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    Team Revolt is a mature multi-gaming community, formed in 2010 and has been competing in variety of ladders throughout the Battlefield series. We Are looking to expand into guilds for MMOS as our members are showing interest in non fps titles. If you find yourself without a team or over the epeen mentality of your current team give us ago and join us on teamspeak.

    We host the Official Australian King of the Hill (http://www.armakoth.com) ARMA 3 Servers, but our players also are involved in other games ranging from Battlefield 4, to DOTA.

  • Recent News

    Cruntie and Myself would like to thank Fingerguns for his work in redesigning Team Revolt's website. He has always taken time out of his not so busy schedule to keep our website looking good and fresh over many years. So as a token of our appreciation we will be sending you a Digital Key for STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT so you can join us in all the PEW PEW glory.
    We would also like to thank our resident server guru Myzteriouz1 for his ongoing support for Team Revolt since joining us many years ago. With out his support Arma 3 KOTH and Wasteland servers wouldn't be a key strength to our community, then to add on Teamspeak 3 and website support on top of his hectic work/life Schedule is a massive effort and everyone at Team Revolt should take time to say thank you as this bloke has a big heart and a lot of love for this community.
    Again Thank you to you both for you Contributions to Team Revolt  and bring on 2016 
    Hi All,
    This is just a quick update on recent events here at Team Revolt
    Website Upgrades
    As of today, we have rolled out our new Forum, and it's new skin designed by FingerGuns.
    This is still a work in progress, and will be updated, and changed as we upgrade our content. If you see any issues, please post them in the "Forum Support" section so we are aware of them!
    ARMA 3 Servers
    Due to overwhelming support from the Community, we've been able to get additional Server's back online, and also extend our offering to bring back Chernarus Wasteland.
    You can find our servers within the WastelandLauncher for ARMA3, by downloading it at http://www.a3cdn.com
    Unfortunately on Tuesday, we also suffered a failure in some hardware, so the server's were down for a day or two.
    This was resolved by myself yesterday afternoon, and everything is back online once again!
    We thank you for your support of our community, and hope you enjoy our offering for a long time to come.