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    Following on from the remarks provided in this thread, a 14 day ban has been applied. That attitude is pathetic, and not warranted.
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    OK, so... This will the final change. Infantry-centric is back, with a caveat. HMG/GMG vehicles are ENABLED, WITHOUT THERMAL! This brings it back to the early days of fun, back what it was like before everyone unlocked the Tanks, etc
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    Just shoot out the Turrets or carry an RPG... Really not that difficult..
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    I'm a bit out of date with recent events, but one of the reasons I haven't been playing was because the air to air spam in jet v jet fights was really lackluster in terms of actual enjoyment. Although Iv always hated air to air on jets haha so it must be pretty bad atm if its not just me complaining Its definately exacerbated by the ability to down a jet with a single AA rocket since the jet dlc. Another thing i might interject, and I don't have a solution to this, just want to add to the discussion. Having 30 min on jet respawn I think only makes the problem worse. Jet stacking is a result of people so afraid of dying, that they all band together in one big swarm of jets. Before the patch a decent pilot could make a dent in this, because they could kill a couple of them before being shot down, and ten minutes later buy another jet and kill 2 more etc. People would learn that they could still die, even in a swarm. But with 30 minutes as a timer, If you go up against a swarm of jets you're inevitably going to die when your flares run out/get swarmed. Once that happens, the jet swarm is 100% safe for another 30 mins. And to add insult to injury, the two jets you do manage to shoot down have usually been unchallenged for more than 30 mins, and can buy a brand new jet immediately. With dying in a jet being more punishing now (30 mins) People are even more likely to spam jets in a massive groups so they're safe. Only thing is I don't know how to solve jet stacking. Also, Im not really active atm, so if any of my info is out of date I apologize in advance xD
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    Ah I see, well atleast now I know that if I'm heaps tired and ready for bed; I don't need to waste my time playing it out to the end if I think the team I'm with is going to lose. Cheers boss but still the end game bonuses since I've returned to KOTH are really weak like, just wow man thanks for playing for an hour here's some money so you can buy a red-dot sight next game.
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    Some people may know that @DeCoY not only plays with guns in ARMA, but in real life is a firearms instructor. This weekend we had a range weekend in the Mudgee area for a group of gamers and new/competitive shooters. Personally, I'm fairly new to shooting outside of a game, but it was good to get away from my computer again and handle some real firearms. While there I also handed out some of our stickers. Some may have already seen photos/video on our facebook, but I've also included them below.
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    @Pablo remarks like this on someone's post can get you more then just a 48 hr ban if you want to discus your ban please add a ban appeal in the appropriate section thank you.
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    no, was 2 day.
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    I cannot for the life of me understand why Titan AA launchers are permitted on hardcore. Besides the fact that helicopters now die in one missile hit, and hummingbirds have no missile warning system, it just seems illogical that such a deadly weapon is on HC. There is many counters to helicopters already, be that a Navid, a qilin, RPG or even other helicopters - these all do the job perfectly. There is nothing more frustrating then flying in and being shot down by someone with a missile launcher 1km out of the AO. You don't even stand a chance if you are hit by a missile, no chance for auto rotation just instant death. My proposal is simple, just remove AA launchers from hardcore.
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    no. provided only a space to camp and un-realistic to the terrain, would prefer secondary objectives to increase AO presence like capture hot spot and artillery gun
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    This dude doesn't even play so he's point is invalid lol They should disable the aa launchers it promotes spawn camping the hummingbirds on an infy server
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    I feel like they don't belong. HC has always been about skill and not shit like how many missiles you have. Pressing T and clicking is too easy for hardcore imo. It would be nice to see people shooting down helicopters with the unguided rocket launchers. By removing it also brings more focus in to the AO istead of having man pads camping spawns.
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    Love the server once again and thanks for taking into account the HMG and GMG idea. I'ts been packed for a couple nights now with the old lot coming back to the server. Just one idea i want to pop out there. Now for the low level people, to even it out and like the US servers have done, is there a chance to have a vote to disable anything higher than a 7.62 except the snipers. I guess the idea is mainly referring to the spmg and the navid as they are op as an infantry gun. Don't shoot me for it its just an idea btw. I do use em from time to time as a level 65 but honestly I feel pretty OP for someone round the lvl 5-20 mark, so I just revert back to the 5.8 LMG which mind you is a great gun in itself. Anyways in game people seem pretty happy with the way its turned out except the fact its just the one map, but I know there isn't any other towns you can add right now. Thanks again Team Revolt we appreciate what you guys have done for the only Aus severs with all 3.
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    I just did the numbers, and the votes amount for 1.43% of people who've played on the server over the last 30 days. The idea to have smaller vehicles, such as ifrits/hunters/etc was actually put forth by a few of those who voted against vehicles, as a medium ground, and to give the game some other factor to be different. It's a change which has been welcomed so far from reviewing chats, and other feedback. It also puts everyone back on the common ground, which was seen when everyone was level 15, instead of dozens of others being level 65+, and some starting, and allows those starting to at least have some additional chance of evening the playing field for levelling up. I will open a new poll on this shortly. In the current configuration, that's not really possible, as otherwise it'd break some of the other features of the map.
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    admins are discussing this. we have taken note.
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    Lol @Jerrico you can disable a HMG/GMG so easily that I don't think they will be bought that often lol 1 RPG destroys them, a few TRG rounds disables the turrent and 2 grenades under the hull can disable the engine/wheels. It's really not a massive inconvience!
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    They die to 1 RPG, they are fine.
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    No. Please no. Those things suck ass.. Was perfect the way it was as INF only. Why have the polls if you're going to ignore them. Doesn't make any sense.
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    I do miss this.....
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    the dummies go into the tower, i pops em with the apds round, they learn their lesson. its a vicious cycle, but a necessary one
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    Jet stacks aren't that much of a problem to solve, Its shikra stacks that ruin a game and are very hard to deal with. 1) because you practically can not do anything at all to avoid shikra aa missiles, especially when you are going up against a few. 2) There won't be much of a jet stack anymore i think because when you remove the shikra you will remove 50% of jets because 50% of people only fly shikras because all they have to do is lock and shoot and they win and they know that and they capitalise on that. Being able to have the skills to dogfight should be earn't like so many of us had to earn the skill to do. It cost me hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars and hours upon hours of flying in KOTH to be a semi decent pilot and earn the privilege to battle in the sky and im still not that good. Now all you have to do is be low level buy a shikra lock from 14km away, and press the mouse button once, watch you missile ignore 60 flairs and bam you win. All the time and money becoming a good pilot means absolutey nothing anymore. The shikra can lock and fire outside of all of the other jets radar range. Its ridiculous then they just turn amd run and you don't get anywhere near them 3) I do agree the timer is a bit long, but i also think without the shikra a decent pilot should be able to survive 30 minutes or quite close to 30 minutes. There's possibly a few minor things that could be tweaked to avoid jet stacks and other similar things relating to jet stacks and the game. But the shikra is the first and most immediate problem that definitely needs to be adressed.
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    @the_chad what exactly is Bullshit? This vote? or Pumping and Dumping or both? haha @skeet The US servers have removed the Shikra and it seems to work.. I kinda agree with @RoyaltyFTW with the radar though.. the 8km and 16km Radar is ridiculous for KOTH a lot of issues would be resolved if this is able to be lowered to 4km range only... I still think that the AA Missiles should be removed from the jets and make everyone dogfight with Cannon that's just my opinion but as @UrsaMajor said I don't think it is that simple..
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    Just curious whats happened with the vote? Are they going to remove the shikra? I think the gryphon and black wasp are ok, you actually stand a chance against them. Its the shikra that as soon it enters airspaced everthing is pretty much doomed. It really needs to be removed
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    I think it was good having the HCINFY oly server, it was a server you could go to to have a break from the vehicles to be honest. I'd like to see the HC INFY server come back and maybe swap out the LV server for the NO JETS?
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    looks like we need both no-jets and Inf Hardcore server..........
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    Having a lot of fun on Malden, its quite refreshing to play on something that isn't Alits. It would be nice to see some more AO towns in the rotation and a day / night cycle (not sure if there is or isn't one but I've only ever seemed to play it on day time). If there is a map that is made for infantry combat, its Malden, lots of building and terrain cover - working with teammates to clear sectors and buildings. Unfortunately, most of the map is demolished within 20-30~ minutes of game play. Whilst the idea of a team communicating and working together with technical's and air support seems quite fun (and it can be when it does happen, if your on a veteran team who understands and respects A3's core mechanics) it most of the time devolves into someone sitting on opfor hill in a tigris / cheetah and spamming the entire AO from overwatch position. I dont know if it has been noted that opfor seem to be at a disadvantage in terms of accessing the AO (for once) but it seems that a good deal of the time it comes down to indy vs blufor domination. It was nice to have a HC infantry only combat server that allowed for intense street fighting and team work, I understand that other people enjoy playing with vehicles and that what benefits the oceanic A3 community at large is what we should all want, but there are two other servers that accommodate that game style. Cheers Team Revolt! -kali
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    I usually run with a squad of 3-6 people but find the new changes unbearable. The new map is great but the new player base is trash - tanks and attack heli's sitting kilometers out of the AO is ridiculous. Pawnee's and armed striders can atleast be disarmed or killed by small arms but try take out a douchebag in a T100 out with your Katiba. IMO keep the server free of heavily armoured vehicles or give everyone the launcher perk we all know people who fail infantry enlistment apply for cavalry and transport!
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    I live on Malden currently... And I agree, if the rotation could use other localities on the island it would be fantastic (no idea of the setup involved here). I believe Tanoa was tried out when it came out. No idea why it wasn't retained. Using a Scorcher efficiently from far requires you to have a spotter or spotters: that means teamwork which is the foundation of KOTH. Pawnes and Hellcats (to a certain extent) are vulnerable to small arms fire. Believe me when I am up in them I am more than often shot down by infantry with their firearms rather than by AA. By the way, if you always follow the same route to get in the AO, expect to be ambushed. Surprise the other team, you might find the game surprisingly enjoyable. See you all in my sights (or down yours).
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    This change is absolutely disgusting! why have you changed pure infantry too no jets i have no idea! as a new player too the game racking up a good 20 hours so far i loved the infantry only server but now i haven't even been able too have a decent game in the last couple of days forcing me too go too U.S servers which is really sad, i have not been able too get too the AO without being smashed by Pawnee or someone sitting 2km out in a socher tank and orca's smashing the AO there are 3 servers it can not be that hard (and yes it happens in all 3 servers you have i tried everyone and same thing ) with this sever it makes it feel like you should just remove all guns and let us just run around the AO like chickens and get picked off because in this server you do not get the chance too use your guns your simply shot down by some guy 40-1 in a tank or attack heli with no skill please, bring back infantry only it cant be hard to make one of each i wont be playing arma 3(unless on U.S servers) until its changed or something is done about it i will gladly go too squad and see what that's like love the map changes! but not no jets and getting rid of infantry. also might i had the initial vote for the change i had no idea about being new too the game,so like many others that like infantry only are only just realizing and wondering how too vote or comment and so i signed in and found it so be sure i did not vote in the 60+ votes for no jets originally
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    First, a big (BIG) thank you for the ArmA severs, I play exclusively on your severs when I can. I'm loving the map, but hating the change to large ground vehicles and high powered Heli's. Other than that, big thumbs up
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    Tanks are gonna be so op now, and towers are a core mechanic of KOTH
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    tbh all games with HC always dont get the numbers because people are to soft to play in a realistic style gameplay. I personally dont see the point in sitting behind a fence peering over with 3rd person when the other guy dont see u there. Its just stupid. I'm getting battlefield 1 now anyways least the gameplay is more realistic than this. Already have 15 mates that are throwing in arma because of the server change. But like i said HC is for ppl that want realism and the arma community is getting to soft. Be an aussie and harden the f$@# up guys 1st person is how it should be played. Exile for 3rd person is good because I atleast like to see what I have on but when ya have the loadout of KOTH you know what you are wearing. the fact vehicles are back in has taken away the fun out of close combat, within 20mins last night when you guys loaded this on, the city was leveled so meh have fun with it.
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    Love the change in map, but i want to inf only back personally because it teaches people to actually use the rifles and close quarter combat not just sit on a hill in a tank or apc
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    Ok, so ever time I have logged onto the server since the 64 bit update my jets have been 2hit by aas and been put on fire. Has the aas been buffed and can we get crosshairs back?
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    lol, Not a chance in hell. I'll just be a helpful Guest
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    May take a bit since most of them are in different timezones but if you get ahold of Aquila hes one of the only Australian ones
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    Jump onto discord and talk to the admins they will sort you out. https://discord.gg/vUWngu5
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    Well if were talking about IRL the wipeouts build to take missiles and tear through tanks, 2 aas should not blow up a wipeout.
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    @Tysonanderson Only a 2 year download for him
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    Hey man, So basically you need to jump on discord and wait until they do account restores, They always do it on the weekend. They will reset your account to the latest save they have of your account. Link to KOTH Discord : Koth
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    If you go to your steam library and right click on Arma 3 and then hit property's. it should bring up a window and hit the game tab and Verify your game cache\Game Integrity. It should take anywhere between 30 seconds to 5 minuets, but if it find a problem with your game it should fix it.
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    You can either join off a friend that's already playing on the servers. Or you can go to the internet tab and change your searched game modes to King of the hill and it should bring up au1, 2 and 3 and all the other koth servers
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