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  1. Every bloody time.

    But PUBG only has one "level". What other levels are you talking about?
  2. Not sure about the choice of sound track
  3. Star Wars Battlefront 2

    So I noticed that the game had 3x lots of game credits that I could see. They were: Credits - with the 7 looking symbol that you earn at end of each round and for completing assignments. You can use these to buy new crates Crafting "tokens" - forget what they were really called, but they were for crafting things, and had a round looking symbol "Gems" - this was not used/revealed in the beta as far as I could tell. This one sat in the middle between the other two at the top right of the screen and I imagine that this is going to have some kind of real world attachment. Spend real world money and get gems. Use gems to exchange for credits or crafting tokens. Not 100% sure, but if this is the case, it will stink this game up. Now - things I don't like: - No useful squad play - Having friends in a group provides no material in-game advantages. You cannot spawn on them and you have to run a mile to reconnect with these people only to have them die a few seconds before you get back to their side in the action. - I would like to see hero tokens back in the game as pickup, in truly random spawn locations - OR give a random lower tier player access to these every now and then. Not all players will ever be good enough to rack up the points to unlock these heroes during the round. Heroes also reward those players already doing well enough on their own. The others need the help more so. This will keep the player base healthy, particularly for casuals, rather than driving a (is that you?) wedge between hard core and casual gamers. - Rounds are way to short. Barely enough time to get into the heroes. - Progression system needs better explanation and should be forced to sit through a brief overview of this. I think I might have skipped that when I first loaded it up, and it took me a while to work out how to upgrade my kits, which meant I was falling behind and not having as much fun. What I enjoyed: - Starfighter mode. This was fun. Will I buy it: - Not yet. Will wait for a few post launch streamer vids to see if I will get into it. I certainly will not be getting season pass first up, and will wait till first DLC drops anyway to see if there is still a player base left. - Maybe, eventually. Won't want to wait too long though lest I fall behind and hate that I cannot compete with the regular players.
  4. Star Wars Battlefront 2

    No - different game client completely. Suggest you upgrade nets or move to Kenya!
  5. Star Wars Battlefront 2

    Open BETA is live this weekend for EVERYONE - starting now. Have played a bit, seems ok, too early to tell to say that it is much better than the last one. Last one was an utter fail, but mostly because I couldnt get a local game, kept routing to US servers. PC version died very quickly. This could be different, but remains to be seen how.
  6. Built a breathalyzer with arduino

  7. need help selecting NBN ISP

    Nside for lyfe So I am with Internode - still. Despite TPG buyout, their service has been impeccable. I am on a 40/100 plan with FTTP (Labor NBN FTW) and probably get 39/95+ 99% of the time unlike other ISPs that simply do not maintain enough bandwidth for all of their customers in the area. I would avoid Optus, no matter how good their deals might seem - you will end up on a congested network and won't be getting anywhere near the speeds you are paying for. Haven't tried skymesh but it seems to offer a lot of flexibility in tailoring a plan to your speed and data requirements. I am on a 500GB 40/100 plan and typically use up to 250GB. Internotde only offers 100Gb, 500Gb and Unlimited plan steps - but they are all anytime data. No peak/offpeak distinction. My household usage total is probably about 3-4 hours of HD streaming per day plus gaming. I do not torrent but netflix is now unmetered for me and no longer unmetered for new Internode NBN customers. You can see profile of my usage in image below - NOTE: Blue is unmetered and bulk of that is netflix from when it was unmetered so that gives you an idea of what my streaming amounts to.
  8. Who is actually buying the game?


    I would but switching up games makes me lose that already dull blunt edge I play with. Just getting my eye in on the A10 shotty and loving it, but fark those headshots are hard to come by for the medal. Even at point blank, it still seems to attribute kills as body shots.
  10. Origin User Names

    If anyone recently tried to add me with an _au at the end, note that I changed this to _rvlt recently.
  11. Battlefield 1 - Discussion and Videos

    660ti is my cripple Fixed it for you 6+1+1+1+1 = 10 series.... only 4 generations old there Second! 660 might handle your Steam-y anime sex games but time for an upgrade my friend. Playing BF1 with a 660 would be like masturbating without lube and good material, and well.... ok see above.
  12. Stand still ya bastard.

    Irrespective of DPI and FOV, he nailed them both so the right outcome was achieved. Nice play! FYI - Yes I have the game, no I have not downloaded it yet and I probably won't until I finished of some uni work. Sneaking in some Civilization 6 is far easier to manage (discipline wise) than BF when you are doing work in 1 hour on, 15 mins off chunks to stay on track. I will be on the BF soon boys.... then you will need to work about your FOV and DPI...
  13. Who is actually buying the game?

    @Hman I don't think you can get premium anywhere except Origin. But you can get an effective 5% discount if you buy one month of origin. It is advertised as 10% but that doesn't include the cost of one month. @Second As I have posted before, $170 is actually fair value considering inflation, and factoring in the cost of previous boosters and expansion packs. BF2 was $90, Special forces was $40 and the boosters were each $10 (x2) in 2005/6 dollars. That adds up to the princely sum of $150. At 2% inflation over the last 10 years, it would be priced at $180 in 2016 dollars. This doesn't even consider the possible value add (for Hman at least) with the additional game modes such as Rush, CTF, etc that BF3/4/1 have introduced over and above the standard conquest modes. Add to that the amount of customisation novelty, destruction and so on and really - the games are no longer comparable - except for being cheaper in 2016 dollars to BF2. Quit whinging about the price, buy the damn thing so we can once again listen to your dulcet tones, discussing how various aspects of the game are broken. BF4 has been too quiet without you my friend. Look forward to syringing you to death in the deserts and forests soon.