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  1. V10 montage

  2. highlights 6

  3. koth montage v10

    He uses keyboard and mouse.
  4. highlights 5

    Very noooice
  5. @El_Guapo thank you for the player report, if you could keep this video up and make it unlisted as a viewer setting that would be great.
  6. I'm not sure how using a vehicle that is in the game is compensating, I enjoy flying jets/helis so I do. The only free ride is using a missile option that has no skill... You lock/shoot and forget lol Literally been rewarded with no skill involved. Flying jets is a lot more complicated then a lot of the complainer think. Overall there is more then enough AA options you just need to figure out how to utilise it better obviously..
  7. You realise Blufor have to jets to counter and one of them even has a radar, the only problem I see is you not been capable of taking down a jet and requesting vehicles that aren't in the mod packs to compensate a skill problem. There is multiple ways to take down a jet, In fact I was just hit by 3 manpadders AA...
  8. Jet Montage #11

  9. kley - highlights 2

  10. There is more then enough options to take down aircraft, if you can't and it upsets you to the point you need to complain excessively then maybe you should play the infy only server.
  11. I was in the game he was just referring too, he stopped complaining once our team got air superioty. I think he wants the game to do everything for him and he put no effort in at all.
  12. You are having a whinge that's for sure.... players would rather whinge about it then actually do something about it.
  13. @wdawdawd, can you fly a jet? Because there is a lot more to them to actually be efficient and make money in them. The only thing that has had AA removed is the jets, they could always reenable them and then the transport helo your in would never make it to the AO. There are other servers to accommodate players that can't cope playing on a server with vehicles like AU#5LV, AU#3 HC INFy
  14. Intentional TK

    @UrsaMajor it has been noted on his profile, if this behaviour occurs again he will be punished. Thanks for the report