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ArmA 3 Stratis Lifeby

Caiden & Zannaza & Ylguf


The "life mod" has been here since ArmA I, the basic principles are that there are two sides, Blufor a.k.a Cops, and the civilians. Civilians earn money by doing jobs, either legal or illegal. It's up to the civ to become who he wants, a law abiding civvie, a robber, a drugsmuggler and so forth. We plan on hosting two different missions: One without mods, and one with. We'll have a public test next weekend. On our server, we will require players to have a mic and the blufor-side will be trained only to make sure the cop team is professional.


There's a variety of possibilities to earn money in our mission. Deliveries, fishing (at sea), whaling etcetra. Grow drugs, bank robberies or do contract work with other players. For a full list of jobs and features look below! But it's not only about making money, our mod allows you to roleplay who you want to be, although there will be limits in our server. You must roleplay as much as you can to make for an unforgettable experience, there will be different rules on each server set by the server admins. We plan on making our own servers as serious as possible and a place for players to have fun and enjoy roleplaying.


Cops are restricted to trained players to ensure decent and professional services. They both have special abilities according to their function to provide the best results. If you think you're up for the challenge, the applications will open once we release the testing version on our servers!


- Basic money system

- The ability for civilians to check they're inventory

- Two different sirens for the cop team that can be heard by all players

- Working horn's for civilian cars (That can be heard by all players)

- Cop base

- Cop shops such as the vehicle shop, police helicopter shop, tazer and handcuff shop, boat patrol shop and much more!

- Working and simply amazing taze script that allows cops to taze a person! (Including custom sounds!)

- The ability to restrain/cuff civilians (Including some code to make the transition between being tazed and getting restrained somewhat smooth)

- The ability for cops to search a player and display their inventory. They could search for contraband or simply check if they have a license to drive.

- Working Cop Menu for the police team to issue tickets to player. (In which we also will add more and more in future versions!)

- Custom Synced Dynamic Weather System using the new ArmA 3 scripting commands such as setting how high the waves are.

- Day/Night script.

- The ability for cops and civilians to lock/unlock their car.

- The ability for cops to pull a civilian out of their car.

- Jobs for civilians such as delivery jobs, taxi missions, fishing, whaling, drug growing, oil.

- Market at the main town where fish, apples, water can be bought or sold.

- Civilians need to process their oil or heroin before it can be sold on the market.

- Jail.

- The ability for cops to arrest a player and set a time.

And much and much more...!


Extract the .pbo file(s) to your Steam/SteamApps/common/ArmA 3/MPMissions folder.


- Money and inventory items drop when the player dies

- Banking system (Deposit and withdraw money from an ATM or the bank)

- Bank robbery script with custom alarm once it is being robbed

- The ability for cops to check what speed a civillian is driving at



- Stunning was broken, fixed now!



- Fixed a bug where the "Stunned by" and search menu popped up for every cop

- Ability to stun civilians with the pistol instead of scrolling.

- Simple anti-hack system (Will be improved later)

- More menu's! (Processing menu's, Licence menu and more!!)

- Patrol job for the cops to allow them to earn some more money.

- Fixed a bug where the server was desyncing/lagging after awhile

- AI's cannot move/turn into ragdolls anymore.

- Houses at Agia Marine cannot be destroyed anymore.

- Download file is smaller because we fixed a huge lag with sounds.

And lots of bugs fixed and "Under the hood" changes.


- Added a menu for the ATM

- Added a backpack shop where backpacks can be bought.

- Added the Assault boat for cops at the boat shop.

- Added a menu for the boat, heli and carshop.

- Added more weapons to the terror base.

- Fixed a bug where time would skip 5 hours instead of 1.

- Time and weather is now properly synced across all clients.

- Now added the impound vehicle and vehicle pullout option in the cop menu.

- Fixed a bug where the ammo for terror couldn't be bought.

- Added shops to the SWAT base.

- Respawn for SWAT members has been fixed.

- Edited the prices of shops, licenses and vehicles to fix balancing issues.

- Fixed a bug where boats would spawn on the shore.

- Fixed a bug where heath kits and grenades spawn into bought vehicles.

- Added a custom loading screen.

- Added the hunter for SWAT only.

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i think once we sort out the second server it will run this mod if our members are interested in it. We will not be changing over at this stage and will continue to support the fussion wasteland mod

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Played it... It sucked.

The cops got away with randomly going around attacking people, and I was not able to move for 4 minutes for no reason.

Wonder if they've fixed the issues in last few months.

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wasnt a fan of island life. played it for a few hours, didnt get anywhere quick, cops running around shooting civilians (become "murderes") and thats the end of that........

and you really have to play as a civi to get the hang of it before being a cop, and people dont do this, because they dont have a gun...

civi = no gun = /bored

cop = gun = shoot civis

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