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  1. Make Light vehicles Light again.

    My buck fifty is i dont want anything removed, just the ability to perma buy all weapons ingame. So technically I want the single payer system removed
  2. Make Light vehicles Light again.

    Ill be filing a snitch report on @CaRdy for excessive snide comments in the morning. First warning

    3 years, plus or minus, I dont know which
  4. Appealing my ban

  5. KoTH Server Updates - 28/09

    ❤️ the sardine cans
  6. Should Team Revolt set up a Wasteland server

    That wasn't a "hurry up" @Spazz711, take all the time you need bro.
  7. Should Team Revolt set up a Wasteland server

    Exile Altis has been done to death, in my option anyway, tanoa is garbage for exile as any exile vet can elaborate on, Cherno in general is an amazingly designed map. My interest is in exile as wasteland I get bored with pretty quickly, I am very interested to see what @Spazz711 delivers to us.
  8. Post your longest sniper shots here

    Epic shot. GW
  9. Post your longest sniper shots here

  10. Team Revolt - Giveaway - Closes March 15th

    how much can i get for a TR shirt on ebay?
  11. Party invite problems

    if none of the above work, jump on teamspeak and have a chat to Spazz711, Sweaty, Mylox, Questman or Stixx they are old pros in eXile, they can talk you through it.
  12. Party invite problems

    Ignore the KOTH admins, they try but they will never understand eXile 1, press 6 to open your XM8 2, go to settings and check the box "make visible in 8G network" (both of you need to do this) 3, home screen of XM8 has a party button, click that, name your party whatever you want. 4, homescreen has the list of players, click your pal to highlight and then hit add to party 5, profit (as a side note you can make a "Family" its a permanent party that you will always join everytime you both enter the game no need to join each time you login or die, its 20k though, but money well spent)
  13. War Pug

    @Lukasaurus_ Ill let you KOTH admins deal with KOTH
  14. War Pug

    I dont think a ban is needed, he just needs to change it.
  15. War Pug

    This is not really up to server standards is it?