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  1. Make Light vehicles Light again.

    3rd person Infy only will be good too. Can leave the 4 - 5 Pawnees and Kaymishs to play on there "LV"
  2. Make Light vehicles Light again.

    Vote to see what the majority wants
  3. pawnee's a issue on LV server

    Hiding in the tower is the only thing that works.
  4. pawnee's a issue on LV server

    Peersy. If that player had a 91 Kills and 3 deaths, that rifle probably should be removed.
  5. Pablo Escobar team kill

    Pablo. This is not the way to resolve this issue. We have reviewed the evidence and have determined that the team killing looked far too intentional.
  6. Dude I Am So Mad Right Now

    Hi JR9, Please remember that all the admins are volunteers, and they are people. This community and its servers would not exist with out their efforts. Also note, the donations are very reasonable. Especially when you take into consideration the costs involved in keeping everything running smoothly as possible.