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    Hi everyone, Some changes have occurred behind the scenes at Team Revolt to foster continuity of services and to facilitate the expanding needs of the player base patronizing hosted game servers. As of today, Team Revolt returns to its roots as a close knit group of friends with two common interests: kicking ass and chewing gum. The latter is optional but we have always worked best as a tight group with a single focus - having fun! The expansion of the hosted server portion of the group structure was taking its toll on the group with heavy administrative burden, which created frustration with the player patrons and division within the original team group. To that end, OutputGaming.org has been formed which will function as a separate entity to host gaming, website and voice servers associated with ARMA, Minecraft and many other games, as well as continuing to provide Team Revolt with hosting needs. This is not a division of the team - this is an expansion of opportunity. While each entity will have separate websites and voice servers, Team Revolt members will have open access to the OutputGaming TS and Discord servers for casual gaming within the larger oceanic gaming community. What changes: Players on hosted servers for ARMA and Minecraft etc who have issues to redirect their issues to OutputGaming.org Team Revolt TeamSpeak will continue to be located at the same address The Discord server has been rebranded already to Output Gaming and will continue to have Team Revolt member groups within the larger role structures. Changes into the future: With this new and exciting chapter, there maybe further changes to Team Revolt website and gaming infrastructure and announcements will be made on those changes when and as they happen. But for now, has anyone got some spare chewing gum? Thought not - Happy fragging.
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    Hi, i have redownloaded BF1 n BF4 for monday night loonys
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    Looks like there is going to be another Battlefield coming out later this year, its going to be set during WWII check out the article here.
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    Arma is not supported from this website please go here for support.
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    Cleaning up some old drives, came across this. Wow , suddenly feel old. Think my video card at the time had a whopping 64mb of RAM. Enjoy the history lesson ..if the video has no sound then Youtube have removed the song for copyright reasons.blah blah
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    This sounds good. Really hated BF1 gunplay, it felt completely spray n pray and bullets didnt go where you expected.
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    Just picturing H as the aging police captain telling his young vibrant, intelligent, charismatic, hard working detectives to let go of that cold case.... Were just asking for more time cap! ....and more budget allocation and resources...
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    Because real friendships never die and are always worth reviving... ?
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