ban from earlier, and it's a first-off 2 day ban by default.
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