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  1. Remove new Jets?

    admins are discussing this. we have taken note.
  2. AU #3 KOTH Server Discussion

    the topic of disabling new jets is happening between admins. INF HC seems to be in a good place atm. anybody with a 7.62 or a few round of any calibre can disable a GMG and most people can out smart a HMG.
  3. KoTH Server Updates - 25/06/17

    sorry about that, I'll see if I can get an answer as to why this is happening so frequently lately. probably won't be until sunday though.
  4. Remove new Jets?

    if there is any more fighting or shit talking other people in this thread it will get locked. this is to discuss the removal of new jets not shit talk people who use them or people that don't.
  5. Remove new Jets?

    you guys need to be a little more patient and respectful, the US servers have some game admins and server admins that don't do anything else but that and don't really have work. our servers and Revolt in general, are all staffed by people who have work and are generally busy people outside of revolt. we do what we can when we can and sometimes we can't get to our computers for days or weeks because of work or personal reasons.
  6. so a dataminer has found files within the released game that seems to contain yet to be released content. some of these files are cosmetic while some are other types of adrenaline shots and poison apples (which has been confirmed by the dev). here's the link for the album of the files:
  7. Jet Loadout

    totally agree with you. but unfortunately, sa-matra is in control of what assets are in the game. i suggest expressing your concerns on discord.
  8. Rising Storm 2 Vietnam Giveaway & Server Question

    lol ok
  9. Rising Storm 2 Vietnam Giveaway & Server Question

    I have been seeing it on a lot of servers so I think it's just an oceanic server problem.
  10. AU/NZ Rising Storm 2 Ladder

    @CaRdy @fingerguns @Slazza @Prodical
  11. Sorry bro beans, real life called. Ban applied.
  12. they won't be permabanned but they will get a lengthy ban
  13. dealt with, bans applied. thanks for letting us know and providing a video.