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  1. Team Revolt Structure

    needs a update bro
  2. lol found in my old vids

  3. hi team revolt

    hi bro i understand we have disbaned ec stoping all the bull shit starting over with a fresh mind. thank you team revolt. and was not a lie bro you got a plane went right to our spawn no lie. but anyway gg its all over
  4. hi team revolt

    well hello there can i grab some admins today please this is geting poopoo lol time to sort all the shit out in a nice way
  5. AU Profile Restore

    I know for a fact I would do it twice a day. its 10 mins out of ya day
  6. AU Profile Restore

    yo i think we need some peep that can do Profile Restore. because it goes on US time witch is hard for most of us Aussies to be on at the time
  7. Towers in KOTH Servers #2 & #3

    any news on whats going on with this
  8. Removal of Jets AA

    peeps are not flying jets to become au no1 cannon master there flying to have some fun and aa coz thats what there made for. so leave it. there are other things that could be done to the server to improve the game play
  9. Removal of Jets AA

    lol we need AA to keep spawncampers away
  10. bring back the towers

  11. bring back the towers

    bring back the towers
  12. KoTH Server Updates - 25/06/17

    SO WHEN YA GOING TO GET RID OF THE salty pussys pumping and dumping
  13. AU #3 KOTH Server Discussion

    why make it hardcore...... i love the neew change but there will be cry babbys that dont like the first P view. on the side note gg we needed a no jet server yaaaaaaaaay
  14. was talking to milox admin... then he justs leaves lol wtf but here this kid needs a ban plz