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  1. Machinegun stats

    Redoing stats as some of it was erroneous due to past Arma versions.
  2. Make Light vehicles Light again.

    No, they did not 'buff AA'. Here's the relevant patch note: "Fixed: AA missiles were not effective enough against air targets" Key word being Fixed; buffs and nerfs fall under Tweaked. More specifically, tanks DLC (1.82) broke AA missile proximity fuse but this has been fixed by the Hotfix update. Missile damage, counter-measure chance, splash radius, lock-time, fuse distance (10 metres for Titan AA), thrust, flight-time, etc, all remain the same. The fix was mostly relevant for fighting against jet aircraft as their high speeds and ability to rapidly change transversal vectors makes direct hits nearly impossible for missiles and so proximity detonations are a must to deal any damage. It isn't going to drastically increase kill efficiency of Titan AA against pawnees since the majority of missiles are spoofed and usually well outside of 10 metres from them. You're definitely right though, some people are 'lazy cunts' since they do not bother to properly read or investigate a vague patch note before using it to support their argument.
  3. Full Vehicle Vanilla Koth AU server?

    Any possibility that one of the existing teamrevolt servers might change to a full vehicle Vanilla Koth server? Since v10 for Vanilla Koth was released in mid-April, the AU #2 LV server has become far more popular than either of the RHS AU servers: Vanilla Koth LV, AU #2: RHS Koth Inc HC, AU #3: RHS Koth, AU #4: One can see that the Vanilla Koth LV server has substantially more players on a daily basis than either #4 or #3. There is clearly a huge demand for Vanilla Koth over RHS and it is not surprising; one of the biggest problems with RHS koth is that the balance is far too asymmetric in certain areas. As the game relies mostly on the content of RHS mods, there are gaps in much-needed vehicle and weapon roles, counters and faction-equivalents which won’t be filled unless RHS makes it. All server statistics taken from https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/search?sort=score&q=teamrevolt.org but I'm sure @myzteriouz1 would have access to more accurate and protracted stats to verify the popularity of the Vanilla LV server since the inception of v10. Koth AU #4 would make a likely candidate to change to a full vehicle vanilla server as it has the least amount of players. Alternatively, either of the teamrevolt US servers would be a better choice as they barely ever have any players lately: Koth, US #1: RHS Koth, US #2: As of late, both of the US servers are almost never used. Highest player count for both in the past week was only 5 and 2 players....
  4. pawnee's a issue on LV server

    To begin with, a minimum number of capture points should be required before attack aircraft can be used. This mechanic existed on the LV server before v10 and for good reason. As it stands, the most experienced pilots will immediately jump straight into a Pawnee at the start of a new round and proceed to smash incoming transport choppers typically loaded with new and underleveled players trying to get into the AO. Players, especially new ones, should not be denied the opportunity to jump into AO at the start of a match by forcing them to take excessively long detours or expecting them to fork out money for defensive or vigilant measures that aren't sustainable or available at their level. A minimum of 5-10 total capture points should be required before enabling the purchase of Pawnees/Orcas. In regards to the Pawnee itself, posting singular cases of Pawnee kills by machineguns or sniper rifles and then subsequently implying that they are effective counters to them is intellectually dishonest. These kinds of kills are the exception and not the rule and require favourable or situational conditions (e.g. a low pass towards your direction with little or no transversal velocity). A tank shell from a Varsuk will destroy a Wipeout but it would be untruthful to go out and claim that an MBT is a counter to jet aircraft. The Pawnee's annoying survivability comes from a combination of its high maneuverability and extremely small silhouette. This combined with the 24 DAR rockets makes it a relatively good, anti-everything aircraft in LV but with a high skill cap to pull off. Personally, I would have preferred to have Hellcats instead of Pawnees enabled in LV as they are fatter and less maneuverable making them much easier to score hits on. I am leaning towards introducing the Nyx AA to LV. AA armament consists of 4x2 SAAMI missiles (basically Titan AA missile clones with slightly higher thrust) but it is a $5000 one-trick pony as AA is all it can really do: Unlike the Cheetah or Tigris AA tanks, it has no autocannon - only a 12.7mm machinegun. No active air radar like the Tigris or Cheetah. Targets must be tracked by sight. Only has a passive air radar meaning only vehicles with a turned on active radar will show up (which does not include Pawnees, Orcas or Hellcats). Paper armor and hitpoints - tracks and gun can be disabled by 7.62 mm sprays and the tank can be killed by the splash damage alone from a few DAR rockets. As a final thought, any major changes implemented to the server to balance the Pawnee should be tested sequentially and not in aggregate. If people recall last year, the jet DLC eventually caused a high demand for a no-jets server but what players got instead was No jets + No thermals + View range capped at 2000 + Malden only + First Person Perspective only. Naturally, that server became very unpopular as players received a slew of changes that were unwanted and incompatible with each other for fun or balanced gameplay. It's kind of like if I set out to determine whether players preferred either vanilla ice cream, chocolate ice cream, or pizza. But instead of offering these choices individually, I mix the chocolate ice cream on the pizza and then naturally conclude players only want Vanilla when no one picks the disgusting mess of pizza and chocolate ice cream mixed together.
  5. Spawn Camper

    C Fatboy Buckley camping with AA truck less than 200m from US safezone killed spyke and other players. Make sure to watch spyke's vid in 1080p or the truck will be too blurry to notice.
  6. Server Changes - 08/04/2018

    Disabling the ALCA was a good idea. The Russian team did not have anything close to an equivalent - having an active air radar and a gun target lead made that thing an unstoppable chopper killer and it still had enough supplementary armament to be a CAS jet, all for the ridiculously low price of $8000.
  7. By Mavric's request, full recording of when I went to talk to him on RU. Conversation begins at 2:30 and most of the relevant talking ends around 6:30: @Mavric By the way, you might want to brush up on what constitutes team stacking. That would imply that I deliberately changed sides for a benefit - in case you didn't bother to watch the whole video, I never gained any experience or money since the entire point of going on RU was to record your response and confirm it was you in the L-159. Global chat and voice is disabled in RHS KOTH. And yes that is a stinger I bought; I did contemplate shooting down your exploitatively-obtained Alca but I was better than that. Oh and for the record, for someone who has far more flying experience than me and boasts that he would have "...beaten me in an Su anyway", any claim that you couldn't land & sell the Alca in the US safezone without crashing is an utter lie: And yes I did do this on the same map (Athira, US spawning Northwest) as it was the same match. Additionally. there's more than enough barren areas adjacent to the spawns to allow you to land a short drive away from the repair bay. Regardless, even if you couldn't safely land your jet, it doesn't change the fact that what you did gives you the advantage of having a vehicle you cannot buy on RU and did not obtain legitimately by stealing one from an enemy. The inconvenience of trying to sell a jet doesn't give you unassailable access to it across different teams, even if you are trying to balance them, though it's questionable you even did so for altruistic reasons instead of opportunistic ones.
  8. And what exactly do you hope to see that will excuse your actions? The recordings are several gigabytes, I'm not going to indulge your attempt at a deflection unless you have a good reason (or a more specific timeframe to clip) since it would take the better part of a day to upload it all on my connection.
  9. Seriously? Killing an enemy crew and stealing their vehicle is not the same as buying a vehicle, stashing it somewhere and retrieving it on the other team. One is part of the game and actually requires risk - the other is unintended and underhanded metagaming.
  10. @myzteriouz1 might need to update the servers rules for this. It’s some pretty exploitative metagaming. Yesterday on RHS Koth AU #4, I bought an L-159 Alca on US and immediately discovered that there was an Alca on the enemy team. Russia cannot buy the Alca and only has access to the Su-25. After a lengthy dogfight, I'm killed and the pilot is revealed to be Mavric. I changed teams to go confront Mavric about how he obtained the plane. Video briefly shows the dogfight along with Mavric's response to how and why he had an Alca on RU: By his own admission, Mavric was flying an Alca on US, landed on salt flats, switched teams and then retrieved his jet to use on RU - his reasoning being that he swapped teams for the sake of balance, kept the jet as it belonged to him and that he "could do the same damage with the Su-25" - it's a pretty flimsy excuse to use to get around the asymmetric balance of RHS Koth and the shortcomings of your faction's arsenal by buying a vehicle on one team to use in the other. The Su-25 and the L-159 Alca are very different; the Alca is the only one with an active radar and a gun target lead assist on moving vehicles making it great at finding aircraft and shooting them down. It also has a passive IR scanner in a small cone allowing it to automatically detect ground vehicles. It certainly wouldn't be fair if I bought an M6A2, stashed it somewhere, switched teams and then retrieved it to use on RU given their lack of a long-range, missile AA vehicle.
  11. Incident occurred today at 1:03 PM AEST on RHS Koth AU#3 infantry hardcore server by player "alphaomega". I wasn't recording unfortunately but the screenshots and server chatlog will attest to the intent. I was on the US team playing on Sofia. Opfor was stacked and teammates avoided or were unable to get into the city with me so I spent most of the round camping a house or tower entrance. Player "alphaomega" enters the house I am in. I notice him standing still and turned away from me so I move into his view to get his attention. He kills me and that's when I took the following screenshots. Note the chat: This argument continues for a bit more. Initially, he justifies killing me because I'm camping and then he tries to change his reasoning to the claim that I'm idling. Camping =/= idling/afking and it certainly would not be fair to expect me to look for a fight against stacked odds lest I fall under suspicion of idling.
  12. KOTH Server #1: Jet limit & indicator not working properly

    @myzteriouz1 here is a brief clip of a game from yesterday. The video shows 4 Jets on BLUFOR simultaneously: Nathan in a Shikra Harry Hairy Balls in a Shikra lacl in a Shikra Wasted in a Black Wasp 2 jets per team for server 1 is intended as stated by myzteriouz1: And no, the indicator is meant to show how many jets each team has, hence "Active Jets:" but instead it shows the total number of jets in the entire game for each team at any given time. Here is one particular instance in that game where there were a total of 6 jets in the match at one point (including the 4 BLUFORs from the video) - a minute later my friend on OPFOR lost his jet and the indicator dropped from 6 to 5 per team.
  13. As per the recent server updates released by myzteriouz1, the jet limit is supposed to be 2 per team but it isn't working. Last night, while playing on stackfor, my team had a total of 7 jets at one point on Athira. Also, the indicator for number of jets on each team at the bottom of the jet section in the buy menu is bugged - it shows each team having the exact same number of jets and that number corresponding to the total number of jets in the game. i.e. if BLUFOR has 2 jets and OPFOR has 1 jet and indy has 0 jets, the indicator will show that each team has 3 jets each.
  14. KoTH Server Updates - 25/06/17

    Far from 'easily taken down'. Sure, if you actually manage to hit one with a missile they will go down or have to autorotate land to repair but in practice the missile spoofing rate from flares is much higher than you think. I've put more than 600 hours into KOTH (which is an irrelevant argument in its own right) and I find appeasing aircraft whoring to be even shittier. How so? Skyfires do more damage and have a bigger splash and you get more of them (38 skyfires vs 24 dars) at a small price increase of $500 and the minor caveat of firing in pairs. Regardless, this is irrelevant to the problem of hellcat spamming and hellcats themselves being such a go-to anti-everything mobile in LV server. I don't necessarily agree with removing them from LV altogether but a cooldown should at least be implemented.
  15. KoTH Server Updates - 25/06/17

    No. If hellcats are to be reintroduced in LV, some check against spamming them needs to be implemented (purchase cooldown and/or limit per team) as they are essentially the Wipeout of the LV server - an anti-everything vehicle with far greater mobility than anything on the ground with similar firepower. At least with APCs, their mobility and ability to project their firepower is greatly limited by terrain and their speed. It takes much longer to get back to the AO or a suitable firing position compared to hellcats.