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  1. Ideas for the servers

    Keep the pawnee's and lower the slots on AU#2. Everything will be balanced again. Win win as it will push people onto the other servers
  2. Ideas for the servers

    Servers fine with the rule. Just some don't follow them and then don't like the end result.
  3. Spawn camping the 500m

    Player has been banned for 120hrs. Thank you for letting us know.
  4. @(Air) Bob I understand its frustrating but we do need video evidence to ban someone. 1 minute before and upto the incident. This is because it is easy to troll someone into team killing you and then taking a screenshot to get them banned and troll even more. (Not saying this is what happened in this incident/instant) @Jaime This does show that you team killed. Consider yourself lucky that he does not have a video of this. Yes arma can happen and the colour/team tags do not show sometimes but that is not always an excuse. By the sounds of it, you were trolling in the spawn area and firing in the spawn area. Consider yourself on a watchlist. Read the rules and follow them.
  5. Do you have any video evidence? 1 minute before leading up to the teamkill? Reason we ask is its easy to troll someone into killing you so you can get someone banned. Im not saying that this has happened in this instance but it has to be said.
  6. Every bloody time.

    This is true on so many levels...
  7. New server rules (500 meters out)

    Just add a little salt.
  8. Well that was not expected

    Who was the person who hosted you?
  9. NEW GAME to replace ARMA III

    If only they allowed Airsoft in Australia.
  10. MetaGaming

    @Tysonanderson I understand and have talked to both parties. I also feel that such comments in the future should be posted to moderators or admins directly or jump into the TS channel and speak to an admin. As I feel guilty by association is unfair on the other players in the group regardless of the situation. This will be dropped as of now and is dealt with. Please leave it that way.