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  1. lost rank and money

    Hello admins i was ranked lvl 72 and had purchased most of the common weapons and launchers but i had a virus problem and i had not backed up i have re installed windows and most of my games but my rank is gone plus my money any chance you guys could help would be appreciated Gamertag :Wombies Thanks Admins
  2. 2000m collateral kill with m320

    Yeah it would of been better if I made the first shot but it went over his head
  3. 2000m collateral kill with m320

    just thought i would show this as i was very pleased with self afterwards Wombies
  4. Au2 LV Armed Vehicles

    no dramas appreciate the reply admins:-]
  5. Au2 LV Armed Vehicles

    hello i am a long time player on team revolts koth servers specially au2 lv server but with in the last week all the armed ground vehicles have been removed excepted the armed offroad and would like to know why? I can understand that most of the apcs[armed personnel carriers] like BTR,Gorgon & marshal would be removed as used right they can be very overpowering. But vehicles like armed prowler and its opfor counterpart i cannot remember the name and the armed striders, ifrits & hunters and possible the ifv[infantry fighting vehicles] madrid and bobcats be used in this server as all of these vehicles are low armour and can be destroyed by an rpg and satchel charge. i would like players opinion as the server lately has been aa squads destroying helis and groups of striders driving around running people over and vdm helis when they land Wombies
  6. incorrect guid for when i donated

    Hello I recently donated to team revolt servers so i could get the reserved slot but i screw up my guid. my guid is :69aa4a3bc02f8e74d57980413447dcce and gt is Wombies