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    Admin War KOTH Event

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    Last Tuesday, a bunch of Admins/Moderator's jumped together on the AU#2 LV server, and did an impromptu "Admin War" as such.


    The Background / Rules:

    - Each Admin team has an MBT-100, and 3 members to Crew it.

    - Admin Team was told there was no shooting until within 1000M of the AO, regardless.

    - Winner was the last team standing at the end of the Wave.

    Overall, everyone did awesome, it brought alot of players together with RPG's, Kamysh's, Marshall's to take out the admin teams.

    Read more here: https://www.teamrevolt.org/forums/topic/4513-impromptu-admin-war/


    Keep an eye out for any future events!

    (Thanks to @Kram for the screenshot!)



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    • It's a BETA. There's still kinks which are being worked out. Patches are actively being rolled out to fix problems as they occur.
    • As of yesterday the server basically went down due to a glitch. when ever you joined any team it and loaded it said "Something went wrong. Check RPT "  i did that and fixed what it said then it continued to do the same thing. After that i verified my arma 3 files and that did nothing. So can you please fix it. 
    • Guns and body parts often poke through walls and floors when people are crouching and moving around. Its only an issue if they abuse it and either shoot through floors or glitch-view through floors and walls etc. It can be very hard to see the difference as a player, so if you see it in game, try and contact an admin via TS or discord and they will spectate to see if they are doing it. Cheers for the report though  
    • Hi I am new to reporting and don't know if pics are allowed I don't record as it stuffs up my fps at times potato PC but I was playing on the new RHS server and was looking at tower 4 when this spotted my eye (Photo 1) I was very sus on the whole thing as he was looking in my direction is I pulled out my binos and took a photo as I snapped it he then poked up and shot me (photo 2) the full player name is in the photo and is know by (BabaZooleh) 

      Thanks (WUBBERDUCKIE)

      Photo 1 (https://imgur.com/a/0ASJp) Photo 2 (https://imgur.com/a/Y3LZZ)
    • Just imagine being in the co-pilot seat of that haha.