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  1. 3FSJ_Reliable: What happened to him?!

    Yea, I really liked Relly as well. I hope he's alright because it's really out of character for him to just disappear...
  2. Hey all, Reliable was the one who invited me to join 3FSJ wayyy back just over 10 years ago and I was curious what happened to him. I tried emailing him, but no dice. Anyone know?
  3. battlefield 2 and gamespy shutdown

    Any more news on this?
  4. battlefield 2 and gamespy shutdown

    I'd love to play BF2 again!!! Hit me up if you guys are going to play.
  5. Hey guys, with the way the economy is, our funds are really tight right now. I just wanted to know if someone could link me to the best deal going on right now for BF4 and whichever expansion sets I'll need to buy to play with Team Revolt. Thanks!
  6. Battlefield 4 still popular?

    Console BF2? Ewww. No thanks! I only played BF2 on PC. So BF4 has the built-in VOIP like BF2?
  7. Battlefield 4 still popular?

    Okay, great! What's the commander mode like? I really loved playing commander in BF2. Can you still use in-built voice comms in game to communicate within squads and to squad leaders when you're commander?
  8. Hey guys, I've got some spare time and I want to start gaming again. I bought a new USB headset. Which BF4 pack do I need to buy? What day/time to people play? Thanks!
  9. Battlefield 4: Which version to buy?

    I'm not trying to haggle anything; I just wasn't sure which version to buy and I didn't want to buy the wrong thing like last time. I'm still confused as to how the booster packs work. Which is the best version to buy?
  10. Trial Battlefield 4?

  11. Trial Battlefield 4?

    I'm not trolling I'm just asking questions.
  12. Trial Battlefield 4?

    No, I don't bro, I need a BF4 account. Does BF4 have built-in voice communication like BF2? Can the commander communicate to squad leaders using the in-built voice communication like in B2? Thanks!
  13. Trial Battlefield 4?

    Hey guys, I'm really looking forward to try out Battlefield 4's new commander mode. Could anyone tell me if it's possible to get a trial account where I can play for a couple hours? Thanks!
  14. Hey guys, I'm really looking forward to trying out 'commander mode' in BF4. Does anyone know if there are any gameplay videos out? Thanks!
  15. Hey guys, so I just discovered that the Battlefield 4 Beta will be ending tomorrow. I had hoped to try out the commander mode, but I guess I'll have to wait. I tried looking at which version to buy on Google, but I'm finding it really hard to follow. Could anyone tell me which version I should buy? Thanks!