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  1. Battlefield V

    tldr historical accuracy out the window
  2. the problem is that you had access to knowledge of the team, who is in jets and how many, where tanks are players etc and so when you switch teams like that it can give you an unfair advantage. adding the stashed jet just makes it seem more suss. you would have been better to have just carried on playing as normal. we are looking to address the stacking/balancing issues in the following weeks. doing this sort of action only makes other players suspicious of your actions and reflects badly on yourself. feel free to make an appeal in the correct section and it will be reviewed.
  3. shiny new toy (content warning - dead critters)

    So decided to upgrade to heavier pallets and tried out the H&N hunter extreme and Baracude match .22 pallets, and my goodness the Match rounds were amazing, most accurate ive ever used. Shooting up to 1/2" groups with ease. pic is of first 5 rounds put through the rifle, gun was zeroed at 20m with H&N FTTs which are medium pallet hence the low drop of the heaviers. Have now Zeroed for them and hitting center no sweat. also added spotlight for night shooting
  4. first waterloop

    yea, bought a kit which was a soft tubing one, want much of a fan either but in all honesty no1 really sees it but me so i couldnt really justify the cost and stress of having to do hard tubing
  5. first waterloop

    update, added gpu to the loop, and slightly extended hose that goes into the pump to lessen kinks and not have them sitting on eachother, crisscrossed. cabling is aweful but will need to redo it all in the future with pwm extenders etc
  6. Hobbies outside of Vidya Games

    social sciences i hope is the best
  7. Hobbies outside of Vidya Games

    i cant at the moment as i cannot fund it but long term plan is certainly to. gemmology is a hobby of mine and im also getting into cutting soon which will be a lot of fun :> this 6.80ct spessartite is my pride and joy. who needs cars when you can have shiny rocks!
  8. Hobbies outside of Vidya Games

    dont disrespect my hobby
  9. Hobbies outside of Vidya Games

    collect shiny rocks
  10. AT discussion for AU#2

    have at it in this poll
  11. JustSomeOne

    cool beans. cheers for the clarify
  12. JustSomeOne

    also got another report from discord about same g Sodium Chloride-Today at 4:21 PM so this was a constant last night, didnt have any recording going (because gameplay was shit) but snapped a screenshot, dont know if this consists a report or not but this server has constant problems with spawn camping sorry for reference this is KOTH #1
  13. JustSomeOne

    I too would like clarification so that if i run intot his in future i dont take the wrong side. can armed helis engage the moment they are vulnerable? is it so long as they are moving away they can? i see that it could be seen as defensive engagement as per the video but there isnt much a heli can do if a tigris is looking straight into your spawn waiting.
  14. first waterloop

    there were 2 catalysts, the first is that doing my first loop made me really nervous for losing the entire rig from leak or other things so i was on edge and the second was when i jump started the psu to test and bleed the loop my psu fan would start up and spin. so when i did the same thing at the end of putting it all together, the psu fan didnt come on for the seemingly obvious reason that i hadnt actually turned on the pc. when i saw that it wasnt spinning after i flicked the spu switch i began to panic thinking i had broken it somehow and it all got lost from there >< but alas it was all done correctly and i can now move on from this ordeal
  15. first waterloop

    as an update i worked out what was wrong and your not going to believe this.... i forgot that i had to push the on button to turn it on. in my defense the on button is facing my wall and so i couldnt see it and it wasnt in my head space as all sorts is going on xD took me 3 days and a visit from my techy mate to work out i just needed to hit the big round button. the holidays can do crazy things with your mind