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  1. Halo 3 Multiplayer on PC

  2. DigitalPsychosis

  3. How is everyone doing today?

    working and working lol, wish I had time to just chill sink a few and game on
  4. Due to demand of new contracts we are needing to expand our team working on the Telstra Network, We currently have positions available for 2 x laborer. The work is Physical, both Manual and machine excavation is required in in most cases manual excavation due to existing services. 3 month probationary period , if you work hard, prove to us you can work unsupervised and good quality. Wages will be increased and bonuses will be given for meeting targets. 2 x Laborer $25.00p/h Experience in a similar role is a bonus but not needed as there is ongoing training provided for the right applicant who wants to work hard and is dedicated to the job role. Applicant with Laboring experience in the are encouraged to apply Normal Hours: 07:00 – 17:00 Depot: Epping, Victoria Can also expand to Telecommunications Technician, Fiber Splicing, Civil Construction and Excavator Operator as training is available as company grows WORK INVOLVED Pit & Pipe installation Pipe conduit installations Manhole Breakouts Trenching Grundomat New or replacing pit installations Digging Locating third party services & reading DBYD plans Cable Hauling Rod N Rope Concrete cutting n concreting REQUIRED SKILLS All applicants must have the following: Manual Drivers Licence Construction Card white/red Right to work in Australia (No Restrictions or holiday working Visas) Police check less then 6-months old Work Standards Willing to Work hard Work unsupervised as required Be Punctual Fit for Work Willing to learn new Skills Following tickets are desired but not required First Aid and CPR Traffic Management, Excavator Ticket Asbestos Removal Class b Confine space
  5. How shit is the NBN ?

    jobs in melbourne Central, happy to give anyone a go?
  6. How shit is the NBN ?

    or you can work for me and earn good coin
  7. first waterloop

    my first as all know was a soft tube, now the bug is in his system, he will go hard tube eventually. gotta start somewhere simple fix on the pump well done
  8. Back soon!!

    Asus took 6 months to repair or place my MB lol so i would be happy with any wait that's less last asus board for me
  9. first waterloop

    add 90 degree elbows to improve look and water flow both in and out from pump look restricted
  10. How shit is the NBN ?

    speed is solid , no issues and been with telstra for 10+ years so not changing anytime soon
  11. Star Wars Battlefront 2 releases today!

    will skip this game it will be over and dead before i finish destiny 2 like the last
  12. bring back the towers

    no. provided only a space to camp and un-realistic to the terrain, would prefer secondary objectives to increase AO presence like capture hot spot and artillery gun
  13. Cardy

    Was it you wh had a brumby ute
  14. Cardy

    Was it you wh had a brumby ute
  15. Noob Needs Help - Custom PC build

    i5 is best bang for buck and needed for ARMA. if you can afford it get a i7 or Zeon Decent CPU and 16 GB RAM minimum and the win10 to freshen the pc up