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Second Exile server Vote!

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**Major Exile Announcement**


Let me start off with a big Thank-You! The sheer number of people playing on the server and being active in the community is overwhelming. I never expected the server to ever get populated to the extent that it is currently. What started out as me fiddling and fumbling around with the corpse of the old Revolt Exile server somehow lead to an operating server. The server was only ever intended to be a small little play around for a few of our members with mods and settings that we wished other servers had. However it seems that other people had the same idea and the server has now reached a level of popularity that I would have laughed at when I began in June last year.


All of this would not be possible without @myzteriouz1 , generously allowing someone who had never done any coding (apart from game maker lol) before, to set up a server on his personal box under the Team Revolt name. It is even more awesome when he continues to let it run even though the heavily restrictive CUP licenses do not allow any kind of donation incentives/rewards, making it pretty much impossible to match his personal operating costs. Thank you Myzt!

Finally, another big thanks to the Admin and Mod team that keep the server in order. The ingame help and monitoring of Discord makes the server a much more fair and enjoyable place to play on. The personal time that you donate to maintaining the servers does not go unnoticed!


As many of you know the exile server currently is not coping with the high population, hence the move to 45 slots temporarily until some backend is complete to optimise the server and regain performance. However this is never going to get the server to a ‘good’ level of smoothness that we want. It’s inevitable with engine limitations and the sheer amount of players, bases, objects and scripts running that there is going to be degraded performance regardless of the optimisation wizardry that is done. Which brings me tooooo:




A second Exile Server!


The best long-term solution I see is to spread the population and their associated base parts, vehicles etc… with another server. Thanks to @myzteriouz1's backend magic, the dedicated box now has more resources and is much less time consuming to complete backend day-today activities. Furthermore, @CRAZYHORSE has offered to do more of these day-to-day activities, freeing up time for me to work on development and optimisation.




So now that this is a feasible option, we want your feedback! The following survey has been set up for you to have your say on the main features of the server such was map it will run:


Before you rush off and vote please read the following and consider them when making a decision. The survey will be open for at least the rest of this week.

·         Unfortunately the server will only be able to run maps/mods that allow monetisation. Whilst we have got the current server running with non-monetisable content, it is unsustainable and we cannot afford to run another server that can’t generate enough income to cover its costs. As a general rule of thumb, mods with the Arma Public License Share Alike (APL-SA) are OK. This means RHS & CUP (except terrains & maps) are out of the question.

·         Donation benefits will only ever be cosmetic or non-gameplay affecting (such as a named mission, reserved slot etc). Pre-built bases will never be a donation reward.

·         Personally I believe that only a map that is in the base game (i.e Altis, Tanoa or Malden) is feasible. A quick search of the populated exile servers shows that these (along with Cherno) are the only populated servers. You may like a certain modded map but if others don’t want to download the mod or like the map you’ll only be playing with a few other people. I have added a few modded maps as alternatives, but they will only be used if there is overwhelming support for them.

·         When voting on the map you will be able to make multiple choices. Please take some time to actually try the map on an already existing exile server to get a feel of the map and assess its suitability.

·         The level of difficulty of the server refers to how easy it is to make money, rep and build a base etc. Harder means it will take longer and rewards will be fewer & farer between.

·         Your rep and locker money WILL be shared and transferred between each server, assuming all goes smoothly.



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