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  2. Impromptu Admin War

    That sounds really fun!
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  4. Impromptu Admin War

    Tonight, a bunch of Admins/Moderator's jumped together on the AU#2 LV server, and did an impromptu "Admin War" as such. Alongside the Admin/Mod team one of our Donators @Mista Semper Fi who joined us to make up the numbers. Winners for Both rounds, were the "Independant" Team, led by @SWEATY, and Crewed by Moderators @crazyhorseau and @warchief. (Thanks to @Kram for the screenshot!) Blufor Team was comprised of: Myself as Leader (although my computer crashed the first wave and I missed all the fun :() @Mista Semper Fi @Snowy_Gtz Opfor Team was comprised of: @Callumnz as Leader @warbird @Spazz711 The Background / Rules: - Each Admin team has an MBT-100, and 3 members to Crew it. - Admin Team was told there was no shooting until within 1000M of the AO, regardless. - Winner was the last team standing at the end of the Wave. Overall, everyone did awesome, it brought alot of players together with RPG's, Kamysh's, Marshall's to take out the admin teams. Hope everyone enjoyed the game!
  5. shiny new toy (content warning - dead critters)

    @dkaeq i can imagine that lol. i was given an opportunity to do it where i go pigging but unfornatley i couldnt get the time off work. free ride in the chopper and could use the pilots semis but just had to pay for the ammuniton. they ended up getting 500 pigs in the 2 days, 300 on the property i go on . needless to say it was pretty quiet pig wise after that for a few months, good for the farmer but not for me haha. they have since returned, saw a mob of atleast 30 a few weeks ago
  6. Arma 3 Server Rules

    Because of some confusion, a few clarifications have been added to the "Camping" section.
  7. those wild hog killing videos are so satisfying, @OverKill can you imagine doing this
  8. shiny new toy (content warning - dead critters)

    the title should read effetive instead of stupid. probably more humane then a bullet anyway!
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  10. Meep's PubG antics

    See what i mean XD Sorry for the lag btw, but picture that vid with no lag.
  11. who needs a rifle when you got a boomstick.... Warning: These video contains graphic content and may be disturbing to some viewers.
  12. shiny new toy (content warning - dead critters)

    .338 lapua should do the trick
  13. PSA: regarding Arma 3 with 120-144hz monitors

    If anyone is wondering. refresh=60; is on line 19
  14. so recently I decided to investigate why Arma 3 didn't look as smooth on my 144hz G-sync monitor as all my other games. most of the time I got told that multiplayer servers are locked to a certain fps or something along those lines. that is not the case. I found out that no matter what windows, Nvidia or in-game settings you have set, the game will not register as full 120-144fps unless you change your arma3.cfg file In the Arma3.cfg file located in My documents/Arma3 there will be a setting that says refresh=60; you will need to change the number to your monitor refresh rate so in my case refresh=144;, this setting in the config file does not automatically update and that is why Arma 3 does not look as smooth on high refresh-rate monitors than other games. By doing this my game looks amazing and smooth and has brought KOTH into a sub-par running game into an amazing experience. I'm sure I am not the only one that knows this information but I thought it may help getting it out there.
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  16. How shit is the NBN ?

    It' shit because they rushed thousands of techs (myself included) through a "crash fibre coarse" to get this shit done. I did a 3 year traineeship which included an OPEN cabling license with a fibre endorsement in 8 months. Now days they are probably going back fixing shit tins of fuck ups. The poofter who mechanically spliced the fibre at your house did a shit job. The connection in the multiport in the street is fucked cause it wasnt cleaned and they farted putting ewww gas on the connector at the cabinet.
  17. Hobbies outside of Vidya Games

    If I'm not playing games, I'm either training, watching netflix, or at a mates house
  18. NSW Shooting days

    @OverKill as long as I don't end up the other side of that gun...
  19. jets and pawnees

    That GBU kill with the buzzard though. Awesome video
  20. Meep's PubG antics

    Sure. You'll have to carry me though haha.
  21. Hobbies outside of Vidya Games

    my 2 main hobbies ute is a like an F111 on its fucking afterburner asoon as i touch the loud pedal. lol jks its a td42t (its loud but doesnt go anywhere fast)
  22. NSW Shooting days

    @dkaeq only if we can hold hands and talk about our problems to each other
  23. Hobbies outside of Vidya Games

    Have you seen the MCM Cresta? Aka this one. Stock Barra with a big turbo it recently won dyno day at summer nats pulled 600hp+ all stock bottom strong stuff
  24. Hobbies outside of Vidya Games

    Yeah at the moment it'll push 400rwkw, next step if I want more power will be Atomik built motor to crack the 4 figure HP
  25. NSW Shooting days

    @OverKill can we be friends ?
  26. NSW Shooting days

  27. NSW Shooting days

    hello shooters! pic of one of my babies, do ALOT of shooting west of goondiwindi. glad to see theres a few in the group! grouping below is a handloaded 140gr gameking in 6.5creedmoor.
  28. Hobbies outside of Vidya Games

    pigging, long range shooting, 4x4, fishing, camping if im not doing that im on my PC
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