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  1. How shit is the NBN ?

    I'm with iinet and I'm on 120 down and 120 up plan, I get about 90 down and 70 up at peak, I have not had any issues with NBN.
  2. Rainbow 6 Siege

    downloading it now
  3. Ideas for the servers

    that will kill server performance, so wont happen
  4. Radelaide Meet up

    So just wanting to know if there is anyone in Adelaide who would be interested in a catch/meetup, all catch up a bar and drink get to know each other, that kinda stuff xD i know myself and @Stixxare interested
  5. to be correct there was one warning in chat, and then straight up ban. you didn't kick or do the appropriate steps. i removed the ban, for particular reasons as i have already told warbird of the reason.. thank you..
  6. there were multiple times you were inside the spawn zone, and that not even the 500m rule you were in the goddam marked spawn zone, shooting and trying to kill them. the old rule 50m above is an old rule. Maybe in the 1 month break you have, go and read the full set of rules. Thank you..... And plus we got footage and a report a player about you, not the other 2 people.... also not the place for this ban appeal section is the place...
  7. player has been changed to 1-month ban, thank you for your report. happy gaming
  8. Sniping on teamrevolt servers

    thank god i wasnt in that vid
  9. Sniping on teamrevolt servers

  10. New server rules (500 meters out)

    people are only getting banned for this because they're not reading the new rules and not knowing about it, "It's going to kill the population of the server" Complete bull shit, as a lot of the other big king of the hill servers have the same rule the rule will stay as it is making a lot of other issues we use to have gone away, AND LIKE I TELL EVERYONE THE POINT OF KING OF THE HILL IS TO PLAY THE GODDAM AO, THIS ANNOYS ME ALOT LIKE WHY TF ARE YOU EVEN AT THE ENEMY SPAWN THERE IS NO GODDAM NEED FOR YOU TO BE THERE PLAY THE AO LIKE THE GAMEMODE WAS DESIGNED TO BE PLAYED.
  11. both in the wrong here, all i have to say is for everyone to follow the new rules, and if someone breaks them no matter who it is mate brother, girlfriend/boyfriend they will get banned for the appropriate time, thank you for your report @dkaeq will be warned to follow the rules as well. end of Conversation.
  12. AU 2 Lag

    new CPUs have been purchased to fix the issue, once they are installed all will be sweet and sexy
  13. AU Profile Restore

  14. Uhhhhhhhhh

    outside?? what is this outside you refer to, is this some new alien language we do not understand. Please reframe from using such foul language here again.
  15. Well that was not expected

    thats where iv seen him from ahhhhh i was like i swear iv seen this bloke haha