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  1. MH-6M Little Bird Action | ArmA 3 King of the Hill RHS

  2. Chuck Aaron - Crazy!

    Just imagine being in the co-pilot seat of that haha.
  3. Chuck Aaron - Crazy!

  4. Youtube Intro

    What kind of intro? like a scenic kinda one? or like a regular simple one?
  5. Pawnee Montage

    Those hackusations though Nice!
  6. Jets montage

  7. Blackfoot/Tank moments :D

    Any suggestions?
  8. Meep's PubG antics

    See what i mean XD Sorry for the lag btw, but picture that vid with no lag. http://plays.tv/video/5a65f2baa2f6df41f0/see-xd
  9. jets and pawnees

    That GBU kill with the buzzard though. Awesome video
  10. Meep's PubG antics

    Sure. You'll have to carry me though haha.
  11. another bloody montage

  12. Meep's PubG antics

    Awesome video Meep! I usually miss about.... 98% of my shots in PUBG and only won 5 games (solos) in my almost 200h of playing lol.
  13. Hobbies outside of Vidya Games

    Haha, yeah no, the closest we got to camping was in our back yard melting Marshmellos when we were youngins, but getting the acual camping experience would be great. Especially by a river/lake.
  14. Hobbies outside of Vidya Games

    Yeah it gets really hot and i think that would be the only downside to camping. But i think the overall experince would make up for that. Have you been camping?