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    Arma 3 Eden Update

    This is coming soon, been following it for a while now it's mainly the free part of the Apex DLC. Here is a short recap of what is being released with it.
    EDEN 3D EDITOR LAUNCHER-BASED SERVER BROWSER AUDIO UPGRADE PLATFORM UPDATE The most important thing I'm looking forward too is geometric occluders are being pulled over from the DayZ engine hopefully lowering the overall CPU power required currently for rendering textures all the time! Find more info here
    Hopefully the audio upgrade is enough to make me stop using the JSRS mod.
    The new 3D editor will be a great upgrade for all mission builders! or even anyone looking at making a mission themself it looks to be pretty easy from what I've seen / read.
    Finally the server browser looks like a solid upgrade as well find more info about it here
    If you just want a quick recap head here for the latest news just posted

    Merry Christmas

    From all of us here at Team Revolt staff, I wish you a Merry Christmas, and the best for the upcoming New Years.
    Will hopefully catch some more online time over the next week, as many of us are standing down from work over the Christmas and New Year Break.


    I Would like to see more of our members and Guest in our Teamspeak 3 Server and using our forums. These are the best place to contribute to Team Revolts success by being active no matter what game has your attention, It allows others to join on you, encourages team work and is the best way to communicate clearly while your having lols in game. 
    Games of interest through out the team are: Arma 3 , Battlefield 4, StarWars Battlefront, Dota 2 and the new Rainbow Six Siege Game.
    We are a multi-gaming community so please join us for lols. 
    We Are always Recruiting and looking for new active members. If you enjoy what we bring to the Australian Gaming Community,  are in our Ts3 or GameServers regularly and want to join a community.
    summit an application today    

    A massive thankyou to our resident bum and Server Guru

    Cruntie and Myself would like to thank Fingerguns for his work in redesigning Team Revolt's website. He has always taken time out of his not so busy schedule to keep our website looking good and fresh over many years. So as a token of our appreciation we will be sending you a Digital Key for STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT so you can join us in all the PEW PEW glory.
    We would also like to thank our resident server guru Myzteriouz1 for his ongoing support for Team Revolt since joining us many years ago. With out his support Arma 3 KOTH and Wasteland servers wouldn't be a key strength to our community, then to add on Teamspeak 3 and website support on top of his hectic work/life Schedule is a massive effort and everyone at Team Revolt should take time to say thank you as this bloke has a big heart and a lot of love for this community.
    Again Thank you to you both for you Contributions to Team Revolt  and bring on 2016 
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