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  1. Thank you for dropping by @GreenMan,
  2. @Goatlol where's the Bike clips!!!
  3. funny as hell stixx. lets try for more hits next vid lol!!. that last clip was classic. BTW nice editing
  4. its an issue across the board and has been that way ever since Red Orchestra. and the lack of listening skills is noted for future reference, Have fun
  5. bug

    **goes off to shoot tempest wheels to get 7 rewards
  6. Yes. Your team's end game tickets grant you a percentage of your individual earnings again.
  7. Player will be Red Flagged and admins told to watch.. thank you @thatguy2504
  8. What's your point?.... Stay out of the thread if it isn't constructive. This does not concern you
  9. Buff the wipeout.
  10. you just melted my face off. +rep for you
  11. It's pronounced Kaj'man
  12. Point to be discussed I suppose. Although it's a pretty precise and deadly weapon platform. Making it stronger inherently causes other issues.
  13. Get on the $4 dollar 8% six packs... Bargain...
  14. That's dust on source 2 engine
  15. /waves.. Look south into the middle of the ocean stixx... Im out there somewhere!