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  1. Heli clips :)

  2. Heli clips :)

    @LethalChicken cheers man! Sometimes the more I try to focus and hit them the more I miss, but the random flick shots I manage to nail haha
  3. Heli clips :)

    Hope you enjoy
  4. Back soon!!

    Hahah ill cop that! I'll be quite rusty, havent gamed in 2 weeks, i might on my other profile till i git gud again then come back as warnerd 😉
  5. Back soon!!

    The servers will know when im back, the leaderboard never lies 😉
  6. Back soon!!

    Finally heard from MSI!! Should be back online early next week 👌👌 Feels like forever haha
  7. Skillz

    Check out my brothers youtube, some of the susest shots you'll see
  8. Pawnee Clips

    The Helcat clip at the start was just to feel in time lol
  9. Pawnee fights

  10. Pawnee fights

  11. Pawnee fights

    Well you have some now hahah
  12. Pawnee fights

    I didn't see you kill me in any of these haha
  13. KOTH Suggestion

    You still play KoTH? lol
  14. Pawnee Clips v1 LV Arma 3

    Good shooting!! I'll get ya next time haha Love the music!