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  1. el montago

    Grr watching all these old KOTH clips is making me want to mash together the clips I have saved lol I may make one big one like 10mins long lol
  2. Exactly, designator should be the only device with thermal!! Level the playing field for all and give the low lvls a better chance of surviving in the AO!
  3. SixtyCal66

    @Jeff_x2 thank you for your report!
  4. How is everyone doing today?

    I reckon we should organise a night and have everyone 18+ obviously on for a few casual beers banter and games
  5. A better way to level the playing field perhaps would be to remove thermal vision from all vehicles, bring it back to actually having to see your target and then eliminating them.
  6. In all honesty I don't like AA missiles, giving someone a weapon that requires no skill and rewarding them doesn't seem right for a game mode like KOTH. In my opinion KOTH is based around player skill and improving/finding new techniques to kill different vehicles/enemies. I'm over the moon AA has been removed from jets though
  7. How is everyone doing today?

    Better now I've knocked off work and have a few coldies to sink this arvo!
  8. King Of The Hill #1

    I wish i knew hot to do that video editung haha mint video man 👌
  9. el montago

    Keyboard mouse all the way 👐 @Primaate? Haha
  10. el montago

    Since I said I wasn't going to make any more montages Ive managed to get some wicked lips haha
  11. el montago

  12. The last montage

    Im going to workout exactly how many quads i could buy with my money now and how many i could have bought with my total earnt money haha last i checked id earnt over 55mil since playing koth
  13. The last montage

    I love it
  14. Youtube Intro

    I've started tinkering with basic template sites just trying to get a feel for it, Once I aquire my new PC I'm going to look into getting a more serious program and teach myself lol Wish me luck ahah
  15. Teamspeak unban request

    I told him to quit with the shit multiple times and he didn't, perm might be excessive.