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  1. How shit is the NBN ?

    Im wondering if it would be that issue if i stay with telstra.. atm i get full speed 24/7 and good routing on cable.. hmmm
  2. How shit is the NBN ?

    Yeah will do H, Looks like you might have to switch before me though, I have until october tiil im forced off.
  3. How shit is the NBN ?

    I guess ill have to read whirlpool or something *shudders* its not the same as it was 5 yrs ago, way more people saying shit they dont actually know now. Dont really care about price... just wants stability and no congestion lol
  4. How shit is the NBN ?

    ^ Its broken again btw, I do most of my gaming on SG servers now. How is telstra for NBN? I've had them 7 yrs now here with cable for maybe~ 5ish faults (never lasted more than 10 hours) and always had maximum speed / ping (100mbps plan). Being forced over to NBN in 6 months..
  5. Star Wars Battlefront 2 releases today!

    As much as I want to see the story, I'll watch it on youtube. I just cant get past the 'Fuck EA' part in my brain. They have ruined way to many good franchises with this P2W shit.
  6. Star Wars Battlefront 2 releases today!

    Bought the 1st one and couldnt play it in AU after 3 months. No thanks EA.
  7. Discord -

    Actually come and try it cardy, It will be much better for us in the long run if you guys actually support it. (And you know im a sook about trying new shit, its actually good).
  8. Origin User Names

    Mines Secondsz now i think.
  9. Battlefield 1 - Discussion and Videos

    I was actually planning to upgrade on the next series of cards (which would be the 4th, they didnt make an 8 series). Plus I didnt want to buy the first gen of the new chips, because they are always severely flawed (IE the 1070 issues). Still no excuse for one map to run 2-300% better than all the others due to lazy optimization on the rest lol
  10. Battlefield 1 - Discussion and Videos

    That has to be a single player benchmark? even on lower settings most of the multiplayer maps cripple my 660ti, except the BETA map which runs at 100++ fps on ultra, because consistency and true optimization for the entire game 4Head.
  11. Stand still ya bastard.

    I have a feeling the beta map is the only one they REALLY optimized well. I mean theres no reason why i should get 85-120 fps on that map with no big FPS drops and then be chugging alone at anywhere from 20-80 on every other map.. and constant 40-50 fps drops to below 20 fps, It's just dumb.
  12. Stand still ya bastard.

    100% your dpi is to high SEATO, knock it down 500-1k and i think your play will skyrocket lol The mouse clearly isnt going where you intend it to lol. Looks how my gameplay was after replacing my G5 after 10 years and having to find the right DPI again. Anchor BF1 isnt a game you can jump in and play at the momment, until they fix playing with people anyway. You can jump in and play alone just fine. I spend on average 20-30 minutes trying to get into the same game as everyone else. As for FoV its bloody weird, the actual setting number isnt the FoV, its the number in brackets on the right which reads (+ 90) ect. So 90 FoV appears to be 74 or something retarded in the settings, I was getting major head aches til I worked this out.
  13. Who is actually buying the game?

    BF2 came with a pizza hut pizza and the xpac with $15 at an EB sale
  14. Battlefield 1 - Discussion and Videos

    When does the actual game release not including early access ect ect CiV6 is out next week so RIP bf1 for a while.
  15. Team Revolt Structure

    Marriage seems to have broken IQ guys, his role playing battlefield on his phone..........