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  1. MH-6M Little Bird Action | ArmA 3 King of the Hill RHS

  2. Chuck Aaron - Crazy!

    Just imagine being in the co-pilot seat of that haha.
  3. Suggestion for AU#2 LV

    I LOVE flying Pawnees as well and a lot of us were really bumbed when they were removed, and to this day i still don't really understand why. I understand they caused a lot of lag, and people winging. But so do Kaymishes and other tanks. As warbird and Hawkey said, they can be taken down by really anything. I've shot a couple people out of the heli with a pistol. I think the main reason for the lag on the servers is people loading the ao with rockets then all the buildings collaps and cause lag. Which then causes the missiles to glitch out and cause even more lag. I don't know if this is even possible. But could maybe reduce the amount of missiles Pawnees have on server 2?
  4. Chuck Aaron - Crazy!

  5. Youtube Intro

    What kind of intro? like a scenic kinda one? or like a regular simple one?
  6. Pawnee Montage

    Those hackusations though Nice!
  7. Jets montage

  8. Arma KOTH INF HC #3 Suggestion?

    Fair enough. I remember tonyr and i were trying to kill jets with it lol. Only killed like 2
  9. Arma KOTH INF HC #3 Suggestion?

    I gotta ask, why was the V-44 removed?
  10. Arma KOTH INF HC #3 Suggestion?

    Being a massive fan of pawnees, even i don't think this would be a good idea. AU3 is specifically for infantry and the majority of people who play AU3, play for the "Hardcore infantry" aspect to get a break from getting killed by said vehicles.
  11. Blackfoot/Tank moments :D

    Any suggestions?
  12. Impromptu Admin War

    That sounds really fun!
  13. Meep's PubG antics

    See what i mean XD Sorry for the lag btw, but picture that vid with no lag. http://plays.tv/video/5a65f2baa2f6df41f0/see-xd
  14. jets and pawnees

    That GBU kill with the buzzard though. Awesome video