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  1. Couple chicken dinners yesterday with the Revolt lads.
  2. Some solo and squad fun. How do you like your chicken dinner?
  3. "Aids and ruins"? How does it help and ruin at the same time?
  4. As the title suggests, are there any VR users amongst us and what are you playing? I'm playing ED and War Thunder, plus DCS flight sims. Has anyone tried Onward?
  5. The server requires an update to latest version, unable to connect.
  6. Well, it's been fun, and then I discover ARK is VR enabled! I've played 4 hours straight with the Vive and feeling absolutely sick, but I got to feed kids. I built a small box on the beach and managed to tame a couple dinos, and I have already been raided
  7. Yea, this might be a welcome change to PUBG and ARMA for me, thanks fellas!
  8. It's been a few weeks since I uploaded some comedic relief, please enjoy and thanks to the regular Revolt guys with whom these clips would not be possible.
  9. Last minute save!
  10. Here's an interesting clip of damage trials from PUBG. What I didn't get out of this video is armour stack-able and how does it change the hits.
  11. Maybe referring to Aviaryion a new bird house simulator, where you can build your aviary and breed birds to repopulate the skies in a post-apocalyptic world. But I think it's
  12. Playing a few rounds yesterday with Bull, persistence pays off.
  13. Stixx_games
  14. Hi I'm home. What's happening in Exile land?