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  1. Light Vehicles Now Usless

    Yeah this is a common Arma bug. The commander needs to get in first as whoever enters the vehicle first will be able to do the smoke. If people want vehicular combat they can go to to AU 4 which is full vehicles. The new armour slats on the tanks was making them even more powerful than they were before. Removing the thermals is bringing people in closer rather than shooting from a couple of k's out which would then draw more people away from the AO is they go to counter it. We will continue to monitor the feedback but there are a large amount of people who like the change as some players were racking heaps of kills quite easily from using vehicles way out of the AO. The change may not be so good for those few that liked to use vehicles all the time but for the vast majority of players this was a welcome change.
  2. Arma 3: KOTH Reserved Slot

    Can confirm the donation has been received and attributed to that uid. Reserved slots generally take approx. 1 hour to go through the system and work in game. Did you use the sign-in through steam option on the forums?
  3. Machinegun stats

    Cant help but love a good spreadsheet
  4. The ingame VIP can take up to 72 hours to fully go through. Give it another day or so and if you still haven't received it by Friday night give us a yell
  5. Can't sync steam

    I have PM'ed the guid of the steam account that you have linked to your account on these forums. Check the details I included to confirm it is yours and you should be able to use that. Otherwise if you still want to link your steam, give us a yell and Myzterious can look into it
  6. pawnee's a issue on LV server

    I think a big contributing factor is that the people who have had a lot of time since the reset can quickly gain levels and unlock the Pawnee, whereas the bulk majority of players are still leveling up and either don't have the level or the funds to be able to get things to counter the Pawnee. I.e AA launcher, LMG's and armed qilins etc.... Once more players level up and unlock this gear I dont think it will be as much of an issue.
  7. Exile Survey Results

    First of all thanks to everyone who voted and submitted feedback. All comments are read, considered and popular ideas are implemented if they are plausible and sustainable. Map: As you can see from the results above, Esseker scored the most votes followed by Tanoa and Altis. As stated in the initial post about the poll, a non-base game map would only be added if it got overwhelming support. Although it may have got the most votes it was not a clear standout. There are few reasons why it needs to base game: A quick look at the most populated exile servers and it is very clear that only Cherno, Altis & Tanoa seem to be able to attract and hold population. There are one or two outliers for this that run on modded maps however this is very niche and the AU/NZ population is not large enough to support it. @karma however has offered to set up an Aus Esseker server with his crew at 'Arma'd'. Hit him up if you really wanted to play exile on the map. It is very hard to get players to download and use modded content (apart from the popular CUP, RHS etc...), A3 launcher has helped to improve this recently however it still creates a small barrier that it seems some people cant get over. This sucks as there is some really good custom content out there. It is another mod that needs updating, causing more server downtime and issues (if its still even supported!). The base game maps are updated with game updates and will continue to be supported for quite awhile. After doing some more research after setting up the vote, we have decided that we will not be using the Tanoa map either: The main reason is TAG (Total Annihilation Gaming) already have a great server running on Tanoa. After discussion with their dev we feel that setting up on the server will hurt their community as this is the only server they run. This is not something we want to do. I highly recommend anyone who wants to play on Tanoa to try out the TAG server, @dekela will be able to tell you more. It requires the Apex DLC that not all players have. The map is not suited for Exile. The thick jungles severely limit where missions will spawn and even then there will be times were you cannot see the mission until you are within 300m or less. This is not ideal when good ol' Arma AI see and shoot through bushes. There is a significant difference in client performance on Tanoa averaging 40-50 frames for me vs. 80 on Altis. Therefore it has been decided that the next most popular vote will be used which was Altis. We feel that this is a safe bet that is sustainable as it is familiar, easily accessible for new players and is not behind a download or DLC barrier. Difficulty: The vote under up with a result of 61% (slightly harder than the current server). We will achieve this by slightly reducing the value of loot crates and the accessibility to concrete building supplies. Some of the higher levels of AI missions may also be made more difficult in terms of the AI's skill settings and the gear they use. Mods: Vanilla & EBM were a clear winner. In future we will look at maybe adding some other vehicle and weapon mods that allow monetisation. A poll will be made if find a suitable candidate. Militarization: The server will run the same level of vehicle militarization minus rocket helis. Other info: Performance continues to be an issue on the Cherno server. A number of big backend changes have been made to try fix this issue or make it better, however they have only seen a very small increase in performance. We are now considering that it may in fact be a hardware issue even though the server has reasonable specs and monitoring of CPU and RAM indicates that they are coping well. We now have a second dedi box that should run better than the current one and we plan on putting the more popular server on this better performing box. At this stage we will keep the Cherno server on the current box and run Altis on the new one for a week or two to gauge which server is more popular. This new box will cost us approx. $110 per month to run, therefore donations will be critical in maintaining the server. If the server cant get close to covering its costs it will be pulled down :(. As I have said many times before unfortunately the CUP license does not allow monetization to reward players who donate. The Altis server will allow us to provide cosmetic perks to donators. I will post info on this further down the line. At this stage the second server will hopefully be up within a week. If you have any further questions please reply here or ask in discord for a speedy response.
  8. Paid for reserve slot, nothing changed?

    Reserved slots generally take 1 hour to take effect. In game VIP with the outfits etc can take up to 72 hours to fully go through the system. If none of the benefits have come through by then give us a yell and we can check to make sure that the donation is attributed to the correct player. Cheers for donating
  9. Second Exile server Vote!

    **Major Exile Announcement** Let me start off with a big Thank-You! The sheer number of people playing on the server and being active in the community is overwhelming. I never expected the server to ever get populated to the extent that it is currently. What started out as me fiddling and fumbling around with the corpse of the old Revolt Exile server somehow lead to an operating server. The server was only ever intended to be a small little play around for a few of our members with mods and settings that we wished other servers had. However it seems that other people had the same idea and the server has now reached a level of popularity that I would have laughed at when I began in June last year. All of this would not be possible without @myzteriouz1 , generously allowing someone who had never done any coding (apart from game maker lol) before, to set up a server on his personal box under the Team Revolt name. It is even more awesome when he continues to let it run even though the heavily restrictive CUP licenses do not allow any kind of donation incentives/rewards, making it pretty much impossible to match his personal operating costs. Thank you Myzt! Finally, another big thanks to the Admin and Mod team that keep the server in order. The ingame help and monitoring of Discord makes the server a much more fair and enjoyable place to play on. The personal time that you donate to maintaining the servers does not go unnoticed! As many of you know the exile server currently is not coping with the high population, hence the move to 45 slots temporarily until some backend is complete to optimise the server and regain performance. However this is never going to get the server to a ‘good’ level of smoothness that we want. It’s inevitable with engine limitations and the sheer amount of players, bases, objects and scripts running that there is going to be degraded performance regardless of the optimisation wizardry that is done. Which brings me tooooo: A second Exile Server! The best long-term solution I see is to spread the population and their associated base parts, vehicles etc… with another server. Thanks to @myzteriouz1's backend magic, the dedicated box now has more resources and is much less time consuming to complete backend day-today activities. Furthermore, @CRAZYHORSE has offered to do more of these day-to-day activities, freeing up time for me to work on development and optimisation. So now that this is a feasible option, we want your feedback! The following survey has been set up for you to have your say on the main features of the server such was map it will run: Before you rush off and vote please read the following and consider them when making a decision. The survey will be open for at least the rest of this week. · Unfortunately the server will only be able to run maps/mods that allow monetisation. Whilst we have got the current server running with non-monetisable content, it is unsustainable and we cannot afford to run another server that can’t generate enough income to cover its costs. As a general rule of thumb, mods with the Arma Public License Share Alike (APL-SA) are OK. This means RHS & CUP (except terrains & maps) are out of the question. · Donation benefits will only ever be cosmetic or non-gameplay affecting (such as a named mission, reserved slot etc). Pre-built bases will never be a donation reward. · Personally I believe that only a map that is in the base game (i.e Altis, Tanoa or Malden) is feasible. A quick search of the populated exile servers shows that these (along with Cherno) are the only populated servers. You may like a certain modded map but if others don’t want to download the mod or like the map you’ll only be playing with a few other people. I have added a few modded maps as alternatives, but they will only be used if there is overwhelming support for them. · When voting on the map you will be able to make multiple choices. Please take some time to actually try the map on an already existing exile server to get a feel of the map and assess its suitability. · The level of difficulty of the server refers to how easy it is to make money, rep and build a base etc. Harder means it will take longer and rewards will be fewer & farer between. · Your rep and locker money WILL be shared and transferred between each server, assuming all goes smoothly.
  10. Exile Mod server

    Latest version is 1.0.4: Make sure you link the @exile folder to your launcher. The most Noob friendly option is just to use A3 Launcher, one click join:
  11. Vip and donations?

    Both are benefits of donating. 1. Reserved slots kick in approx one hour after the donation is made and should allow you to join any of the KOTH servers even when normal slots are full 2. VIP is currently only available in RHS, allowing you access to VIP skins and a pretty yellow name tag. This may take up to 72 hours to fully go through the system. Let us know if you still havent received it after this time
  12. Exile Respect / Bambi Spawn Loadouts

    The following is a list of the possible spawn load-outs on the Exile server. The load-out you receive is dependent on your respect score. A huge thank-you to @DelicousPez for translating the list and formatting it into a readable and understandable format. -------------------------------------------------- Rank 1 (Scum) Respect : 0 Uniform Bambi Uniform Equipment NV Goggles Items Fresh Water Bottle x1 Toilet Paper x1 -------------------------------------------------- Rank 2 (Peasant) Respect : 1,000 - 5,000 Uniform Villager Clothes (Green Check) Equipment NV Goggles GPS Items Energy Drink x1 Toilet Paper x1 -------------------------------------------------- Rank 3 (Citizen) Respect : 5,000 - 10,000 Uniform Competitor Suit Rangemasters Belt Equipment NV Goggles GPS Items Fresh Water Bottle x1 Toilet Paper x1 Weapons PM 9mm Hangun 10rnd 9mm Magazine x1 -------------------------------------------------- Rank 4 (Protester) Respect : 10,000 - 20,000 Uniform Rangemasters Uniform Slash Bandolier (Khaki) Equipment NV Goggles GPS Items Fresh Water Bottle x1 EMRE x1 Toilet Paper x1 Weapons PM 9mm Hangun 10rnd 9mm Magazine x2 -------------------------------------------------- Rank 5 (Thug) Respect : 20,000 - 35,000 Uniform PMC Shirt/CargoPants (Black/Brown) Slash Bandolier (Black) Bandana (Black) Czech Scout Pack Equipment NV Goggles GPS Items Fresh Water Bottle x1 EMRE x1 Bandage x1 Toilet Paper x1 Weapons Glock 17 Handgun 17rnd 9mm Magazine x1 -------------------------------------------------- Rank 6 (Guerilla) Respect : 35,000 - 50,000 Uniform Guuerilla Uniform (Leader) LBV Grenadier Harness (Brown) Shemag (Olive) US Assault Pack (ACU) Equipment NV Goggles GPS Items Fresh Water Bottle x1 EMRE x1 Vishpirin x1 Toilet Paper x1 Weapons Glock 17 Handgun 9mm Sound Suppressor (Black) 17rnd 9mm Magazine x2 -------------------------------------------------- Rank 7 (Hunter) Respect : 50,000 - 70,000 Uniform Combat Fatigues (AAF) Tactical Vest (Olive) Hat (Camo Green) Assault Pack (Khaki) Equipment NV Goggles GPS Items Fresh Water Bottle x1 EMRE x1 Vishpirin x1 Toilet Paper x1 Weapons L85A2 Assault Rifle 30rnd 5.56mm Magazine x2 -------------------------------------------------- Rank 8 (Soldier) Respect : 70,000 - 100,000 Uniform USMC FROG Gear v1 (Desert) Takistani Utility Jacket (Desert) Boonie (Desert) Assault Pack (Coyote) Equipment NV Goggles GPS Items Fresh Water Bottle x1 EMRE x1 Vishpirin x1 Toilet Paper x1 Weapons MX Assault Rifle 30rnd 6.5mm Magazine x1 -------------------------------------------------- Rank 9 (Super Trooper) Respect : 100,000 - 140,000 Uniform Combat Fatigues (MTP) Tactical Chest Rig (Olive) Takistani Infantry Helmet Assault Pack (Green) Equipment NV Goggles GPS Items Fresh Water Bottle x1 EMRE x1 Vishpirin x1 Toilet Paper x1 Weapons MX Assault Rifle MRCO Optic 30rnd 6.5mm Magazine x2 -------------------------------------------------- Rank 10 (Classified) Respect : 140,000 - 200,000 Uniform PMC Shirt/CargoPants (Black) Raven Vest Balaclava (Black) Field Pack (Black) Equipment NV Goggles GPS Items Fresh Water Bottle x1 EMRE x1 Instadoc x1 Toilet Paper x1 Weapons SPAR 17 Marksman Rifle MRCO Optic 20rnd 7.62mm Magazine x2 -------------------------------------------------- Rank 11 (Overlord) Respect : 200,000+ Uniform Suit (Black) Gendarmerie Vest Beret (BAF) Field Pack (Black) Equipment NV Goggles GPS Items Fresh Water Bottle x1 EMRE x1 Instadoc x1 Toilet Paper x1 Weapons SPAR 17 Marksman Rifle DMS Optic Bipod (Black) 7.62mm Sound Suppressor (Black) 20rnd 7.62mm Magazine x2 ------------------------------------------------- P.S Some Spazz's may or may not have been hurt and/or killed in the making of this list.
  13. king of the hill rhs Au #4

    Completely untrue, someone has led you up the garden path. The closest thing would be that unarmed vehicles/helis are not to be engaged until they are more than 500m from the edge of their safe zone.
  14. Suggestions for Exile

    Thanks for the feedback @Shitzel, again I love receiving feedback in this format. Most people just love to whinge without providing a real alternative or solution. 1. Quad bikes - Yes I agree quad bikes are absolutely and ridiculously deadly, however I believe this is an Arma/model issue and might be unchangeable. I'll look into it to see if its possible to place some sort of override in. 2. The AI have been toned down a few months back, especially the aim speed factor. It really depends what level the mission is that you are completely, they do get harder/better the harder the mission is. Also the Armour is based on their gear which is randomly selected from a list. The amount of bullets is dependent on your gun and the fact that military loot (inc. sniper rifles) spawns in spawn towns, I believe its very easy to get high caliber guns thus overcoming this issue. There does need to be some easy AI for newer and solo players but equally there needs to be some hard challenging AI for experienced players and groups. A solution to this may be to increase the difference in difficulty between easy and hard and make missions specifically designed for each audience (as I have started with the Hardcore Balota mission) 3. Arma 3's units does this already. You can make a group here: You can set a logo to appear on some vehicles and uniforms when you link it to your profile. 4. The server has a max limit of 350 objects which is higher than the standard and normal 300 objects. This limit will most likely be dropped to the 300 mark or lower as the cost to performance is not worth the extra build able parts. If you are referring to the 30m build limit heres what I posted on discord: The intention of this rule is to cap the maximum height players can be to reduce the range that they can see from their base. The 30m mark was decided as a happy medium that allows enough room to be creative when building without being ridiculous. Thanks again for the feedback
  15. ArmA 3 Exile Server - Missions

    Mostly right, although that sounds like a lot older version of the system. And yes the missions have been edited to make sure that higher difficulty missions give better loot. Yeah loadouts can be altered as you see in the farmer mission haha