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  1. [BIA] Micha

    Going to need those recordings if i am able to act on it bro beans
  2. AU #3 KOTH Server Discussion

    looks like we need both no-jets and Inf Hardcore server..........
  3. Format - Forums Suggestion

    Already in place for ban appeal section @Valence but i admire your effort. going through the report players section, i cannot see a format being mandated currently. although there is room for this, it may be hard to confine the things that happen on our servers to a mandated format. Currently the report section allows members/public to complain about server problems and behavioural issues in a format that they are comfortable with. I admire your effort and commitment to helping, this will be discussed. Kind regards.
  4. Cardy

    I wish. Pretty sure that brumby was stock....
  5. KoTH Server Updates - 25/06/17

    Guys, thank you for your inputs here. Keep voicing your sustains and improve suggestions. We all value the playing public's voice.
  6. AU/NZ Rising Storm 2 Ladder

    Thank you for dropping by @GreenMan,
  7. Playerunknowns Battlegrounds - just pwning

    @Goatlol where's the Bike clips!!!
  8. Playerunknowns Battlegrounds - just pwning

    funny as hell stixx. lets try for more hits next vid lol!!. that last clip was classic. BTW nice editing
  9. Rising Storm 2 Vietnam Giveaway & Server Question

    its an issue across the board and has been that way ever since Red Orchestra. and the lack of listening skills is noted for future reference, Have fun
  10. bug

    **goes off to shoot tempest wheels to get 7 rewards
  11. End of Game Rewards

    Yes. Your team's end game tickets grant you a percentage of your individual earnings again.
  12. Player will be Red Flagged and admins told to watch.. thank you @thatguy2504
  13. Spawn Camping

    What's your point?.... Stay out of the thread if it isn't constructive. This does not concern you
  14. Blackfoot upgrade

    Buff the wipeout.
  15. Playerunknowns Battlegrounds - just pwning

    you just melted my face off. +rep for you