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  1. Impromptu Admin War

    lol thats funny as.nice video
  2. JustSomeOne

    isn't the rule ( 500 meter) that helis leaving the spawn are safe until they leave the 500 meter zone .just my opinion ......it looked like lethal was still in the safe zone .safe zone being the 500 meter rule .more clarification on this is needed. (kiss) keep it simple stupid......just a quote
  3. Add jets back to the AU1 server??

    i agree with warbird,we try shit loads of rules with players sooking .(that players inside the 500, hes spawn camping , and etc).well why not go back to standard rules on the jet server with jets (as it is the jet server).i think it takes some playability from the aussie servers. we don't have it all planes,helicopters,cars and tanks.reinstating the jet server to its former glory would bring a lot back to team revolt and thats what its about .we all know that it does not matter what we do there will be complaints. i know i'm new and don't really know if it's been tried before . just my 2 cents worth
  4. KOTH Suggestion

    I agree with warbird ,i dont see anyone loading the blackfish with people to get to the ao and yes i have see lots of people throwing dam fine blackfishes at people it's just crazy .there are plenty of fine helis that carry more than their share of players into the ao
  5. KoTH AU#1 1944 is LIVE!

    its great to see its running smooth.having lots a fun
  6. Towers in KOTH Servers #2 & #3

    yep get the towers back on 2 .if you have to take them from 3 so be it
  7. Removal of Jets AA

    yep i do understand you and im for change.i just want the right change
  8. Removal of Jets AA

    yep a test would be the way to go ....however as you are a great shoot with the cannon in a jet it should not worry you if aa are there or not
  9. Removal of Jets AA

    i dont agree removing aa would take some more realistic battle play out of the game.it would allow only the most competent pilots to fly and kill everything that moves and others that want to fly will be just killing fodder for the good pilots.so where will it end when we start to throw rock because guns are to good .if it ant broken then dont fix it