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    did love that plane
  2. Fresh Pawnee edit on V10

    Yea I can practically see behind me, I use increased digital vibrance and in game saturation turned up I might make a video showing all my settings
  3. pawnee's a issue on LV server

    +1 I personally think Pawnees should be removed along with Orcas and if it was up to me it would only be HMGs,GMGs and AT Offroads. Pawnees they just don't fit the pace of the game on the LV server, with the constant rocket spam on towers and buildings ruins alot of the aspects of infantry combat that a light vehicle server should predominantly have. Reason one because the way AA launchers have been changed, they are less effective now and the only time they work on Pawnees is when the server is having a melt down and they shoot at a frozen Pawnee. reason two for a Pawnee pilot targeting infantry transports is like a never ending XP mine and this is the problem it makes the combat go outside the AO where teams struggle to even get inside the zone and stand a chance to fight back every Mohawk that leaves will be instantly shot down once it passes the 500m of the edge this rule doesn't stop spawn camping it just means you waste 2 more seconds for the same result that being blown up and needing to respawn. solution remove them or find a way to stop them targeting a transport heli but good luck with that one make AA launchers free for a day see how that goes everyone will just use cars to get into the AO I still reckon no Pawnee would be shot down XD
  4. MAAWS antics by meep.

    Yea them god dam pawnees thanks man
  5. MAAWS antics by meep.

  6. pawnee's a issue on LV server

    only player that isn't on Opfor and on the leader-board
  7. Meep's PubG antics

    Thanks chicken we should play a duos sometime
  8. Meep's PubG antics

    Yea I had to have a break 1/4 games would have a cheater kill me from across the map
  9. Pawnees & Crosshairs

    I agree with Mylox the reason is I know of a lot of players who make little dots even heard some using chewing gum. By not having cross-hairs it only benefits older players who are experience and really screws over people learning to fly the pawnee So I voted NO cross-hairs because it makes no difference for me Im used to not having them but If my vote was for what I think is best for everyone and not just my self I would say put cross-hairs in
  10. Pawnee Battles hope you enjoy :)

    Thanks man, I’m not too sure I have just got used to it from playing normally with my fov so high it it does make it a bit harder when it comes to aiming. But it works for me
  11. I think the problem stems from the traders as you can buy almost everything