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  1. i5 is best bang for buck and needed for ARMA. if you can afford it get a i7 or Zeon Decent CPU and 16 GB RAM minimum and the win10 to freshen the pc up
  2. looks al ot better and thank-you ps sorry for being old and color blind
  3. Only a small dot and the slightest touch of bold letters well to me it's fucked it all blends in and I can't tell with out scrolling the mouse over the shitty pictures . Other then that the site looks good
  4. new posts rows only light up row green every second one both in section and main forum menu is not working on all but general discussion I cant tell if new posts with out moving cursor over the pic
  5. Positions now filled
  6. Hi all, I run a small civil business in the northern suburbs of Melbourne and are looking for 2 new employees to join my company. please send resume to I go my start many years ago by @seato and grab that opportunity now I'm allowing another to follow link to add below:
  7. can i have the oldies
  8. how will you know how old they are?
  9. Due to illness and some other extenuating circumstances the eXile server is going to be down for the next two weeks, my apologies for any inconvenience and i will endeavour to work on this while i am away at work.

    All bases etc are saved to the DB and territory/flag upkeep poptabs wont need to be paid until after the server is back up.

    by PoorLifeChoices

  10. when and where and ill be there i'm that easy and bored but at least i have a computer
  11. need another drink
  12. lol even took the really old logo
  13. All BF1 servers run with no admin support, no issues and gamers just play the game. Maybe Arma 3 Gamers should just play the game. Whilst a ingame admin would be awesome 24/7 its not practical and it's not needed the tools are there, ppl just have to post on forums or grab someone on ts3 Any issues please infuture use the forums to place a report with evidence so it can be dealt with according.
  14. shirt and hoodie are a good material, thick and comphy
  15. Team Revolt - AU Big Maps Hardcore We have Setup a server for the next 6 Months, Please everyone continue to support our community by joining the server. View full article