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  2. When you are killed by the Server GG

  3. Team Revolt EXILE Tanoa now Live

    Team Revolt have now released an Exile Tanoa ArmA 3 Server come check it out at or filter Revolt !!! View full article
  4. ban applied to user 48 hours happened again today with a slammer up
  5. Ban Request

    The Evidence that has been provide has told me that although yes VIPER is close to the spawn but there is no evidence that Viper has shot any rounds to clarify if VIPER is Spawn camping. the most i can give this user is a Warning of his actions close to spawn. in future it is recommended that you provide a short shadow play or game play of events.
  6. or a Screenshot of the part where you actually die
  7. Heli Madness

    Jeniliquen | Heli Madness KotH