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  1. Look what i found

    Cleaning up some old drives, came across this. Wow , suddenly feel old. Think my video card at the time had a whopping 64mb of RAM. Enjoy the history lesson ..if the video has no sound then Youtube have removed the song for copyright reasons.blah blah
  2. Sea of Thieves

    I want this https://www.seaofthieves.com/
  3. Stand still ya bastard.

    thanks for the DPI info, will try and muck around with a few different settings, see how it goes.
  4. NBA Video-Bomb .... With Beer !

    http://NBA Video-Bomb .... With Beer !
  5. have a laugh [NSFW]

    LOL That is some inbred hillybilly GOLD! Thanks for the laugh with a wtf? aftertaste!
  6. That's Not a Gun, THIS IS A GUN!!!

    very happy to see me
  7. Battlefield 1 - Discussion and Videos

    Mod comment: Merged thread with existing discussion and posts about BF1
  8. lazy's back up and running

    You have more patience than i mate. But yay, welcome back to reality
  9. Dicksmith, Kogan to the rescue.

    Agreed, smart move by the multiskilled Kogan
  10. VPN and Netflix

    thanks, will give them a try.
  11. VPN and Netflix

    Hey all. I recently had my Netflix fail me hard with the dreaded "appears you are using a VPN/Proxy shit" Does anyone have any recommendations of services that will currently not be detected by Netflix. Cheers
  12. ..but fart jokes are always funny

    This will make you laugh.Maybe not a huge laugh but you will laugh. 0.23-0.32 ONLY!!!!! - VOLUME UP.
  13. Rainbow Six Seige - usernames

    SEATO_au Just downloading Rainbow Six now, it came free with my new video card My Christmas Present
  14. My New Watercooled build

    nice , very nice.