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  1. Impromptu Admin War

    Tonight, a bunch of Admins/Moderator's jumped together on the AU#2 LV server, and did an impromptu "Admin War" as such. Alongside the Admin/Mod team one of our Donators @Mista Semper Fi who joined us to make up the numbers. Winners for Both rounds, were the "Independant" Team, led by @SWEATY, and Crewed by Moderators @crazyhorseau and @warchief. (Thanks to @Kram for the screenshot!) Blufor Team was comprised of: Myself as Leader (although my computer crashed the first wave and I missed all the fun :() @Mista Semper Fi @Snowy_Gtz Opfor Team was comprised of: @Callumnz as Leader @warbird @Spazz711 The Background / Rules: - Each Admin team has an MBT-100, and 3 members to Crew it. - Admin Team was told there was no shooting until within 1000M of the AO, regardless. - Winner was the last team standing at the end of the Wave. Overall, everyone did awesome, it brought alot of players together with RPG's, Kamysh's, Marshall's to take out the admin teams. Hope everyone enjoyed the game!
  2. Arma 3 Server Rules

    Because of some confusion, a few clarifications have been added to the "Camping" section.
  3. first waterloop

    Doesn't look like a fist to me!
  4. Hobbies outside of Vidya Games

    A few things: Shooting App Development & Infra Development - i.e, this PITA place we call ARMA My Drone Family That's it in general.
  5. AT discussion for AU#2

    AT is coming back for titan on AU2. I mistakenly removed it.
  6. profile reset

    Join WS Discord, Type !profile and wait for the instructions sent by the Bot.
  7. How shit is the NBN ?

    Yeah bro, that ain't peering. That's transit. They just use it for AU based transit only for some odd reason. Would've been better off getting IXAU, PIPE, and Megaport in the list and dumping telstra global completely. Your provider sucks for peering, they also have one single major carrier:
  8. JustSomeOne

    Yes, but they mustn't linger in the zone. The moment they're vulnerable, they need to move away from the zone, but can start combat. You can fly low within the SafeZone to still remain protected without issues. I've actually put a request for the safe zone hard limit to apply to non-combat vehicles for protection, and the 50m height limit to apply for all armed aircraft. The 500meter rule does not apply to attack aircraft. This is because players kept using the "pump and dump" method, and calling that as protection.
  9. How shit is the NBN ?

    Sydney, and Singapore, but close: Was repaired at the end of october though:
  10. How shit is the NBN ?

    FTTN you can only have one session per pair. On FTTP which I have, I can have 4 active. With regards to speed, I'm on Internode FTTP and it's damn-near perfect. Only issues I've seen are global updates, and I've had congestion maybe once, and generally do 2-3TB a month in Netflix, Amazon and other Streaming including 4K
  11. How shit is the NBN ?

    Split this discussion apart from the other thread.
  12. Exile Servers Error

    Last Updated 19 Dec, 2017 @ 12:55pm Not an issue on the server, try resubscribing to the addon.
  13. KoTH AU#1 1944 is LIVE!

    Updated it now. Because of New Years hype, missed the update.
  14. Rainbow 6 Siege

    Been a while, going to reinstall it as I've got some people from work looking at playing it too.
  15. KoTH AU#1 1944 is LIVE!

    Ah FFS, another update snuck in Late Dec 30th.