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  1. AU #3 KOTH Server Discussion

    No matter what changes we implement, there will be people who disagree. I posted a vote on a "No Jets" server to gauge community interest, in the end it had 60 odd votes in favour of one. With the HC player base lower than the other two servers, it was a logical choice or a swap out. Now let's play it for a few weeks and go from there.
  2. Thanks for the report. To act on this footage we would need the name of who fired at you before you left safe zone. The second part of the video shows him engage while you technically were RTB, which is legal as you weren't safe yet.
  3. Please upload and link the footage here and we will sort em out
  4. Thanks for the report. I've given Clint the weekend off. In future, try to get the report and video to us sooner rather than later.
  5. Rising Storm 2 Vietnam Giveaway & Server Question

    We had one for the Beta, if we launch one when it's released it should hold up really good me thinks
  6. Rising Storm 2 Vietnam Giveaway & Server Question

    Cos bae
  7. That Camel bloke was already on @echos1964 radar for the same sort of stuff
  8. Dude I Am So Mad Right Now

    You've got to be kidding me... You pay $5 for a month of reserved slots, FIVE DOLLARS. We're sorry if you being $10 out of pocket for 2 months has adversely affected your ability to think rationally about just how much money and time it actually costs to keep 3 servers running 24/7 plus a website so you can complain about it on. Now if you will excuse me I'm going to finish the rest of my overpriced beer at this bar in the hotel that is overpriced too, for what it is.
  9. It's Easter time

    Have a top Easter guys! Stay safe, be sensible, you know the usual stuff, but most of all enjoy time with your families and fwiends. Now let's prepare to eat our body weight in chocolate so we can be ready for winter! Don't forget that double demerits start tomorrow too! (for QLD anyways)
  10. team killers

    There seems to be more TK and troll complaints coming out of LV then my home on AU#1 recently, I might try and hang around LV more during peak times with ban hammer close by. Cheers for the reports @Strider14x88, I'll see you on the server
  11. How To Take Down Helos

  12. Thanks for the report, player has been given a holiday from our servers.
  13. I had seen this one tonight but forgot, thanks for posting Dealt with
  14. Best end screen

    Dat Indi stack tho, jeez Louise
  15. Happy Birthday to me

    Happy Birthday Shadow! Here, have a So, are you 15 now or 16?