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  1. Can't Join the servers?
  2. Pablo Escobar team kill

    Following on from the remarks provided in this thread, a 14 day ban has been applied. That attitude is pathetic, and not warranted.
  3. NSW Shooting days

    More to come when i get back home!
  4. NSW Shooting days

    Some people may know that @DeCoY not only plays with guns in ARMA, but in real life is a firearms instructor. This weekend we had a range weekend in the Mudgee area for a group of gamers and new/competitive shooters. Personally, I'm fairly new to shooting outside of a game, but it was good to get away from my computer again and handle some real firearms. While there I also handed out some of our stickers. Some may have already seen photos/video on our facebook, but I've also included them below.
  5. It's in spawn ,and the server's not full, so it's pointless applying anything. The macro rule is against those who use it to level themselves in the AO.
  6. MetaGaming

    no, was 2 day.
  7. MetaGaming

    100% metagaming, and this rule was put in place due to players complaining about a few other players doing this. I've authorised the team's ban from earlier, and it's a first-off 2 day ban by default.
  8. Randomly getting kicked off KOTH servers?

    It's an unfortunate bug. sometimes it doesn't detect correctly based on the players joining, so it can do random kicks when it's over 64. It's a rare thing, but it does happen.
  9. what server, time and date please ?
  10. For first offense, 2 day ban has been done.
  11. muliti tk

    Thanks Sweaty. 7 day ban applied for 2nd offense in 6 months.
  12. Servers update to 1.74?

    Yep, they get updated after I got home from work.
  13. 500m doesn't even come into play here at all.
  14. You weren't shot while in safe zone though ? Therefore, technically, except for sitting around the zone, they didn't actually breach it. Those parts you highlighted, are an additional part specifically for those who decided to keep shooting into the zones themselves.
  15. Yep, should've come up around 4.30 Took longer than expected, as I was at work, and had some issues pop up.