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    Tonight, a bunch of Admins/Moderator's jumped together on the AU#2 LV server, and did an impromptu "Admin War" as such. Alongside the Admin/Mod team one of our Donators @Mista Semper Fi who joined us to make up the numbers. Winners for Both rounds, were the "Independant" Team, led by @SWEATY, and Crewed by Moderators @crazyhorseau and @warchief. (Thanks to @Kram for the screenshot!) Blufor Team was comprised of: Myself as Leader (although my computer crashed the first wave and I missed all the fun :() @Mista Semper Fi @Snowy_Gtz Opfor Team was comprised of: @Callumnz as Leader @warbird @Spazz711 The Background / Rules: - Each Admin team has an MBT-100, and 3 members to Crew it. - Admin Team was told there was no shooting until within 1000M of the AO, regardless. - Winner was the last team standing at the end of the Wave. Overall, everyone did awesome, it brought alot of players together with RPG's, Kamysh's, Marshall's to take out the admin teams. Hope everyone enjoyed the game!
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    From the Staff at Team Revolt, I wish all members, and community players a Merry and Safe Christmas. May your New Years be full of new games, and hopefully something a bit better than Call of Duty Sit Back, Enjoy some Gaming and/or Family Time, and we'll see you in the new Year. If you need any help, we've still got Admin's around most of the holidays, you can get us on teamspeak at ts3.teamrevolt.org or Discord over at https://www.rvlt.in/discord As a Celebration, Donations are Doubled from Today, until the end of New Years Day, January 1st!
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    Barra's are strong engines especially the T variants. Loves big boost
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    It's got 120k on it, still need to confirm this as it's too easy to swap clusters in these things but a couple of bucks spent on import papers will tell me the import K's Coolest thing, is to hard to say but most functional is I repaired a break on a wheel chair the other week, they couldn't find a replacement so I just recrated / made it better Other than that it would the drone I've been building but it's been put in a box and I can't remember which one check out the 3D printing thread you will find many random prints I've posted. I'm primarily a front-end developer so I work with HTML, CSS & JavaScript on a daily basis in terms of backend I choose either php or nodejs depending on the project, eg our Discord bot is running of nodejs. Mostly I don't code as much as I use to now I'm in a lead role it's more code reviews and road map planning. I love programming and making things so I don't stop writing because I'm off the clock Two of my hobbies are coming up next week, 5 days of doof and camping(http://rainbowserpent.net/) excited
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    At the moment my hobbies consist of getting this bitch on the road so I can shed skid on Australia day haha
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    few infantry clips on my new pc
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    NBN is all dependant on your area and provider. to put it simply. Make sure your provider has enough bandwidth or "Capacity" to supply their clients. Find one that monitors their congestion and purchases more capacity when it reaches a certain percent on that Node or "Point of interconnect". Most providers dont give a fuck about how many people they are trying to supply with the limited bandwidth they purchase from NBN. I would Suggest Aussie Broadband as i have switched providers Twice and these guys are the tits if you have Fibre to the Premises. they monitor their capacity around the clock and purchase more if they reach a peak. they do not sell their service to any new clients if they reach 80% on any given POI untill that node has enough to cope. Say no to the main providers as they dont give a fuck and will jam 1000 people on barely enough to provide 500 and not buy anymore because your locked to a contract. NBN is not like any-other internet. its a product, that your providing company has to purchase to re-sale on to its customers. this goes way way way further than any of you have the time to read about on here. ill stab some people here and if you need some advice. find @fingerguns @myzteriouz1 or myself on discord or team speak and give you some friendly advice.
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    KoTH Servers will be offline on Friday 29/12 during the morning for Hardware Maintenance. Hoping to be able to get some time in Sydney to work on them, and finish off an upgrade on the CPU that day Hopefully will get it all back up and online by midday, but it depends on Traffic in Sydney on the day. This will not affect eXile, Ylands, Minecraft, Forums hosting, as it is on a different physical machine.
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    Yes, it IS your job as a community member to help police the servers. We do this as VOLUNTEERS', we don't get paid to do this. You're a community member, the onus is on you as much to obtain evidence and help police the servers. Now, stop being a douche, and actually contribute something useful.
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    the title should read effetive instead of stupid. probably more humane then a bullet anyway!
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    so recently I decided to investigate why Arma 3 didn't look as smooth on my 144hz G-sync monitor as all my other games. most of the time I got told that multiplayer servers are locked to a certain fps or something along those lines. that is not the case. I found out that no matter what windows, Nvidia or in-game settings you have set, the game will not register as full 120-144fps unless you change your arma3.cfg file In the Arma3.cfg file located in My documents/Arma3 there will be a setting that says refresh=60; you will need to change the number to your monitor refresh rate so in my case refresh=144;, this setting in the config file does not automatically update and that is why Arma 3 does not look as smooth on high refresh-rate monitors than other games. By doing this my game looks amazing and smooth and has brought KOTH into a sub-par running game into an amazing experience. I'm sure I am not the only one that knows this information but I thought it may help getting it out there.
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    If anyone is wondering. refresh=60; is on line 19
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    That GBU kill with the buzzard though. Awesome video
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    Sure. You'll have to carry me though haha.
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    Yeah at the moment it'll push 400rwkw, next step if I want more power will be Atomik built motor to crack the 4 figure HP
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    Awesome video Meep! I usually miss about.... 98% of my shots in PUBG and only won 5 games (solos) in my almost 200h of playing lol.
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    Turn em off Meep! Got enough hackers on PUB already haha
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    Yeah mint man! The VF interior is a lot nicer then the VE. I use to love my V8's until I bought the FPV F6 haha chops absolutely everything haha
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    Honestly I don't really have much hobbies, Sports and Video games are my favourite Also I need to start focusing on uni now
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    Haha, yeah no, the closest we got to camping was in our back yard melting Marshmellos when we were youngins, but getting the acual camping experience would be great. Especially by a river/lake.
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    AT is coming back for titan on AU2. I mistakenly removed it.
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    Not HC just au2 topic HC just about perfect apart from LV in it.
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    I love that 3rd person spray ahah Nice vid man
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    My first time back in jets since the DLC
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    Tbh that music at the start is meh, but nice shots! Finally we know who Tyhooooon is haha.
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    Join WS Discord, https://discord.gg/T7QP6cJ Type !profile and wait for the instructions sent by the Bot.
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    Yes, but they mustn't linger in the zone. The moment they're vulnerable, they need to move away from the zone, but can start combat. You can fly low within the SafeZone to still remain protected without issues. I've actually put a request for the safe zone hard limit to apply to non-combat vehicles for protection, and the 50m height limit to apply for all armed aircraft. The 500meter rule does not apply to attack aircraft. This is because players kept using the "pump and dump" method, and calling that as protection.
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    Sydney, and Singapore, but close: https://www.itnews.com.au/news/aussie-internet-pain-after-asian-subsea-cables-cut-472070 Was repaired at the end of october though: http://status.vocus.com.au/view-incident.aspx?IncidentID=349
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    Jumped on to test. Working now. Thanks. Will definitely need to organise an event to try to get people on.
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    lmao, i tried alright. Thanks to pear for the perspective...
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    The missile just disappeared on my screen and i was looking around for it then it smacked me in the head. When the missile wants to turn it does like that 90 degree turn it did to kill me but when i wire guide it it hates me and won't turn 2m to the left
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    @Snow, @Blackhawk The social contract is simple You are either a free-riding player or a donation supporter playing our our servers. If you are donating, you are simply paying to lightening the financial load of running and providing these game servers to you - you are not paying anyone's wages. Paying for people to full time administrate these game servers would be a very high and unrecoverable cost - that is, we do not collect enough donations to cover this, nor would people be willing to pay for this level of support. Therefore, it comes down to people's voluntary effort to keep servers free of troublemakers. Part of that is your willingness to assist - a willingness to help our administrators dole out the required punishments when they are deserved. If you do not want to volunteer your small amount of time to take a screenshot and lodge a troublemaker report, why should we respond to your demands for our administrators to spend more of their free time. The social contract goes both ways: If you don't want to help, don't complain. If you can't play without complaining and don't want to help out, go find somewhere else to play.
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    Hi, I have brought my problem of lag both fps lag and internet lag to discuss with both admins and community to see how this issue has raised and how this could be fixed. The problem that I have come here to talk about is the current lag on the #2 server (light vehicle) and how this could be solved but first I must bring the cause of this up. Now as a community we all seem to “stack” a certain team depending sometimes on numbers and the players. Now this stacked team no matter which side or map always seems to have the higher count of vehicles now this may not always be the case but in many it is. Now these stacked teams bring tanks to combat in some cases will be fun for them but a destruction of the server as they run out of targets as in other armored vehicles they turn to the AO destroying buildings and other forms of constructions causing the server to tense and cause extreme almost unplayable circumstances. This new update has removed Pawnees and added more players for these tanks to shoot in the AO, some would argue that if there worried about tanks vs them in tanks, calm down Rambo nothing is that easy. A 5 v 1 tank situation will not be won as they watch spawns and hills as they run out of things to kill PLUS this guarantee someone will breach the rule of the 500m mark rule so if Pawnees were reintroduced not only would the teams even out the rules wouldn’t be breached as often as they would have something else to shoot, the Pawnees could counter the tanks allowing there team to move out causing a tank vs Pawnee vs tank cluster which in turn will steer fire from AO to other objects like enemy tanks. Some would argue “but the Tank vs Pawnee vs tank cluster will lag the server even more????” it won’t!!! The bodies of the dead flaming wreckage's will despawn unlike building wreckage and rubble. Over all the Pawnees were the best form of “lowering lag” on this server and I don’t see how adding more players would help this lag issue as the tanks would have more to shoot in the AO. I highly disagree with this new update and think this should be addressed. Plus, we have to look out not only for the player experience, but the servers up keep that being a good income. One form of income/donation to the server were through reserve slots, now I know a good hand full of players that have reserves questioning requesting a refund as this 80-player slot deal is never full, meaning there’s no point to having a slot now. If the 64 slots were brought back not only would this bring you more sales through the reserves but future sales from a lot of already reserve's. Please consider this plead to reverse the new update. ~~~~~Thank you for listening ~~~~~
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    Admins aren't a police force. If there's people in teamspeak chill in the "Waiting for help room" Best option over the christmas / holiday season is to Record & Report
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    From the Staff at Team Revolt, I wish all members, and community players a Merry and Safe Christmas. May your New Years be full of new games, and hopefully something a bit better than Call of Duty Sit Back, Enjoy some Gaming and/or Family Time, and we'll see you in the new Year. If you need any help, we've still got Admin's around most of the holidays, you can get us on teamspeak at ts3.teamrevolt.org or Discord over at https://www.rvlt.in/discord As a Celebration, Donations are Doubled from Today, until the end of New Years Day, January 1st! View full article
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    Pretty sure all the oldie's on here would remember the song and dance I used to put on when I though jets were removed un-necessarily, so take my word for it when i say that in their current state jets are unbalanced. I stopped playing when the game aimed for you. Didn't come back when the jet dlc just added air to air spam that makes it impossible for any challenging dogfights to take place, and for anybody to get to the ao in any sort of air vehicle. If you want jets back on the server I suggest that you post on Sa matra's forums. My personal opinion. Jets should be CONSIDERED being brought back when: -They can't lock ANY ground vehicles. You want to kill a tank, spot it with your eyes (like the good ol days :P) (EDIT: If i think about it actually, just remove locking altogether. WWII style targeting) -No Air to Air. If you want to farm choppers you'll need to aim yourself. If anyone remembers it was quite difficult to spot a tigris hiding in a gully in a tree. But then they made it you could just spam T and see everything. The type of pilots who jet stack will have a hell of a time destroying the server without their air to air, and without their where's wally display.
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    Thanks for the report WhiteOwl. Unfortunately there aren't many admins on at 1.00am (or 3am in NZ!) in the morning so we rely on these type of player reports. The player is fairly new to the server and has a clean record so he will be given a stern warning and his profile marked, if he continues it will be escalated from there. Judging from the way he chats in game this wont take long.
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    I personally dont like the new jets. However it would be fun to learn them. The main problem in my opinion is all the good/experinced pilots always join the same team and always end up spawn killing everyone. Which makes new pilots not want to try due to loss of funds, getting killed the second they spawn in their jets. For example, i LOVE a challenge, on LV i always find out what team has the pawnee stack and join another team to vs them, even if they are friends. And if jets were added i would do the same. IMO, if jets were added back it would not really make a difference as to people spawn camping now. People are continuously shooting people that have not even left the SZ let alone people that have JUST the safe zone and is still within 500m. With the current rule set i dont think jets would be a good edition. Anyway, thats just my opinion.
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