TKing, abusive and generally being a dick (plus someone else spawn camping)

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Just been on Server 2 (last 15 minutes or so). Camel was being constantly abusive to just about everyone. Whilst he was dogfighting with a helo I engaged the helo and after Camel did an aggressive turn one rocket hit him by mistake causing him to crash (I did shoot the enemy down as well). I apologised for it but he told me I was "f@cked" then immediately team killed me in my Hellcat. When challenged he said "now we are even you c#nt". Others on the server stated he had been tk'ing earlier in the evening.

Also just after someone else was camped a couple of hundred metres from our spawn shooting at me with a  sniper rifle while I was landed in the repair bay. We didn't catch a name but oine of the others ran him over with a Panther soon after (couldn't shoot him as we were in our spawn).

Cheers for the server, its a great one.


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hi buddy, sorry a player spoilt your act on such tard play we do require video...shadow play records video and voice and is great evidence....the player your referring too is being watched.  If you have shadowplay about any player causing disruptive play, please upload so we can protect others from this sort of behaviour.  We thank all players for bringing to our attention players who want to spoil the fun of others.  We deal with those who want to spoil it for others in a manner they hate. It is called a ban...I hope you enjoy the rest of your gaming free of this tard.

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