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  2. ikr I told you guys repeatedly pings were steady 140+ after your server was full but no one seemed to want to listen but no matter as it seems your server isn't on the list anymore.
  3. Yeah.! Close quarter AT combat.
  4. Good Idea Perhaps also maybe consider a Server like code4gaming inf only as they seem to have a draw for players seeking to avoid vehicle warfare. As for towers maybe only have 1 central tower so people fight to hold the centre of town give people purpose to move around the ao rather than hide in a building
  5. @Snowy_Gtz You will be seeing my tank in the AO for sure, there is now no use for sitting on a hill.. might as well go into the ao
  6. Love the change. The 2km visibility limitation balances the vehicles nicely (and the fact they have no thermals). The 3rd person limitation forces vehicles to use a crew to be efficient. AA (hand held) are alot more lethal although longer to lock on. And the current town has closed in streets and alleyways as well as a decent amount of vegetation making great for infantry combat while limiting the efficiency of vehicles inside its walls . All in all a great come back for a hardcore server with the fulls joys of Arma.
  7. First, a big (BIG) thank you for the ArmA severs, I play exclusively on your severs when I can. I'm loving the map, but hating the change to large ground vehicles and high powered Heli's. Other than that, big thumbs up
  8. Good to see. No pun intended...
  9. You don't mean from AU 1 right?
  10. Sorry to double post, just wanna say removing the thermals on the tanks would be a great balance with the lack of a hellcat .. Also, possible nerf of AA launchers?
  11. Yesterday
  12. What about re-introducing the towers? or access to the orcas minigun?
  13. I was thinking of doing that after a few days, and seeing what the change is. I've taken out Thermals onAUS3 for that reason.
  14. i would love to see Pawnees again but i remember they got spammed too problem with any vehicle people just have too much money and levels to know what to do with lol
  15. Tanks are gonna be so op now, and towers are a core mechanic of KOTH
  16. noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
  17. Do we atleast get our pawnees back?
  18. tbh all games with HC always dont get the numbers because people are to soft to play in a realistic style gameplay. I personally dont see the point in sitting behind a fence peering over with 3rd person when the other guy dont see u there. Its just stupid. I'm getting battlefield 1 now anyways least the gameplay is more realistic than this. Already have 15 mates that are throwing in arma because of the server change. But like i said HC is for ppl that want realism and the arma community is getting to soft. Be an aussie and harden the f$@# up guys 1st person is how it should be played. Exile for 3rd person is good because I atleast like to see what I have on but when ya have the loadout of KOTH you know what you are wearing. the fact vehicles are back in has taken away the fun out of close combat, within 20mins last night when you guys loaded this on, the city was leveled so meh have fun with it.
  19. Easy Tank Balance would be to remove thermal if possible this would mean less camping 2k away and give the game back the inf who fight in the zone I like the hellcat removal as they are over used and spammed alot
  20. 2k view distance and no thermals rip, what is this atrocity
  21. The No Jets server was needed, I quite like the idea of HC, and the Malden map... it's nice BUT gets repetitive, it's the same town every single game if I am correct
  22. No matter what changes we implement, there will be people who disagree. I posted a vote on a "No Jets" server to gauge community interest, in the end it had 60 odd votes in favour of one. With the HC player base lower than the other two servers, it was a logical choice or a swap out. Now let's play it for a few weeks and go from there.
  23. why make it hardcore...... i love the neew change but there will be cry babbys that dont like the first P view. on the side note gg we needed a no jet server yaaaaaaaaay
  24. Last week
  25. AU #2 - LIGHT VEHICLES - ALTIS Armed Hellcat has been removed. Towers have been Removed ---------------------------- In my opinion, hellcats made the lv server much more fun that what it is. Removing them i rekon will kill it + towers were the funnest to work together as a group to try and retake and points of action. I dont really understand either of the two changes, and now tanks will be super op without the hellcat i think. Maybe add the orca machine gun back (not sure if server issue/ game issue). Most people in the game I was in seemed nto to like the idea either. Possibly revise this change?
  26. Love the change in map, but i want to inf only back personally because it teaches people to actually use the rifles and close quarter combat not just sit on a hill in a tank or apc
  27. Looks like a sweet update, Cheers
  28. I am seeing a lot more teamwork and cooperation being involved than the other au servers
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