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    Hapy birthday @Mylox enjoy it, you know... get drunk, get laid and gamble!
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    It's been a few weeks since I uploaded some comedic relief, please enjoy and thanks to the regular Revolt guys with whom these clips would not be possible.
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    Im sorry to say but most my team are hating this adding ground vehicles back. The server has been full since 3pm yesterday even all night last night and all day today except a couple hours this morning. the regulars that use server #3 enjoyed the HC mode with infantry only. its what made this server fun and entertaining with close combat instead of sitting 1.5km out with a tank on a hill let alone the black foot. you have 2 vehicles servers keep them as that but don't change something that isn't broke the server gets population just most people cant hack running weapon instead of tanks and stuff. The map is great but i beg for the sake of the regular community keep it infantry only. Most people that are regular don't even look on these forums and i can guarantee you it wasn't them that voted.
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    In order to mix the best of both worlds, and with over ~60 players voting for a no jets server, and the general lower interest in the Infantry HC Server, I'll be changing it after this round to Incorporate the new Malden DLC. This will mean it'll be Remaining as Hardcore, but Ground Vehicles will be back, and Jets will be Gone.
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    No Jet's server coming soon... I just need the time to put it in place.
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    In order to make it easier for users to know what their GUID is, I've added the ability to login with STEAM, to obtain their GUID/UID automatically. This should hopefully resolve confusion, and make it easier on players. This also paves the way to allow us to tag users on games like Counter Strike, Rising Storm, and other STEAM-based games as Donators as we expand our hosted servers! As normal, you can donate over at https://www.teamrevolt.org/donate-reserved-slots/ View full article
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    I will mention, I've been watching the userbase of the HC server, and it has been failing to get up of an evening, unlike the other two, so as that's first in the list, it's looking to be an obvious choice for a swap-out.
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    As if 2806m wasn't long enough, I just got this shot about half an hour ago, 3330m. I doubt I'll ever be able to beat this.
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    Tonight as part of server updates, I've applied the below changes which were being discussed amongst admins, and after watching the servers for a while. v9.6 has also been rolled out with some system changes. AU #1 - STANDARD - ALTIS Jets will be Limited to 2 per team. 30 Minute Delay between Jets AU #2 - LIGHT VEHICLES - ALTIS Armed Hellcat has been removed. Towers have been Removed AU #3 - NO JETS HARDCORE - MALDEN Server has been changed from ALTIS to MALDEN Server has been changed from Infantry Only, to No Jet's. Hardcore is remaining on the server, with no 3P available Thermal's have been turned OFF for vehicles.
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    tbh all games with HC always dont get the numbers because people are to soft to play in a realistic style gameplay. I personally dont see the point in sitting behind a fence peering over with 3rd person when the other guy dont see u there. Its just stupid. I'm getting battlefield 1 now anyways least the gameplay is more realistic than this. Already have 15 mates that are throwing in arma because of the server change. But like i said HC is for ppl that want realism and the arma community is getting to soft. Be an aussie and harden the f$@# up guys 1st person is how it should be played. Exile for 3rd person is good because I atleast like to see what I have on but when ya have the loadout of KOTH you know what you are wearing. the fact vehicles are back in has taken away the fun out of close combat, within 20mins last night when you guys loaded this on, the city was leveled so meh have fun with it.
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    Love the change in map, but i want to inf only back personally because it teaches people to actually use the rifles and close quarter combat not just sit on a hill in a tank or apc
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    This is updated FYI:
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    Yeah, the fix was one I put forth a few months ago. Waiting on the build as we're outside of the of the timezone, and they did the rollout while we were asleep
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    I'm not sure if you have played KOTH recently, but all that people do is, Jet Stack and AA spam, the new jets are going 1000km/h all the time and can dodge AA without even flaring, i used to love jets but now it just ruins the game. The 30 minute timer doesn't help either, once someone dies trying to take out the jet stack he has to wait another 30 minutes... another 30 minutes of constant AA on humming birds 1m out of spawn @Stixx
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    "Aids and ruins"? How does it help and ruin at the same time?
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    It was done when I got home from work.
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    The server requires an update to latest version, unable to connect.
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    I Disagree. Saying that AA launchers are completely useless against the countermeasures perk is just ridiculous. If you know how to shoot them properly they will hit more often then not. If you sit 2km away then launch it whilst they are flying away from you it will never hit. Having one or two people with AA Titans can completely deny Hellcats access to the AO or at least force them into making risky runs making them much less effective. Also you say Hellcats "rape" tanks. This is only if the tanker is oblivious and is sitting still on top of a hill pelting tracers into the AO, of course they are going to get strafed. Any skilled tanker who is aware can easily maneuver to dodge Hellcats and hit them on their exit. It only takes 1-2 hits to disable a Hellcat with any of the tanks with a 30mm gun. And talking about the "dead" server is silly because i find myself fighting for a slot almost every time i want to play. Players such as Meep mostly hit other hellcats and people stupid enough to take the Mohawk in and land. Yes they can strafe towers and streets but in my opinion Tanks are much more painful to go up against as infantry.
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    Well, it's been fun, and then I discover ARK is VR enabled! I've played 4 hours straight with the Vive and feeling absolutely sick, but I got to feed kids. I built a small box on the beach and managed to tame a couple dinos, and I have already been raided
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    Yea, this might be a welcome change to PUBG and ARMA for me, thanks fellas!
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    That's a discord suggestion... Once the masses flock to our no jets server, it'll be all goods
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    So an official Zombie mode just got announced at E3. https://clips.twitch.tv/PeppyBlitheDragonTF2John
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    @CaRdy @fingerguns @Slazza @Prodical
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    Please upload and link the footage here and we will sort em out
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    Anything over 2km is a nice shot imo. Nice montage btw, subbed.
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    Thanks for the report. I've given Clint the weekend off. In future, try to get the report and video to us sooner rather than later.
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    i just went into the teamspeak trying to find out why the KOTH Servers keep crashing because i have lost my end game bonus 4 times now and also to ask if theres any possible way that i could get some money given to me because ive lost 35k just from the servers crashing. just to be told practically nothing and then i go a bit annoyed after i was told to speak to another admin, and then i was banned from the server for 2 hours by Mylox. this is not how you treat donators mate. sure i ididnt donate that much (paid for reserved slot for 2 months) although its pretty overpriced for what it is you should get some money from it atleast but anyway thats fine. honeslty the servers are great apart from the really bad lag and crashing lately but the fact that the admins are so stubborn isnt right not to mention they dont even have the power to do anything anyway so whats the piont in them being admins if they cant do shit. this is pretty stupid considering how popular the servers are. if there is something wrong people shouldnt have to go through 5 different admins just to be told theres nothing they can do or just be banned like me. anyway just y experience just then im honestly tempted to stop playing this server just because of the terrible admins (i dont mean every admin as there are some very friendly admins and i have spoken to many of them and they are solid blokes they just arent really admin because they can do sht apart from ban people)
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    Get on the $4 dollar 8% six packs... Bargain...
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