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      Come join our Discord   07/28/2018

      Team Revolt has established our own Discord server which will give us a little more flexibility with Discord than remaining sub-channel without Output Gaming. Please join the TR Discord.   https://discord.gg/tVRdcgs   
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    ARMA 3 KOTH 1944

    A3Launcher installed by Maca, you can of-course use the official ArmA 3 Launcher however today's walk through will only detail steps on the A3Launcher. Download it: here
    Once you have it downloaded and installed, open it, it should automatically detect your ArmA 3 install. If it doesn't don't forget to set your ArmA 3 Path, it will prompt you to do this.
    Now you're almost ready to go back in time, but before you can do this, select "Mods" from the top navigation bar. Scroll about one quarter the way down, you're looking for "Iron Front (Preview)". Click the "Subscribe" Button to the right. This will then initiate the download from Steam Workshop.
    Assuming you've now downloaded the aforementioned. Navigate back to the "Servers" tab if you haven't already. Within the Filters, specifically the "Name:" field, enter "King of the Hill: 1944" then press "Apply". Don't forget you can always join through the Official ArmA 3 Launcher, by enabling "Iron Front in Arma 3 - preview version" only. NOTE: we have been informed that the mod folder name MAY change to @IFA3LITE in the next release.
    Manual subscription via Steam can be achieved by navigating to the Steam Workshop item here: Iron Front in Arma 3 - Preview Version.
    Now, get in game and kick some old fashioned ass.


    We have had a few requests for an infantry only server,  I too love to go infantry and squad with randoms and patrol the AO.
    I feel some armed vehicles wont overpower the infantry aspect of the server but please vote for want you would like to see and help us by joining the server and getting it populated.
    please post your support and vote here

    Double Donations have Ended!

    Thanks to those who have donated during the double donations period.
    Believe me, it helps us greatly in keeping everything running, and especially me personally as I've poured much of the money into the servers up until the last 6 - 12 months from my own pocket.
    So you know, I'm actually going to be putting up some competitions for the new ARMA3 APEX DLC in the coming weeks, which is where some of the donations go also.
    Stay Tuned!

    Arma 3 Eden Update

    This is coming soon, been following it for a while now it's mainly the free part of the Apex DLC. Here is a short recap of what is being released with it.
    EDEN 3D EDITOR LAUNCHER-BASED SERVER BROWSER AUDIO UPGRADE PLATFORM UPDATE The most important thing I'm looking forward too is geometric occluders are being pulled over from the DayZ engine hopefully lowering the overall CPU power required currently for rendering textures all the time! Find more info here
    Hopefully the audio upgrade is enough to make me stop using the JSRS mod.
    The new 3D editor will be a great upgrade for all mission builders! or even anyone looking at making a mission themself it looks to be pretty easy from what I've seen / read.
    Finally the server browser looks like a solid upgrade as well find more info about it here
    If you just want a quick recap head here for the latest news just posted
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