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  1. Youtube Intro

    Ohh hello Warbird.. As fingerguns said, you will need to get up to scratch with a few programs, my recommendations: Adobe Photoshop - still images/logos with isolated/transparent backgrounds. Adobe After Effects - titling/effect using image tracking and or 3D. Lightwave or Maya - 3D object rendering/animation . Sony Vegas Pro or Adobe Premiere if you want to jump in the deep end.. - composing. It will not be an easy road but it will be rewarding...
  2. NSW Shooting days

    nice.. what range? Im at Mudgee, NSW
  3. Doping in eSports study

    How do you think drugs would impact E-sport? When I think of drug use, I think of steroids etc for the purpose of muscle growth, strength, stamina etc.. With E-sports I would think most drugs would be detrimental, even cafine or energy drinks.
  4. NSW Shooting days

    Unlike IRL, In game im shit with guns
  5. Ramming in safezone

    Solaris thanks for providing that additional footage, I will be applying a 2 day ban against Cpt Price.
  6. Luke is minging

    For in spawn trolls, video is nice, but a sequence of steam screenshots will also suffice. what we need to see clearly; - the name of the player driving - its handy is you have the mini map open, right/ctrl + M, shows us your location on the map and if you are in the safe zone. - if the player is ramming, a sequance of at least 2-3 shots showing the above with the person driving toward the vehicle or person and another actually hitting them.
  7. I will look into this and apply a 48hr ban against the person. We do not condone racism, I understand this has a dual meaning, and that Americas black community use the N word among them selves and in music etc. We had a similar thing Oz, with Wogs out of Work, ie. the word Wogs is racist, but because the cast was of European descent, it was not racist, when they used it.. I personally find it offensive, why we dump on our Australian culture in favor of "USA" go figure, I guess it must be normal for youth to imitate dumb ass arrogant losers. If you want the word Nigger of what ever spelling to be removed from the in game racist list, intervention from the powers above need to be invoked.
  8. its been a hour are you almost done? sorry if i come off as rude

  9. ok thank you


  10. Someone will get on this as soon as they can. The guy will receive a 48hr ban
  11. Noob Needs Help - Custom PC build

    I had a chat with him, he is on a tight budget. I am looking at trying a Xeon E5 CPU so I will see what I can scrounge and If I can get a second for him, his mobo should support it. I should be at the right price meantime he is going to see about getting another 8gig stick of ram and a 500gb SSD with a bit of tweaking, will hopefully buy him a bit of time before the next upgrade.
  12. Noob Needs Help - Custom PC build

    what brand/model is your card? The Vengeance 16gb is 2x8gb? If you can patch it so it meets your current gaming requirements, and maybe 12+ months.. new hardware comes out, stuff gets cheaper etc..
  13. Noob Needs Help - Custom PC build

    NickyT no you need an AMD mobo to run that cpu Sorry Fingerguns.. I have ZERO confidence in AMD products, their entire history of benchmarks has been incorrect by being slower in game when you compare benchmarks with Intel or Nvidia. your problem is that you really need to upgrade mobo, cpu, ram and grafix.. this is very costly, DDR4 ram for good performance is costly, the ripjaws are 15-15-15-35-2N compared to DD3 9-9-9-9 ns So I guess we look at is their anything you can do to buy you some months of gameplay as you progressively upgrade. 1st you can upgrade your win7 pro to win 10 pro for FREE, that's $200 you will save. Your mobo seems good, it suports the Intel 4th gen I5/I7 cpu's so see if anybody has upgraded and has a CPU for sale, try gumtree and Ebay etc I5 - https://ark.intel.com/products/family/75024/4th-Generation-Intel-Core-i5-Processors I7 - https://ark.intel.com/products/family/75023/4th-Generation-Intel-Core-i7-Processors Your mobo should also run the Xeon E5 CPU's E5 - https://ark.intel.com/products/family/59138/Intel-Xeon-Processor-E5-Family What memory do you have now?, you can get 16gig of corsair vengeance 9-9-9-24, of gumtree or ebay for as low as $90 What games do you see yourself playing over the next 12 months? Can you tell us a bit more about the video card you already have, brand/model? You could upgrade your CPU and Memory for under $200 Add a good Nvidia 1080 This would last you for at least another 12 months if not a lot longer. I just added water cooling to my pc and I got an extra 5-10fps out of arma and with a bit of grfx tweaking I am getting 60-65 fps in battlegrounds compared to 35-45fps I also just tested Maubog's Gigabyte 1080 in my system and it made a massive improvement in grafix to Battlegrounds, I was getting 70+FPS with ultra settings Im running Gigabyte GA-X78-UD3 CPU I7-3820 3.6ghz Nvida 760 Gainward Phantom TI Intel TS13X Liquid CPU Cooler, its only the tiny one, $130 from Mwave https://www.mwave.com.au/product/intel-ts13x-liquid-cpu-cooler-ab65517 I have had a temperature sensor on this while playing and it sits at around 30c, and the room temperature is 24-26c It comes with a mounting kit to suit various processor mounts, so you can move it over when you upgrade later. When I get my 1080 I will be looking at water cooling it, with a 2nd custom hack water cooling setup using CAR TRANSMISSION or AIR CON radiator mounted outside. During summer the video card is like a hot Air gun, I want to dump that heat outside.
  14. Rising Storm 2 Vietnam Giveaway & Server Question

    Im in for a Rising Storm 2 server. I have been a RO player for many years, few of the guys that frequent our servers, like Thrak, Geebus Ferzehanand amoung others are hardcour RO2 player from AUNZRO2