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  1. those wild hog killing videos are so satisfying, @OverKill can you imagine doing this
  2. who needs a rifle when you got a boomstick.... Warning: These video contains graphic content and may be disturbing to some viewers.
  3. NSW Shooting days

    @OverKill as long as I don't end up the other side of that gun...
  4. NSW Shooting days

    @OverKill can we be friends ?
  5. Hobbies outside of Vidya Games

    Noooo, im doing my bachelors in IT at UniSA
  6. Hobbies outside of Vidya Games

    Honestly I don't really have much hobbies, Sports and Video games are my favourite Also I need to start focusing on uni now
  7. AT discussion for AU#2

    @Anonamoose this thread needs more context. Are we removing Titan AT from the HC server or the Infantry server?
  8. How shit is the NBN ?

    @Dpatau I'm also with iinet, cannot play on Asian servers because there is a " fibre break between Perth and Singapore." My internet fluctuates so hard. @Anchorman Im with iinet, i'm considering swapping my provider to aussie broadband. Thank you guys for your help, since dpat lives sort of near me. I'm just going to get on the phone and annoy them till they fix it for me
  9. I over-hyped Nbn, I know get 0.56mbps - 50mpbs download. It fluctuates so hard that there is not point of even using it.
  10. KoTH AU#1 1944 is LIVE!

  11. 900m shot. Proof video

    @ShadowGapan Nice shot but the children in the video ruined the vibes for me
  12. Add jets back to the AU1 server??

    you need to look at from this perspective= Jets counter other jets, the 30 minute rule assists the more skilled players, There aren't much players that can win against the more experienced players in a dogfight. After all enemy jets are eliminated the better players have a 30 minute window before they even remotely get challenged. Or you might find those players who don't focus on the objective and go out in groups with anti-air if jets ever get added back (which they wont) - 30 minute timer should be removed and we should keep the threshold where players cannot go up in a jet until the other teams are equal. If you see other servers where there are no timers, the jets are way too busy dog fighting each other instead of engaging the ao,
  13. KoTH Server Updates - 22/12

    Its a HC server
  14. Add jets back to the AU1 server??

    Jet pilots wanted jets disabled and also normal players, it was an overwhelmingly vote to disable jets. i wouldn't mind jets back however jets are not compatible with the current ruleset
  15. Kid Sings About Minecraft Ingame?...

    Hes joking mate 😂😂 Also is there anything that can be done about fish spamming cancer over sidechat?