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  1. TK report [URGENT]

    I'd say you would need proof. https://www.teamrevolt.org/forums/topic/2924-footage-requirements-must-read/
  2. haha

  3. Heli clips :)

    this has made me want to try jets again haha. nice shots!
  4. Heli clips :)

    Nice! Your dar shots are amazing all the time. I have my good shot moments (rarely) then the bad shots all the time XD.
  5. Pawnee fights 5

  6. Pawnee Battles hope you enjoy :)

    Amazing flying! But... how the hell do you fly that zoomed out. Its very disorientating, its made me so dizzy haha
  7. Pawnee fights 4

    Yeah its really annoying my shitternet, trying to get if fixed but the internet guys are shit. They gave us a booster and said "alright this will stop all the drop outs"... its made it worse.
  8. Back soon!!

    yeah, too bad we have to scroll all the way down the leader board to be able to see your name. <3
  9. Thoughts on the music?

    thanks! haha
  10. Thoughts on the music?

    Dont like it?
  11. Pawnee fights 2

  12. Pawnee fights

    Well i gotta say, those dar shots. so much more accurate then me with dars! Great piloting warbird! some of the manouvers are sexy.
  13. Pawnee fights

    Well, you kinda did have a whole team backing you up with aa, other pawnees, tanks. they all were shooting me half the times i was trying to shoot you. But gg haha. But i got acouple of clips killing you