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  1. Every bloody time.

    that pun is next 'level'
  2. Every bloody time.

    ground floor, upstairs, multi level buildings
  3. KoTH AU#1 1944 is LIVE!

  4. soundtrack is great for the channel intro, fun and upbeat, and will have continuity across multiple vids. roll that off into main vid music, (which said above must be hard) is key. you have 10 million dollars................ im checking your shit.....
  5. i need to come out....

    Lol, @dkaeq and @warbird , the answer is no, moderators do not lose their sense of humour. Mayb they get taken a tad to literally when they type things though, such as thinking i was being critical and all nanny state on your random as fuck post. Dont think like this, Your a fucking weirdo
  6. Uhhhhhhhhh

    Don't make me check your lvl
  7. i need to come out....

    And you want to moderate?.... Hmm
  8. Discord -

    legit. i only will because you said so because you fucking hate change
  9. Discord -

    whats wrong with teamspeak? you Hipster sellouts
  10. Playerunknowns Battlegrounds - just pwning

    EPIC NPC MAN is funny as fuq, i also lol'd hard at the first vid you posted of the lobby
  11. i admire your drive worth suggesting on Sa Matra forums
  12. Increase Cash Earned in AO?

    worth a discussion, valid point
  13. Playerunknowns Battlegrounds - just pwning

    SICK NEW MAP, as mr top 10 PhatTexta would say.... Time to get some hotsauce!
  14. Removal of Jets AA

    you to warbird
  15. Removal of Jets AA

    If people dont leave the discussion Fair and constructive i will lock it. do not start flamming people here. its being monitored