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  1. Who is actually buying the game?

    $170 is cheap. I've spent $500 on marvel contest of champions. Not since December though. Best game!
  2. battlefield 2 and gamespy shutdown

    Yeah man I'm keen. Got a copy for me? Just wanna make sure it runs before i go out and fork $10. What's commander mode like? Anything like bf4? In game voip?
  3. Another Suby!! Any further plans on modifying the engine? I just bought ID1000's, CAI, and a wideband to go on my 2009 Forester XT. Gonna do the switch to E85 since it's no longer my daily. You on Club Liberty?
  4. What Should I Buy?

    How do you know so much about games? Have you played them all??
  5. What monitor do you have?

    Just go get a Kogan 40" for like dirt cheap!!
  6. Battlefield 4: Which version to buy?

    Sorry mate, but if I thought it was a legitamate question I would've gave you my advice. But the fact that I offered you a BF3 account to 'TRY' during a certain time frame (certain days) and you ignored my requests thinking you could have free use of the account raises alarm bells to me. I'll gladly help out a fellow member but if they abuse their privileges they don't deserve another chance. Not to mention my email associated with the account I gave you had attempted to be hacked 1-2 days after I changed the Origin PW on you. My emails have never been hacked to my knowledge since the beginning of time. Just go buy yourself a copy and stop making excuses/issues. The game has just been released and no on will give you their account. FFS!!
  7. Server change

    Maybe have the name rearranged and have TEAM REVOLT after 24/7 Hardcore. It looks more like a clan prac server to me.
  8. My new toy II (90 Liberty)

    Dyno'd yet?? Or estimates with current mods?
  9. New toy :)

    REVIVE... hows this thing going????
  10. Battlefield 4: Which version to buy?

    You bought it yet? Or will you haggle for someone else's account?
  11. Its time to have your Say?

    What you would like team revolt to become? I don't mind being a casually competitive gaming clan. What needs to be improved? What Anchorman said I guess. The new website layout? I'm not fussed. Play BF4 Competitions? I'm only keen on larger format (16v16, 12v12 at the least). I'm not all that keen on putting in the effort for training but wouldn't mind just rocking up for matches. Win/lose just play some organised bf4 to an extent. If that doesn't suit the clan I don't mind either. I'm happy to just pub it up and potentially be a fill in for other clans if we don't field a team. Not interested in being the best but more into playing the game how it should be played in a team environment. I'd be much happier scrimming a team we'd be on par with on a weekly basis for the fun of it. Team Revolt BF4 server? I wouldn't bother. We've gone through this route before and it takes alot of time and effort to get the server started. I have done it before and on many of the occasions got the server started. However, that was at the cost of my leisure time and used to spend at least an hour by myself or with 1-2 other radoms before it even looked like getting going. Sorry, but I just don't have the time to do that anymore.
  12. Pre-load and launch schedule

    I was contemplating hard copy or digital today. Since its 24gb its made my decision easier!! Haven't been all that keen on this release for some reason. Don't know why. So I'll pick it up whenever.

    Dxtory? It's what I used and it didn't seem to take a toll on performance as much as FRAPS.
  14. Anyone have a spare BF3 account?

    I'll buy from eb or JB or wateva. I get enough value from any BF game than I do with any other game in my life. On another note, bobafat is putting together a PC that will struggle big time imo. Q9400 + 8800gt Opinions or experiences would be much appreciated.
  15. Anyone have a spare BF3 account?

    Yeah. Just download origin and login with details and download the game from there