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  1. Light Vehicles Now Usless

    Smokes are still in.

    [NEW] Load out menu picks attachment colours depending on your selected weapon colour - but only if you own the DLC for that attachment in an attempt to avoid needless DLC notifications. [NEW] Added DLC icons in the vehicles menu for vehicles that require the DLC - that you don't own. [CHANGE] Vorona ATGM is no longer permanently buyable the will be automatically refunded. [CHANGE] Twice as less AT missiles for Qilin and Prowler. [CHANGE] The Caesar BTT has been removed due to abuse and pretty much no usage as transport. [CHANGE] If the time of the day is sped up, you get NVGs each respawn [FIX] Fixed a bug that let you select perk-restricted appearances without the necessary perk enabled.
  3. Fresh Pawnee edit on V10

    sounds good
  4. Fresh Pawnee edit on V10

    your FOV is insane. is that just Nvidia contrast?
  5. Make Light vehicles Light again.

    nothing needs removing. make AA and AT rockets PERMA buy to counter them and the problem is fixed. I would say make the Pawnee point system come back but we all know that will just result in people waiting in spawn or just walking around until they can get in a Pawnee. V10 changed a lot of things and made money easier to get, everyone should be able to perma buy AA or AT to counter these top-tier vehicles. AA works you just need to time your shot and AT can be wire-guided. apart from the AA & AT being rent only I think the main issue here is everyone got reset which means the people that play daily and are generally good KOTH players are advancing so far ahead and are already swimming in money so they can spam as many vehicles as they want, which is fine because everyone is entitled to their own play style. but this leaves the majority of players on the LV server who do not play multiple hours on a daily basis at a huge disadvantage. In conclusion, make AA & AT perma buy and wait it out a few months. as @myzteriouz1 said these changes are controlled globally on the KOTH server NOT locally this is not something that can be changed in an instant. If you want change put in a request at
  6. pawnee's a issue on LV server

    Make AA & Navid/SPMG able to be perma bought and put the 40 point cap system back and the problem is fixed. pawnee's arent that op but not being able to perma buy the general equipment that counters them and not having the point system makes them a little unbalanced. also, I don't think people realise the massive tank armour buff that has happened. it takes ALOT of rockets from a Pawnee to take out a kymesh or something similar now. pawnees only seem op to infantry and I think being able to perma buy the weapons that counter them and having the point system back is the right thing to do.

    oh, come on... it's been 3 years how is that still a thing.
  8. pawnee's a issue on LV server

    I'm all for pawnee's but forcing renting for AA & LMG's is a bit much. I'm also enjoying this thread way too much.
  9. pawnee's a issue on LV server

  10. pawnee's a issue on LV server

    hold up!? SPMG & NAVID ARE RENT ONLY???
  11. pawnee's a issue on LV server

    seriously never had a problem with pawnee's just use spmg/Navid or rockets. I think it would be a shame if they got disabled because people are good at it. not trying to cause an argument but good pilots are rare and the same pilots that will drop you in the middle of town safely and at speed are the same pilots that normally dominate in Pawnee's. last time they got banned along with orca's the server was a little shit. also, anyone who knows me knows I'm the worst at flying choppers I can't even land a hummingbird without fucking up, I'm just talking from the perspective of someone who likes farming pawnees.
  12. pawnee's a issue on LV server

    launchers are not useless. time your shot and wait until it is heading towards you. most of my AA's hit I love making money from pawnee's.

    $60000 for arco on any weapon, actually all the scope prices are stupid...... what? do the devs play the game?
  14. Halo 3 Multiplayer on PC

    not a false alarm a halo multiplayer mod is being released on the 20th download page: more about the devs:
  15. so recently I decided to investigate why Arma 3 didn't look as smooth on my 144hz G-sync monitor as all my other games. most of the time I got told that multiplayer servers are locked to a certain fps or something along those lines. that is not the case. I found out that no matter what windows, Nvidia or in-game settings you have set, the game will not register as full 120-144fps unless you change your arma3.cfg file In the Arma3.cfg file located in My documents/Arma3 there will be a setting that says refresh=60; you will need to change the number to your monitor refresh rate so in my case refresh=144;, this setting in the config file does not automatically update and that is why Arma 3 does not look as smooth on high refresh-rate monitors than other games. By doing this my game looks amazing and smooth and has brought KOTH into a sub-par running game into an amazing experience. I'm sure I am not the only one that knows this information but I thought it may help getting it out there.