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  1. Do you have any video evidence? 1 minute before leading up to the teamkill? Reason we ask is its easy to troll someone into killing you so you can get someone banned. Im not saying that this has happened in this instance but it has to be said.
  2. Every bloody time.

    This is true on so many levels...
  3. Pawnee crosshairs

    Ill +1 to this. Seems fair
  4. New server rules (500 meters out)

    Just add a little salt.
  5. Well that was not expected

    Who was the person who hosted you?
  6. NEW GAME to replace ARMA III

    If only they allowed Airsoft in Australia.
  7. MetaGaming

    @Tysonanderson I understand and have talked to both parties. I also feel that such comments in the future should be posted to moderators or admins directly or jump into the TS channel and speak to an admin. As I feel guilty by association is unfair on the other players in the group regardless of the situation. This will be dropped as of now and is dealt with. Please leave it that way.
  8. error

    Hahahahah Ironside. Have you tried turning it on and off again? Good to see your name still around.