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  1. Post your longest sniper shots here

    this is the longest i have a screen shot for that i can find
  2. the screenshot may show that you were team killed but it does not show intent or anything, can you please post up a video of the incident with at least 1 min of footage before it happened
  3. Avorion Server

    Empyrion is the game i thing you are referring to.... or are you really referring to an Emporium? ie: a large retail store selling a wide variety of goods. by the way, you might like all 3 games
  4. Best Tank in Arma 3?

    pick a tank/apc, any one will do. go into the editor and use the attachto command and add/remove different guns until you have a tank suited to your needs/liking
  5. error

    yeah i am still here, just moved house, waiting for real net to be connected and am also now working full time
  6. error

    There's and "unread content" button? Thank you so much Myzt, i now know i am blind as a bloody bat
  7. error

    OMG!!! That link is not in my bookmarks, why has no one ever linked that before!
  8. Just a question?

    the AA's have had their damage increased and personally i think it is about time, jets should be as they are IRL, they are not a tank, so should not not have a great deal of armour, otherwise they would not get of the ground. the cheetah has had the radar removed, so it is still quite balanced. the amount of times i have fired at a jet with an AA and hit the target with quite a few rounds but still been blown up is pretty stupid, AA rounds should tear a jet a new arsehole, not bounce off harmlessly until you have hit it with an entire magazine worth.
  9. Just a question?

    have moved this as it is not a report on a suspected troublemaker but instead just a general discussion
  10. White listed / minimum level requirement server?

    as you may already be able to see, not a lot of the mods go on discord all that much, it would probably best to either come on TS or to go here https://www.teamrevolt.org/forums/forum/150-report-suspected-cheats-and-troublemakers-here/ we had a 4th server at one point, but it was not all that popular and was shut down, so personally i do not see this happening. i do like the idea of a whitelisted server and like the idea of an age restriction even more
  11. Arma 3 64-bit is OUT!!

    also, here is a few other highlights from the patch Tweaked: Turning main turrets of armored vehicles no longer starts their engines Tweaked: The FuelStation_01_Pump can now be destroyed more easily Tweaked: The RPG-7 now has zeroing and a correct projectile drop Tweaked: The Taru Cargo pod now has an inventory for consistency Tweaked: The Panther and Marid APCs now have Night Vision mode available for gunners and commanders Tweaked: The crew of the Blackfish VTOL can now see their crewmates' aiming directions Fixed: Some footstep sounds could be heard behind the player (this one bugged the crap out of me)
  12. Arma Humble Bundle

    for those of you that have friends that have not tried Arma 2 or Arma 3, now is the time as it is $15 on humble bundle https://www.humblebundle.com/arma-bundle no more excuses... get them playing!!
  13. Teamspeak Outage - Until Midday today

    in the mean time, do we have a discord server?
  14. Teamspeak Outage - Until Midday today

    Midday Perth time? it is still down
  15. For anyone reviewing this skip to 2:20 to save time