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  1. AA launchers on hardcore

    I feel like they don't belong. HC has always been about skill and not shit like how many missiles you have. Pressing T and clicking is too easy for hardcore imo. It would be nice to see people shooting down helicopters with the unguided rocket launchers. By removing it also brings more focus in to the AO istead of having man pads camping spawns.
  2. AA launchers on hardcore

    Yeah I 100% agree with your points. HC would be much better without them.
  3. Jet Nerfs. Wiepout still OP?

    The only way i see this working is if the pilots and vehicle drivers don't stack on the same teams like they normally do. They will, and there will be 4 wipeouts in the air shredding everything else with no competition. Honestly I think this will just make that game more shit for everyone who is not stacking on the elite pilot's team or is not a pilot them selves.
  4. An idea

    How awesome, it was actually added in game! at least for jets. Thanks!
  5. The new aircraft

    Are the Y-32 Xi’an VTOL and V-44 X Blackfish going to be removed from the light vehicles server? I know because the update is only new, much is subject to change and re balancing but they seem pretty overpowered and do not have a place on that specific server.
  6. An idea

    Haha, yeah. Didn't really think it through when I did.
  7. An idea

    Since I have started a new character I have found that koth is way too slanted to the higher levels of the game (not in LV or HC) and heavy vehicles are too powerful. I know it should be slightly slanted, since the higher level people have put much more time in to the game, but it is way to out of proportion. And don't just say "go play on infantry only if you don't like it!" Because I thoroughly enjoy vehicles and infantry. I do not think having the separation of the two different play styles is better than if we could properly balance them together. In lower levels, if you buy a vehicle and manage to kill another higher level player, they immediately re spawn and destroy you. You cannot retaliate because you not have the money too or are too scared that the investment in a vehicle may not pay itself back off; a issue higher lvl players do not deal with. It seems to be too much of a battle of attrition then a game of skill or teamwork. A good feature would be a timer of when you can re-spawn in to a heavy vehicle, so you cannot repetitively re-spawn. The timer should be long enough so it encourages players to go in to the AO (around 30 min maybe?). I think this feature would work well with hard-core. Jets and such are a lot harder to use in 1st person. People would focus taking out tanks and other high priority targets strategically, instead of dismissing them because they would just come back any way. People would value their vehicles more and it would reduce the relentless spam of vehicles like in AU 1. Generally, i think this would make people enjoy the further because it would become more strategic and team-work based. It would give a good balance between heavy vehicles and infantry that we have wanted for so long. I have no idea if implementing something like this would even be possible or cost effective, but if it is, I wanted to make my case and share the idea, thanks.
  8. Are permanent bans really permanent?

    I pretty much was upfront by sarcastically saying "totally not banned".
  9. Are permanent bans really permanent?

    Thanks for the info, I just bought arma 3 again for 17$ just so i could play koth. off what you guys said I didnt think if i appealed I'd get unbanned
  10. If you appeal for them after a long time, say a year or two, would you be given consideration that you have changed and will no longer be a misbehaving little shit? Totally not banned atm, just wondering. /s