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  1. as i'm just now reading this post about the AA and thermals as some of you have pointed out : a good crew like royaltyftw has said can dominate the ao, the way thermals have been set in the RHS mod is by the year of the tank the mod it self collects it's knowledge from current and past military vehicles how they were operate in the old days the RUS had only a few tanks coming into service with thermals this is because of the US making better tanks and aircraft that needed thermals to over come there weakness which in this case was fire power the Rus had more tanks and faster attack heli's that were faster and able to flank there opposite counter part ( the M6A2 or bradley ) and the M1 Abram MBT. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- AA's : If you could perma buy the stinger it would be easy money to make just like how it was in normal KOTH if you are doing AA dont sit on the edge of the zone and fire and rearm use the rocket wisely sit in the ao and use it to hold the objective. as it has been pointed out AA's on jets are gone which is good no more desinator sitting there with a teammate in a jet telling them when a transport heli is now free if you were to take out thermals on the AH-1Z ( the cobra ) it would make dealing with there counter part the MI -24 alot harder . the MI-24 is alot faster and stronger then the AH-1Z which is the main reason why the AA is there. The AH-1Z is used for ground coverage not air to air fighting like the mi 24.
  2. explosive perk does not give you a another rocket for the stinger and javelin explosive perk only works for the others
  3. Tank montage

    what a nerd
  4. Uhhhhhhhhh

    it only say's this when the player has died and while they are dead and re spawning it doesnt load there weapon or vehicle used so it results to binoculars as the primary
  5. Rising Storm 2 Vietnam Giveaway & Server Question

    that second beta key still up for grabs?
  6. Rising Storm 2 Vietnam Giveaway & Server Question

    why not i'll get in on this steam= http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198072647638/
  7. Spawn Camping

    he has broken a rule by shooting at a vehicle while still in safe zone
  8. you were in superman's airspace he didn't like it he had to make it look like a human killed you
  9. Tits

    @nex if you are gonna keep camping a spawn zone or kill everything coming out why should they constantly die when they could go out walk back in and shoot you sitting next to a spawn hut yes it's still a shit move but what else can they do.
  10. Australia Day!!!

    Happy Australia day for the staff and the members of teamrevolt hope everyone has a good day
  11. Server #1 Independent join permissions?

    try again might be a teamspeak glitch
  12. Why stormasaurus has been away

    Hey teamrevolt members ive been unable to play on my computer it was just my luck that my graphics card died on me currently waiting for the new one to be in stock so if you administators want to remove my trail im all fine by that it has taken me about 20 minutes to write this on my PS4 cant wait to play with you guys on KOTH and WOT From Stormasaurus