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  1. 3FSJ_Reliable: What happened to him?!

    MOH that was the one i was looking for...
  2. 3FSJ_Reliable: What happened to him?!

    edit..... read that wrong what name did you run back then?. and were you Cod or BF era,
  3. Aussie can guarantee as sorts their capacity as they monitor it 24hrs and buy more when it's getting close. And yes they run on their own network. Should actually be on every POI for a while now. I'll find the media release another time but they stated they will not sell their service to any new customers on a given POI once it reaches 80% before they upgrade it's capacity. Giving current clients peace of mind that they will not over sell their capacity. I along with everyone above. Can not rate Aussie highly enough. They have since upgraded my plan to unlimited free of charge From 1tb. As NBNCO relaxed their pricing.
  4. 3FSJ_Reliable: What happened to him?!

    Just picturing H as the aging police captain telling his young vibrant, intelligent, charismatic, hard working detectives to let go of that cold case.... Were just asking for more time cap! ....and more budget allocation and resources...
  5. 3FSJ_Reliable: What happened to him?!

    That's cold as ice H.. Are you saying we should forget Reliable?.... I'm shocked @Second mayb but not Reli
  6. 3FSJ_Reliable: What happened to him?!

    I asked slayer along time ago and he said he's in the same boat as us. I'm pretty sure it was slayer who knew the reason he left though. But last time I knew he hadn't seen him.
  7. 3FSJ_Reliable: What happened to him?!

    All of us from back then havnt had contact man, and yeah it's shit, reliable was huge for all of us back then. He just fell off the map. Mayb I'll do some poking around in my list of old friends from those years on Steam. Mayb someone that stuck around in the old clan know more then we do.
  8. How is everyone doing today?

    apparently our forum base are dead... or doing that shitty they dont reply because theyre to busy with there head in their hands. Going good pal, thanks for asking... jump in teamspeak and get to know people if you have an interest in talking to some new 'faces'
  9. el montago

    this guy is my hero, also @Arofire got me into flying and needs to teach us plebs. seriously this is what i enjoy, and this sort of flying gives you fucking enormous gratification
  10. The last montage

    yeah nice WB nice soundtrack behind it
  11. Battlefield V

    i love the headline. "Next Battlefield Leaked. It's Called Battlefield V " as a budding Prophet, i predict the next one to be called Battlefield 6
  12. Teamspeak unban request

    blue tags cant do it pal, just tried, will get this changed for you... also Off Topic the permissions in teamspeak can change coz thats bullshit. Guh have to tag people i suppose.. @fingerguns @myzteriouz1 @Cruntie @Anchorman @rookie @Hman can we get this and the other issue of permissions relating to removing teamspeak bans sorted.
  13. How shit is the NBN ?

    BTW since is ent you to whirlpool DO NOT GO WITH SKYMESH NOW they used to be the best... they kicked ass untill Paul left. they fell just as quick if not quicker on the word of mouth that built them. First of the major winners on NBN changing their policy and neglecting to buy capacity when it reached peak.
  14. How shit is the NBN ?

    cable is unrestricted, and the more people that left that infrastructure the faster it got without congestion. TBH i didn't think Telstra had cable i thought that was Optus. Regardless, i dont know anyone on telstra NBN, if they can give you a good deal for being a long term customer... (Doubt it) then mayb. but im pretty sure they are just the same ol Telstra and overpriced. the only good thing i would "Assume", and this is a guess.. is that they have the infrastructure and capital to buy capacity with a priority over the others. (Please correct me if im wrong) Your best bet. is reding the whirlpool forums as those guys go HAM at NBN companies, and give the best indication who is better. IE. if you dont see the 1000+ threads of "insert your company name here is slow as balls" then you might be ok for now. Your absulute best bet is a company that states it monitors its congestion and BUYS MOAR when needed. Also, ill highlight this as its nice to know. Most companies will give you the first month free if you ask or find a promo code on whirlpool, giving you the flexibility to try before you buy.
  15. How shit is the NBN ?

    NBN is all dependant on your area and provider. to put it simply. Make sure your provider has enough bandwidth or "Capacity" to supply their clients. Find one that monitors their congestion and purchases more capacity when it reaches a certain percent on that Node or "Point of interconnect". Most providers dont give a fuck about how many people they are trying to supply with the limited bandwidth they purchase from NBN. I would Suggest Aussie Broadband as i have switched providers Twice and these guys are the tits if you have Fibre to the Premises. they monitor their capacity around the clock and purchase more if they reach a peak. they do not sell their service to any new clients if they reach 80% on any given POI untill that node has enough to cope. Say no to the main providers as they dont give a fuck and will jam 1000 people on barely enough to provide 500 and not buy anymore because your locked to a contract. NBN is not like any-other internet. its a product, that your providing company has to purchase to re-sale on to its customers. this goes way way way further than any of you have the time to read about on here. ill stab some people here and if you need some advice. find @fingerguns @myzteriouz1 or myself on discord or team speak and give you some friendly advice.