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  1. Pablo Escobar team kill

    @Pablo remarks like this on someone's post can get you more then just a 48 hr ban if you want to discus your ban please add a ban appeal in the appropriate section thank you.
  2. Pablo Escobar team kill

    all dealt with, Thank you for your report.
  3. thank you for the report, And Delt with. p.s how do you play with that lag if its fraps you are using for recording use shadow play if you cant use that get OBS much better and doesn't use as much memory.
  4. please try again, as sometimes it takes a while for it to register. or even a server restart, if you are still having the issue please let us know and Myzt will take a look into it
  5. Lost content

    Profiles can only presently be done via Discord. Restores can happen at any time around the clock and are done by random community members. We don't organize any Restorations using our own TeamSpeak3. ANY and ALL profile restorations are posted in Discord. https://discord.gg/T7QP6cJ
  6. Hello, Thank you for the report, I have looked into this and have found his account very suspicious, a ban has been put in place. Thank you Your Friendly Admin Team.
  7. server down

    Yeah i shut it down as no one was playing it, and we just kept having issues.
  8. thank you for the footage looking into it and will be dealt with p.s @superbolo your footage is unavailable please make the video unlisted
  9. Remove new Jets?

    We will leave this vote up until the 19th, that way it will have its opportunity for everyone to see and cast there votes, then we will have a chat and let you all know of the out come.
  10. Luke is minging

    if you get a min 60 sec video evidence of him doing this, he will be more then just kicked.
  11. Hello, Thanks for your report, However, for one, you were not in your spawn, and 2 you were above 50m as the rules state "Once a player leaves the spawn protection zone, they are COMPLETELY FREE GAME. Those found camping the zones have more than enough items in-game to know where edges of safe zones are, and should be focusing on the primary Area of Operations, and NOT enemy camps." Thank you.
  12. New Jets :|

    start a poll and we will see what the results are
  13. For future when you see something like that quickly press your hotkey for shadowplay 5min vid, that way you can submit evidence.
  14. Report on Player

    Thank you for the report, all have been dealt with.
  15. server down

    im still working on it as i have ran into a few issues, as i need to rebuild the server it is not not allowing me to reinstall steamcmd