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    Following on from the remarks provided in this thread, a 14 day ban has been applied. That attitude is pathetic, and not warranted.
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    Some people may know that @DeCoY not only plays with guns in ARMA, but in real life is a firearms instructor. This weekend we had a range weekend in the Mudgee area for a group of gamers and new/competitive shooters. Personally, I'm fairly new to shooting outside of a game, but it was good to get away from my computer again and handle some real firearms. While there I also handed out some of our stickers. Some may have already seen photos/video on our facebook, but I've also included them below.
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    @Pablo remarks like this on someone's post can get you more then just a 48 hr ban if you want to discus your ban please add a ban appeal in the appropriate section thank you.
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    no, was 2 day.
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