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  1. Never, I'm just so used to flames starting after I suggest something. Sorry for assuming you would flame me for sending you to tripwire's forums. I personally would stop focusing on your ping and just play. it's a known bug @Slazza can confirm he is Internodes old RO Admin. FYI, personally, I don't think it effect's anything in terms of performance, I haven't noticed "lag for say" when the pings climb for example if you had the same pings in CSGO you wouldn't hit anything and bullet reg on the walls would be affected, while RO / RS2 doesn't seem to attract this type of lag.
  2. Please try searching the tripwire forums before flaming us for something that is out of control. It's happening to every private server, and it's uncontrollable I've noticed it on all popular server like BigDGaming as well, there is no issue to admit as a known bug and has been around since RO.
  3. I wouldn't match a Polaris GPU with a Ryzen personally, it's a clear bottleneck, saying that if you had nothing better and a tight budget it's a good start, hell the whole system is less than the 1080ti haha. Kyle(bitwit) & Paul(puals hardware) are origanlly from Newegg, started doing all there benchmarking and reviews in the early days and both left to do there own things. Been watching them for a long time, it's a lol most of the time, Kyle is doing everything in this tiny office & Paul in his shed, they go far more in-depth with the benchmark than Linus or any larger you tubers do. Don't ever take his action serious he is always trolloling you
  4. AM4 / Ryzen 5 will make you happy for many years, and I'm sure Navman agrees and so do the rest of the industry apart from intel fanbois. Hell even the Ryzen 1400 is well capable of playing games
  5. as @Drunken STATES all comes down to budget. From what I understand he is still in school and on a very tight budget, I ran AMD during my whole high school / tafe life, hell I even ran AMD GPU's, AMD is defiantly great for a tight budget and the added benefit that same system that I used during that time is now my local server only turns off when the power goes out. It's been running for some time, reliability is fine and I would never count them out! This server also runs linux... driver support is always around for AMD
  6. IMO, best bang for buck is current the Ryzen 5 series. The 5 - 10 FPS difference is well worth the savings compared to a i5 7600k Cores are going to be needed for most new games, the more they use multi threading the more requirement you will need for more core load sharing you will defiantly have a bottleneck with a i3 dual core in the near future. IMO it's i5 or Ryzen 1600x from me for CPU on a budget. Handy hint for Windows buy it from Kinguin bought a few from there my self save some pennies and buy some more ram or save it for a GPU upgrade
  7. If there is a password there is a reason, generally a scrim or training. Until I setup a private scrim server this is used as an interim. Proberbly will do that this weekend. We also now have a 1v1 multi arena server available as well on /
  8. Yeah nearly got it done before I had to jet off to Ballarat/Melbourne , I'll be back Saturday night hopefully have our eBot active by Saturday night.
  9. I'll look into it, I don't really want to load too many plugins on this server, it's more going to be a prac & scrim server. Maybe in future, if we end up populating the server all the time we can look at a community competitive and have all the bells and whistles.
  10. Not on this server, comp settings won't allow inventory change and I suspect this mod would require that to work.
  11. Today we have launched our first Counterstrike: Global Offensive Comp server, it's running at 128tick Our server is secured by both VAC & EAC connection to our server requires EAC installed and running. Get EAC on steam Connect to RVLT.IN | TEAM REVOLT CSGO COMP 128TICK EAC Add to your favorites: View full article
  12. Today we have launched our first Counterstrike: Global Offensive Comp server, it's running at 128tick Our server is secured by both VAC & EAC connection to our server requires EAC installed and running. Get EAC on steam Connect to RVLT.IN | TEAM REVOLT CSGO COMP 128TICK EAC Add to your favorites:
  13. Running headless server's is best on minimal hardware. I run Debian because well it's deb. You could just use deb as the base, load PFsense on it's own VM give it a bit more power than a commercial router. Then the rest of the system for media on another deb or ubuntu or whatever Linux os you prefer. PFsense has pretty low requirements you could really run it all off a RasberryPi if you really wanted to. CPU No less than 100 MHz RAM 128 MB Installation on Hard Disk 1 GB Embedded Compact Flash da 512 MB Plex Media No transcoding: Core 2 Duo 1.6GHz (NAS devices based on ARM or PowerPC processors should also be capable of at least one stream with no transcoding) Single 720p transcode: Core 2 Duo 2.0 GHz. Single 1080p transcode: Core 2 Duo 2.4GHz. And finally Debian's minimum requirements Minimum RAM: 256MB. Recommended RAM: 512MB. Hard Drive space: 10 GB. Minimum 1GHz Pentium processor. End of the day, @myzteriouz1 know's more and does this more than I
  14. Setup VM's on the router. Use same hardware, just get some ssd's for OS, and some larger 1/2TB drives for data storage. Run Plex on media vm job done. can also get a bit more advanced which we can talk about later, just look at & Currently, my router & storage are all running on an old AMD Athlon(tm) II X4 630 Processor with 4gb ram. Only sometimes struggles on the big data like 4K and super high bitrate 1080P
  15. alrighty, added a new "button" Where you should actually be looking to see if there is a new post and who by on the forum index, not the little indications that are just for at glance see giff. Also, I suggest maybe adding a colour blind extension to your browser. This way you are not limited by our design colours. Something like this