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    The rules were in place, and repealed over the last year. They were proven working over a long-term period. I also broadcasted via Discord, Teamspeak, and Forums, of the changes. I also have been spamming the new rules in-game for a week and a bit, on every server, every 10 minutes. I've also updated the board over a week ago. How much more fucking obvious do I need to make it ?
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    people are only getting banned for this because they're not reading the new rules and not knowing about it, "It's going to kill the population of the server" Complete bull shit, as a lot of the other big king of the hill servers have the same rule the rule will stay as it is making a lot of other issues we use to have gone away, AND LIKE I TELL EVERYONE THE POINT OF KING OF THE HILL IS TO PLAY THE GODDAM AO, THIS ANNOYS ME ALOT LIKE WHY TF ARE YOU EVEN AT THE ENEMY SPAWN THERE IS NO GODDAM NEED FOR YOU TO BE THERE PLAY THE AO LIKE THE GAMEMODE WAS DESIGNED TO BE PLAYED.
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    Hi All, We've now setup a v10 KoTH 1944 ALPHA Server. This server is in testing, and may have crashes, but helps us with pushing the new versions live in testing. You can join it via the launcher shown below! You can download the mods via steam, at the below URL's; https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=660460283 http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=583496184 We are also testing an experimental feature go to your player menu and in the text field enter v10 to get 30 minutes of 2x XP! Please do not forget that this is a TEST and your stats MIGHT be wiped and the server may crash.
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    That was more due to a bunch of game-breaking bugs. Let's give it another two weeks anyway, and enjoy ourselves while it's there in the meantime huh ?
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    But PUBG only has one "level". What other levels are you talking about?
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    Source: https://blog.armakoth.com/database-testing-and-upcoming-release-s-96e64da380ea
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    i was just making a joke i would also like to see the cross hair back haha
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    outside was that new map for that 'pokemon go' game, im pretty sure outside isnt a real place
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    this, disabling AA on the buzzard? there would be no point in buying it. just change its ASRAAM's to bim's and then increase price to 8k just like neophron
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    Don't disable them, Just increase the price.. That's my Vote
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    Hey guys everyone needs to share this, it needs more votes for the admins/WS staff to even consider it. Share it to everyone you know that plays Au1 KOTH!! More votes the better because then it shows that its not just a few salty players but a decent amount of the regular player base!
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    so what i think be warned this is my opinion is that they should change the aa from 2 ASRAAM to 2 BIM-9X like the other jets for balance because a 4k jet with top teir aa is op
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    This is true on so many levels...
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    The level of sarcasm here is quite high... get-it
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    i love it, much better than the other servers imo. more skill involved.
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    2 day ban applied. Also corroborated from another player via Discord.
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    soundtrack is great for the channel intro, fun and upbeat, and will have continuity across multiple vids. roll that off into main vid music, (which said above must be hard) is key. you have 10 million dollars................ im checking your shit.....
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    Servers seem to be going fine. AU#2 is now being increased back to 84 non-reserved slots
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    Yeah, so you know. I am a senior WS staff, and privy to all of this. When it's the correct time, it will be announced.
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    can we all take a breather and just agree that IT IS ONLY A VIDEOGAME you guys will be back in school before any change happens to the hummingbird/ AA
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    Both the MH-6 (Hummingbird) and AH-6 (Pawnee) are able to have countermeasures installed and this has been the case since 2000, and the Hummingbird featured in KotH is a military vehicle, the civilian vehicle exists, but is not used in this game mode. I have heard the realism argument pretty frequently in regards to just about every topic. Personally I think it's appropriate for the game overall and I wish it was adhered to more often, but Arma 3, and when you break that down further, KotH, is so far from a simulation it doesn't really have any relation to this. 70% of what we do in Arma wouldn’t be done in a realistic scenario, but that's kind of the point. This is purely game balance. I appreciate your input though, even If I disagree with it.
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    Not only do you run the risk of a 150 day ban or Perm Ban and your account will more than likely be wiped and you will have to start from scratch, the most important thing to remember is...... Edit* "I didn't know" is no longer a valid excuse when it comes to joining Boosted Servers... There have been plenty of Warnings
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    Ill +1 to this. Seems fair
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    It was just the apache helicopter meme but reworded, wont take all the credit for it
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    the post was just for a giggle @cardy, i noticed that the general area on the forums has been very inactive and just over all empty. I do understand the maturity required for moderator you wont see me go over the top like this again i promise.
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    Master Warbird
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    yo i think we need some peep that can do Profile Restore. because it goes on US time witch is hard for most of us Aussies to be on at the time
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    No. There's already two people who regularly do restores late in the evening, however if you've been here for years, and you haven't learned to back up your profile yet, I don't think there's much hope for you.
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    outside?? what is this outside you refer to, is this some new alien language we do not understand. Please reframe from using such foul language here again.
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    what a nerd level 200 go outside
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    That laugh tho, drops me everytime haha
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    I've banned him for 2 days because this was his second time doing this today @RealBizza .
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    This is presently a trial, and investigation on how the servers do fare. We've always had 80 slots available, but the majority of times this isn't seen to over 70 players, as when other's leave, donators take over their original slot. Presently, I'm seeing how the app is going for processing, since they increased it to 64bit, our physical servers aren't at the CPU level that is high, and I'd be saying the majority of the banding would end up happening due to the graphical lag which happens on destruction of property being increased by the number of players on in a single area also. I'll continue watching it, and will revert it back if need be. With regards to the HC server, it is borderline on the chopping block, because of a lack of interest, and may just end up being a NOJETS NORMAL server again, as the current player base doesn't fill it out enough to warrant it.
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    Ha awesome, I barely ever watch twitch but when I do I watch him. Hes the old host of Good Game on the ABC.
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    i hopped on my phone at like 1AM last night and noticed he had 52 viewers decided to watch for a bit
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    Nothing can happen host side anyway so really need to go through dev.arma.su And if people want to pay 10k -12k for 2 decent AA missiles let them
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    Here's a few of the videos I've uploaded to YouTube, there not edited all that great I kinda just slap them together with a mint tune to clear up space haha
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    Soon......... It's getting there slowly, after the next lot of uni exams are over I should be able to work on it more.
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    Nah if you played Hawkey you would understand, they are next lvl cancer! They need to be gone or the load out changed. The AA missiles that the buzzard carry hit more often and do a hell f a lot more damage
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    if we get enough replies and suggestions on this thread, we could make a post on the dev blog for KOTH and see if they can nerf the buzzard (would only take them a minutes to change the loadout but it may take servers hours just to apply the changes)
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    Atleast 8k, they have the capacity to kill/disable 2 jets, 4 tanks and what ever else they can hit with the cannon (lets be honest if you fly a buzzard its a given you have no clue about the cannon)
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