• ARMA 3 - Donate towards a Reserved Slot

    As Bohemia has released an official word on updating their Monetisation policy, we are releasing a Dontation Schedule which will entitle you to access to our Reserve Slots.
    You can read up on their announcement at http://www.bistudio.com/monetization

    In Order to make it easier for players to enter their information, I have put in place the ability to use your Steam Login to generate your GUID. We will only store your UID/GUID from this, and will NOT obtain any other STEAM information from your account!

    Sign in with Steam

    Alternatively, if you would like to enter it manually, you may still do-so using the below form.

    Please note, your GUID should be your 32 character in-game ID.
    You may also enter the numerical digits from your profile ID, and it should generate your 32 character ID. This would look like "7656119xxxxxxxxxx" for example. You can obtain this from steamid.io, by locating your "SteamID64".
    After entering the UID into the field, you need to click out of it, to convert it!

    What This Means:

    • Our 64 Slot Servers will be increasing to 80 Slots. With the final 16 Slots being available to Donators, and Team Revolt Staff
    • We can put money towards a new colocation server, which will allow us to Increase our overall server count, and stability
    • We can help pay for services such as providing the Team Revolt community Forums, and Teamspeak.

    A little bit about it:

    • As of the implementation of this Policy, we will be accepting donations with a minimum of $5 per donation. This will start you off with 31 days access to one of the reserved slots on any of our servers, with each additional $5 increasing the reserve slot expiry by 31 days.
    • We will only be accepting Paypal Donations.
    • Donations are only refundable for the first 24 hours after the initial donation is made, and if the donation itself has not been claimed.
    • This donation will NOT entitle you to breach of either the TeamRevolt Rulesets, OR the Sa-Matra Rulesets. Any Bans incurred for failure to adhere to rules, will still be handed, and no reimbursement for time banned can be provided on a Reserve Slot
    • Reserved Slots do NOT work on Exile Servers. These servers are excluded from the Monetization policy.

    A little bit about Donations:

    • If you have donated once, we will automatically apply any donations from your PayPal Email ID's to your linked up GUID. If you wish this to be attributed to another GUID, please let us know, and we can change this.
    • Donations are automatically processed every half hour, so if you have donated before, it should be attributed within 30 - 60 minutes or so!
    • A system for checking your active Donations (and time remaining) can be found at http://www.teamrevolt.org/page/lookup_donation.html
    • If you have any issues with your slot not working after 48 hours, please PM Myzteriouz1, with your Paypal Email Address, and GUID.

      By Submitting this form, you agree to all above terms, and agree to adhere to Team Revolt Rules & Regulations on our servers.