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  1. Every bloody time.

    The level of sarcasm here is quite high... get-it
  2. KoTH AU#1 1944 is LIVE!

    That was more due to a bunch of game-breaking bugs. Let's give it another two weeks anyway, and enjoy ourselves while it's there in the meantime huh ?
  3. Update on KoTH v10 from the WS Team

  4. KoTH AU#1 1944 is LIVE!

    Hi All, We've now setup a v10 KoTH 1944 ALPHA Server. This server is in testing, and may have crashes, but helps us with pushing the new versions live in testing. You can join it via the launcher shown below! You can download the mods via steam, at the below URL's; We are also testing an experimental feature go to your player menu and in the text field enter v10 to get 30 minutes of 2x XP! Please do not forget that this is a TEST and your stats MIGHT be wiped and the server may crash.
  5. 2 day ban applied. Also corroborated from another player via Discord.
  6. KoTH Server Updates - 28/09

    Dropped back, looks like 74 players is going to be the new permanent number. The issue isn't the overall CPU, it's the way the engine handles the Heli's in the AO. Other option is remove attack heli's alltogether.
  7. KoTH Server Updates - 28/09

    Servers seem to be going fine. AU#2 is now being increased back to 84 non-reserved slots
  8. Hey @Mulisha This looks to be a C4G or HT server. Nothing I can do sorry.
  9. KoTH Server Updates - 28/09

    Due to the testing, I've had the following changes done. KoTH AU#2 Replaced Orca's with Pawnee's Slots reduced to 74. Pending a Hardware upgrade to test full size again.
  10. Action taken. thanks!
  11. V10 Update.

    Yeah, so you know. I am a senior WS staff, and privy to all of this. When it's the correct time, it will be announced.
  12. 1944 KotH Server

    Hi, I'm already involved in testing, and development of v10, which is presently being trialled on 1944 as announced. It will be replacing our AU#3 server in the near future, due to lack of interest
  13. New server rules (500 meters out)

    The rules were in place, and repealed over the last year. They were proven working over a long-term period. I also broadcasted via Discord, Teamspeak, and Forums, of the changes. I also have been spamming the new rules in-game for a week and a bit, on every server, every 10 minutes. I've also updated the board over a week ago. How much more fucking obvious do I need to make it ?
  14. AU 2 Lag

    I've dropped slots down to 74 in the meantime. I've also got some new processors coming in which should give around 30% of an increase on current handling. the ARMA engine is really shit for CPU with higher slot counts still by the looks.
  15. Star Wars Battlefront 2

    Thought the loot boxes were only for ingame currency... played the first round, I love how they've changed it from a pickup-based system, to a reward based system (like planetside).