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    Starcraft 1.18 Release: First patch in 8 years. Now FREE!

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    YAY Starcraft gets a patch tomorrow at 5PM and is now free, also it's getting a remaster stocked!

    Download it here


    Patch Notes


    • Added windowed fullscreen or windowed mode; Alt+Enter switches between
    • Added UTF-8 support
    • Added cursor clamping in-game while windowed; unclamped in menus
    • Added Popular Maps to streamline finding games or game types
    • Added options to display actions per minute
    • Added Observer mode
    • Added opponent information when joining a game lobby
    • Added autosaving for replays
    • Added an option to display game time
    • Added UPnP support
    • Updated to a new OpenGL backend
    • Improved gameplay responsiveness during multiplayer by increasing turn rate to match LAN speeds over Battle.net
    • Improved UI layout in Battle.net sections
    • Improved behavior of available lobbies within the ‘Join Game’ section
    • Improved compatibility with Windows 7, 8.1, and 10
    • Improved anticheat capabilities
    • Improved installation and patching performance
    • Mac Beta now available for 10.11 and up

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed palette issues to correct rainbow water, 80s Kerrigan face in the loading screen, and other graphic glitches
    • Fixed problems with LAN game discovery
    • Fixed IME support and other text artifacts in Battle.net menus
    • LAN and Legacy Battle.net fixes

    Known Issues

    • The profile section is currently unavailable
    • Some chat commands are still being updated to play nice in the updated chat system
    • Friends location is being improperly displayed
    • Password games will often return bad password trying to join


    And here is a bit of a tease for the remastered version if you missed it.


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