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  1. For the Portal Fans

    Portal: After Hours mod bridges the gap between Portal 1 and 2. Have a look here
  2. Battlefield V

    Open beta announced for early September read about it here
  3. Battlefield V

    Nice, Operation mode looks great but I'm not sure it will last as it depends on your team working together to complete the objectives. One of my biggest frustrations with BF1 and actually most of the Battlefield franchise was generally you would get squads to work together but a lot of the time people just do their own thing.
  4. Redownloaded for Monday Nights

    Not to sound controversial will we be playing Hardcore or Normal modes?

    Arma is not supported from this website please go here for support.
  6. The NBN is meant to be fast, but that’s not always the case – and it’s not just because of gamers. Well, it’s almost never because of gamers, but let’s move on. The point is, not all NBN providers are equal. Read the full article here As everyone is going to have to move onto the NBN eventually its important to be aware of your options in regards to signing up with RSPs.
  7. Battlefield V

    You are describing my game play, no wonder i liked BF1
  8. Battlefield V

    Another link to the Battlefield V preview long article describing more of the upcoming game. Read it here now!!!
  9. Battlefield V

    No loot boxes for Battlefield V see article here
  10. Don't get me wrong, Reli was a great guy and would love to see back online again, but numerous people have tried to get in touch with him with no luck and I expect that's not going to change since the topic was started several years ago!!!
  11. Battlefield V Trailer

    Check out the new Battlefield V trailer View full article
  12. Why to bring back and old thread :/
  13. Battlefield V

    Originally they were going to call it Battlefield 2 but decided to change it as it clashed with the old BF2.
  14. Battlefield V

    Looks like there is going to be another Battlefield coming out later this year, its going to be set during WWII check out the article here.
  15. PUBG Geographic Channel

    Ta Myz, couldn't be bothered to work out how to do it lol!!