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  1. totally agree with you. but unfortunately, sa-matra is in control of what assets are in the game. i suggest expressing your concerns on discord.
  2. lol ok
  3. I have been seeing it on a lot of servers so I think it's just an oceanic server problem.
  4. @CaRdy @fingerguns @Slazza @Prodical
  5. Sorry bro beans, real life called. Ban applied.
  6. they won't be permabanned but they will get a lengthy ban
  7. dealt with, bans applied. thanks for letting us know and providing a video.
  8. im down for it. we have streamers in our community that could bring it publicity and we need to start branching out to different game steam is
  9. @PoorLifeChoices has a screenshot of him doing something over +2700m
  10. you and i both know you didn't just come into ts. you came in complaining and trash talking our servers and admins and would not calm down. then when you got a response from an admin to help you, you then trashed talked him with no reason to. you got put in time out that is all. you are more than welcome back on when you can be level headed.
  11. Myloxplaysgames
  12. not yet cant be bothered as it requires an air tight container evaporated ethanol and piping
  13. a few people have been asking about the breathalyzer i built with arduino so i just thought id share a photo of the prototype and share my code. if anyone wants to chat about arduino and come up with some projects let me know. heres the code (formating // Libraries for the I2C display to be able to function #include <Wire.h> #include <LiquidCrystal_I2C.h> // setting the warm-up time for the display int TIME_UNTIL_WARMUP = 20; unsigned long time; // setting the time until measurement starts int TIME_UNTIL_MEASURE = 5; unsigned long measurement_start; // setting the int for the MQ-3 int analogPin = A0; int val = 0; // const int for the buzzer, using const int because value does not change and it uses less memory const int buzzerPin = 7; // const int for the button, using const int because value does not change and it uses less memory const int buttonPin = 2; // boolean for measurement bool measurement_mode; bool measurement_done; // LCD is set to using 16 characters and 2 lines and the i2c address is 0x20 LiquidCrystal_I2C lcd(0x20,16,2); void setup() { Serial.begin(115200); // initializing the LCD display and starting the backlight lcd.init(); lcd.backlight(); } void loop() { // Reading the button state int button_state = digitalRead(buttonPin); // initilize measurement process when button pressed if (button_state && !measurement_mode) { lcd.clear(); measurement_mode = true; measurement_start = millis()/1000; measurement_done = false; } // Wait delay(100); // Get time in seconds time = millis()/1000; // print warm-up message until warm-up complete if(time<=TIME_UNTIL_WARMUP) { int progress_time = map(time, 0, TIME_UNTIL_WARMUP, 0, 100); printWarming(progress_time); } else { if (measurement_mode == false && !measurement_done) { printPress(); } if (measurement_mode && !measurement_done) { printMeasure(); // Sound for the buzzer tone(buzzerPin, 1000); // read alcohol level val = readAlcohol(); } // statement to test if enough time has passed if (measurement_mode && !measurement_done && ((time - measurement_start)> TIME_UNTIL_MEASURE)){ // statement for turning buzzer off if measurement is done noTone(buzzerPin); measurement_mode = false; measurement_done = true; lcd.clear(); } // if measurment done print alcohol value if(measurement_done) { printAlcohol(val); printAlcoholLevel(val); } } } //below are the print messages and the value paramaters for the different value readings to print void printWarming(int progress) { lcd.setCursor(0,0); lcd.print("Warming up: "); lcd.print(progress); lcd.print("%"); } void printPress() { lcd.setCursor(0,0); lcd.print("Press to start ..."); } void printMeasure() { lcd.setCursor(0,0); lcd.print("Breathe until the "); lcd.setCursor(0,1); lcd.print("sound stops ..."); } void printAlcohol(int value) { lcd.setCursor(0,0); lcd.print("Sensor reading: "); lcd.print(val); } void printAlcoholLevel(int value) { lcd.setCursor(0,2); if(value<200) { lcd.print("You are sober."); } if (value>=200 && value<280) { lcd.print("You had a drink."); } if (value>=280 && value<350) { lcd.print("you had Two or more drinks."); } if (value>=350 && value <450) { lcd.print("your drinking too much!"); } if(value>450) { lcd.print("You are drunk!"); } } int readAlcohol() { // take five measurements int nb_measurements = 5; int measurements; // measurements starting from 0 incrementing by 1 until 5 measurements have been taken for (int i = 0; i < nb_measurements; i++) { measurements = measurements + analogRead(analogPin); } // find average measurement measurements = measurements/nb_measurements; return measurements; } went weird when i copied and pasted it in and i cant be bothered formating it atm):