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  1. el montago

    @fingerguns I got the joystick, but i have no clue on how to set it up
  2. el montago

    @fingerguns Done deal, thanks for the help mate
  3. el montago

    @fingerguns I think you have tricked me into buying a logitech gaming extreme 3d joystick, i dont know whether i should get a joystick alone or a thrust thing and a joystick though
  4. el montago

    @fingerguns Far out, bit expensive. Is it worth buying a cheaper one?
  5. el montago

    Thanks dude 😉
  6. el montago

    Thanks mate
  7. el montago

    I would be lying if i said i had a joystick
  8. el montago

  9. Admin War 2!

    Was a good time, thanks for the event
  10. pawnee clips from 1 day

    Thats not physically possible @warbird
  11. Impromptu Admin War

    pawnee? xdd
  12. Suggestion for AU#2 LV