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  1. Spawn Camper

    C Fatboy Buckley camping with AA truck less than 200m from US safezone killed spyke and other players. Make sure to watch spyke's vid in 1080p or the truck will be too blurry to notice.
  2. By Mavric's request, full recording of when I went to talk to him on RU. Conversation begins at 2:30 and most of the relevant talking ends around 6:30: @Mavric By the way, you might want to brush up on what constitutes team stacking. That would imply that I deliberately changed sides for a benefit - in case you didn't bother to watch the whole video, I never gained any experience or money since the entire point of going on RU was to record your response and confirm it was you in the L-159. Global chat and voice is disabled in RHS KOTH. And yes that is a stinger I bought; I did contemplate shooting down your exploitatively-obtained Alca but I was better than that. Oh and for the record, for someone who has far more flying experience than me and boasts that he would have "...beaten me in an Su anyway", any claim that you couldn't land & sell the Alca in the US safezone without crashing is an utter lie: And yes I did do this on the same map (Athira, US spawning Northwest) as it was the same match. Additionally. there's more than enough barren areas adjacent to the spawns to allow you to land a short drive away from the repair bay. Regardless, even if you couldn't safely land your jet, it doesn't change the fact that what you did gives you the advantage of having a vehicle you cannot buy on RU and did not obtain legitimately by stealing one from an enemy. The inconvenience of trying to sell a jet doesn't give you unassailable access to it across different teams, even if you are trying to balance them, though it's questionable you even did so for altruistic reasons instead of opportunistic ones.
  3. And what exactly do you hope to see that will excuse your actions? The recordings are several gigabytes, I'm not going to indulge your attempt at a deflection unless you have a good reason (or a more specific timeframe to clip) since it would take the better part of a day to upload it all on my connection.
  4. Seriously? Killing an enemy crew and stealing their vehicle is not the same as buying a vehicle, stashing it somewhere and retrieving it on the other team. One is part of the game and actually requires risk - the other is unintended and underhanded metagaming.
  5. @myzteriouz1 might need to update the servers rules for this. It’s some pretty exploitative metagaming. Yesterday on RHS Koth AU #4, I bought an L-159 Alca on US and immediately discovered that there was an Alca on the enemy team. Russia cannot buy the Alca and only has access to the Su-25. After a lengthy dogfight, I'm killed and the pilot is revealed to be Mavric. I changed teams to go confront Mavric about how he obtained the plane. Video briefly shows the dogfight along with Mavric's response to how and why he had an Alca on RU: By his own admission, Mavric was flying an Alca on US, landed on salt flats, switched teams and then retrieved his jet to use on RU - his reasoning being that he swapped teams for the sake of balance, kept the jet as it belonged to him and that he "could do the same damage with the Su-25" - it's a pretty flimsy excuse to use to get around the asymmetric balance of RHS Koth and the shortcomings of your faction's arsenal by buying a vehicle on one team to use in the other. The Su-25 and the L-159 Alca are very different; the Alca is the only one with an active radar and a gun target lead assist on moving vehicles making it great at finding aircraft and shooting them down. It also has a passive IR scanner in a small cone allowing it to automatically detect ground vehicles. It certainly wouldn't be fair if I bought an M6A2, stashed it somewhere, switched teams and then retrieved it to use on RU given their lack of a long-range, missile AA vehicle.
  6. Incident occurred today at 1:03 PM AEST on RHS Koth AU#3 infantry hardcore server by player "alphaomega". I wasn't recording unfortunately but the screenshots and server chatlog will attest to the intent. I was on the US team playing on Sofia. Opfor was stacked and teammates avoided or were unable to get into the city with me so I spent most of the round camping a house or tower entrance. Player "alphaomega" enters the house I am in. I notice him standing still and turned away from me so I move into his view to get his attention. He kills me and that's when I took the following screenshots. Note the chat: This argument continues for a bit more. Initially, he justifies killing me because I'm camping and then he tries to change his reasoning to the claim that I'm idling. Camping =/= idling/afking and it certainly would not be fair to expect me to look for a fight against stacked odds lest I fall under suspicion of idling.
  7. Happened on Koth AU #1, Sunday 21/05/17 around 8PM AEST. You can see in the background around 0:07, Clint Longwood takes off in the team Mohawk, flies directly towards the repair bay and dives towards us, ramming and destroying the Kajman which causes the Kajman wreck to destroy us. Stopped recording about 30 seconds after video ends but Clint made no attempt at defending his actions or apologising - I'm sure chat logs will verify this too. Very hard to believe this wasn't deliberate.
  8. I am not an admin, but I can tell you now that in this instance, a single screenshot will likely not be sufficient evidence to corroborate what happened. Do you or the other teammates involved have more screenshots leading up to the incident or a recording?
  9. Playing on OpFor on Agios in server 1 today around 1-2 PM. A teammate called "The Lion Whisperer" proceeds to kill me with a satchel charge and take my launcher and ammo. I come back to the same spot and he kills me again. There's additional footage of him killing another teammate but this should be enough.
  10. That might be true but it certainly doesn't appear in your favor given that your tank's turret had line of sight to me - your tank was in a position capable of aiming and shooting at me. OpFor's spawn on Kavala is pretty well entrenched behind several hills so it is a bit of a stretch to argue that there was a 3rd tank responsible for the 2nd shot. Both shells could not have come from the same tank either since all MBTs have a reload time of 6 seconds (except for the Slammer UP which is 5) and there was less than 2 seconds between shots.
  11. You're omitting the fact that it was two tanks which fired at me. You can see and hear both shots in the video, the first at 0:08 and the second at 0:10. Given that the video shows that your tank and Mr Dimitri's were right next to each other and that both had line of sight to me and the repair bay, it's pretty natural to conclude that the second shot came from your tank.
  12. Fairly certain it was server #1. As Lukasaurus said, it happened yesterday. Time of incident was around 8 PM. Not long after the footage shown, one of our team members (Kermit the frog) was killed in his Tigris by Mr Dimitri as he was returning to rearm. He was killed in spawn less than 100 metres from the repair bay. I don't have exact footage of the Tigris kill so unless Kermit shows up with direct evidence himself, not much can be done about that. Here's the relevant chat from that game which should help as a reference for the logs: OPFOR (Kermit the frog) dimitri bro OPFOR (Kermit the frog) why are you violating spawn Independent (Mr Dimitri) spawn camping i only killed you in spawn because you were still shooting at our jets while running back to repair OPFOR (Kermit the frog) i was shooting in the air OPFOR (Kermit the frog) randomly Independent (Lukasaurus_) i seen you too Independent (Mr Dimitri) loool yeah right
  13. Koth AU #1, playing as OpFor on Kavala, returning to base to rearm when two Indie tanks, Mr Dimitri and Jacko shoot at me just as I approach the repair bay. Their tanks remain camped on that hill, maintaining line of sight to repair bay and most of our spawn and this continues for another 6 or so minutes (can provide more footage if needed).
  14. I'll call people out on breaches of rules (like spawn camping) but whether or not something is perceived as unfair gameplay is not the sole and only indicator that it is an exploit or a glitch. You keep accusing me of being a hypocrite and once again I'll clarify that there were no rules against that kind of gameplay at the time and it was not as obvious to define as a glitch as say, sticking your head and gun through tower floors to kill people. Being able to deep wade in water to a depth of 3 metres was intended. Only way I even found out vehicles could do this was from the parameter in the vehicle's cfg file. Water completely stopping projectiles was confirmed by Bohemia to be a stopgap measure but it is somewhat consistent with reality. Bullets and shells rapidly decelerate in water and certain explosives such as DARs or Titans wouldn't fare too well against the water surface. You were slightly belligerent in the way you repeatedly called me out about fording, prompting me not to comment on the matter. I resented some of the implications you made that I was intentionally exploiting and even once saying that my silence was confirmation of this - that kind of attitude does not make me receptive to giving explanations. Also, if I ever moved it was probably coincidental and not some admission of guilt you're trying to make it out to be. I had already told several players and mentioned multiple times in game that the Kuma and the Mora were capable of fording and how effective they can be. I even mentioned the Kuma's ability to ford in my thread regarding tank price balancing on the official Koth forums. Because Sa-Matra and others probably don't want to do away with fording altogether, since it is part of the game, hence the current compromise. If they really wanted to, they could just implement a new rule that states fording under any circumstances is not allowed. Now that BI has been made aware of the issues, they may do some corrections.
  15. First of all, it wasn't until a couple of days ago that the community received official confirmation from BI as to the full extent of what was unintended gameplay with fording. Secondly, please reread my previous post before dispensing with the righteous melodrama. I specifically said that the combination of those aforementioned mechanics is confirmed to be buggy and unintended gameplay. My post was not a personal argument on the "unfair advantage of the play" - I was conveying Bohemia's deliberation on the issue.